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  • Has Christianity Actually Hurt White People? This is actually a gripping debate, that is taking place on the channels that allow for such ideas, to be debated on, at all. For those of us, that seem to be around 40 to 50 years old, and younger, there’s much more openness and eagerness for truth. This is a lively debate, and […]
  • What Rights Have We Lost?
    This is such a ridiculous question. I could write a multi volume set, on just the rights, born natural to us and exist as a consequence of our humanity, that we have surrendered. Nothing gets taken from men, they surrender their pride, autonomy, and their very own humanity, with every single compromise. Submission, and capitulation […]
  • My Most Controversial Opinions About America?
    A repurposed Quora post, that I felt was a good fit. Controversial? Well how bout this. America had no business in WWI and our involvement led directly to an incredibly unjust peace. A peace that was more akin to revenge against Germany mostly for the benefit of France, Britain and future Israel. Around a quarter […]
  • Fu** Human Resources
  • Can Anarcho-Capitalism Be The Answer?
    As an anarchist that took that title for years, I feel like I can speak to this. I say that I used to take this title, because I have chosen to stick with anarchist for years now. I firmly believe in the moral foundations of my philosophy. The fact that it simply can not be […]
  • Virtue Signaling Is Over, They’ve Taken It Way Too Far
    The brilliant governor of Florida, Governor DeSantis, just destroyed these hypocrites. This brilliant noose, he simply offered the elites to try on, themselves, was amazing. Talk about brass balls. This could have easily gone the other way. They could have totally won the day by offering up their actual property. Mr DeSantis called their bluff, […]
  • The Third Hottest Summer Since 1902, Or Something
    I just saw this basic headline from the local, rag paper in my county. They are doing this on purpose, and it’s hardly even effective if you ask one question. This article struck me so much, because we just had a record setting heat wave. I also live in the middle of the so called, […]
  • The Feds Must Be Sued By The States, That Care
    This absolutely needs to be explored. Not just by us, “layman” who happen to pontificate on the issue, on the web. The federal government has clear cut obligations, that come as part of the whole contract, in general. That’s what we need to remember, and that’s what’s going to be the answer. The feds are […]
  • What The Hell Is Liberal Philosophy, If Ya Can Even Call It That?
    Before they started to destroy our language, and make it impossible to communicate plainly. Liberal was generally regarded, as liberty minded. It should be the name for “libertarian”, but for obvious reasons, it couldn’t be. Just look at the word “progressive”, and compare it to those taking this title. Talk about a regressive, destructive, and […]
  • Cancel Culture Hits Home, And Hits hard
    This is a tough post to make, after a long day. I’ve been well aware of the consequences of daring to speak my mind. Perhaps I’ve said some things that are hurtful, but I never meant to hurt anyone. Perhaps my opinions are unpopular, but they are genuine. Perhaps this world is beyond reason and […]
  • A Word On Hitler, Gasp
    It’s occurred to myself, that I’ve spoken of this mythical man in a way that could come off, to many, as an immediate turn off. Too many people are perhaps unfamiliar with the fact that Adolf Hitler was in fact, a person. A super nationalist, patriot, in fact. I’ve chosen to approach all of my […]
  • How Can One Man Change The World
    This is good, it’s a good starting point for addressing the reality, of just what you can actually effect. The whole idea of “world peace” is a fantasy. The whole idea that we as individual people, can change the world, is as childish as Santa Clause. The very foundation of the UN was built upon […]
  • Can Our Streets Be Cleaned Up Or Are Bums Just Forever?
    I think it’s very reasonable for a community to adopt a policy that makes illegal, the act of squatting on the sidewalks. If we lived in a stateless society, there would not be a homeless situation. There would be no incentive, and in fact, better incentives to be productive, than exist today. Hitler felt that […]
  • Democracy, Our State, And Prosperity, Right
    Ya know, this question is never going away. Check it out, do a word search for democracy, democratic, or any thing rooted in democracy, on the US Constitution. You won’t find any such words. The label for governance was Republic, and that word is all throughout the document. The constitution was an attempt to “chain […]
  • Does Capitalism Care For “Civil Rights”
    Capitalism is the only economic system, that is offered by any government, that also honors the rights of all who use it. Capitalism is simply an economic system in which, the means of production, are private, not state controlled. That means true capitalism is the only system in which a free market can exist. So, […]
  • Do People Need Laws And Government To Live
    This goes to the difference between government, and governance. The people absolutely need a common law to govern their interactions. They do not need a government to do this. In fact, the state is the most immoral component of modern life. The modern state is no longer even independent. We live in a near total […]
  • It’s Always For The Banksters, Always!
    This recent uproar over, so called, “student debt forgiveness”, is an obvious distraction. Just look at the amount of press, and personal opinion that’s been wasted on this portion of a giant spending bill.If we just consider the fact that the media is making this their number 1 issue, tells us it’s BS. The Jewish […]
  • Corporation Vs Government, WTF
    You’re a child of God, mane in the image of your creator. You’re a sovereign being, sovereign mind, and sovereign by virtue of your humanity, your soul. Corporations are legal fictions, that have no soul. Need I say more, choose.
  • Why Don’t Americans Follow The Separation Of Church And State
    Another whopper of a question that I just let rip. Hmmm. I’m not exactly sure what to make of this question. There’s no such clause that separates church from state. That phrase comes from a private letter, written by Thomas Jefferson. Nowhere in the constitution is there anything, that says the state must be divorced […]
  • What Rights Do Reporters Have
    This came from Quora and was worded differently, but touches on an issue. The person asked what protects reporters, but that’s the problem. Their is one profession that’s actually protected by the first amendment. It doesn’t mention any “reporters”, that’s the issue. The amendment says that your speech is absolutely free, your right to the […]
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