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This country but particularly the state of California has become a mess of occupational licenses, travel licenses, licenses to handle material, licenses to carry/own a firearm, etc. This has become a full blown outrage. If you can’t make it illegal, regulate it to “quasi illegal” stratus, that’s dependent upon the good faith and working order […]

Most of California sucks in every way. The only redeeming quality is, its laws and overall stance on cannabis. In general, where I live, weed is not paid much attention at all. There are several dispensaries within a few miles of my home. There are several delivery companies that bring smoke right to your house. […]

This is just an example of the absolute disconnect from reality I live with. These yard maintenance companies are everywhere I work. I am constantly surrounded by teams of mowers, blowers, and sprayers of god knows what. While we are under an authoritarian human experiment in face muzzling, the blowing continues. Below was taken from […]

As y’all know, this blog is about living in California with the goal of leaving. My reasons for leaving run the gambit. It’s everything from quality of life, increased freedom, and a chance at living around at least closer values. One of those main values is definitely the 2nd Amendment. Not only do the states […]

I’m good at having my comments removed. This was canceled by a so called alternative news site. Man, I’ve read several articles that are way too wordy and say so little considering word count. You claim Trump was engaged in an insurrection. That he basically led a failed “armed” revolt that ended with the only gunshot fired […]

What I love about Malcom and am proud to call him my countryman is that he changed. He grew wise with time. His temper cooled. His heart came through. I don’t suspect he would ever except a white grand baby but I don’t care. The man was undeniably brave, unflinching in his convictions, and he loved his people enough to martyr himself. He knew the feds and the NOI were both capable and willing to get rid of him.

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