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  • The 4th, Or Independence, Does It Matter? Israel Did 9-11
    This day is about our independence. We live in a global economic scheme, global governance, and we are utterly controlled by a foreign power. I think we owe this day some reflection. Please enjoy mine.
  • Maxwell’s Millions, And Our Shame
  • The Supremes Are Actually Doing Their Job
  • What’s Allowed, Colored Person, Or, Person Of Color, Who Cares
    This was nuked from Quora with no reason given. I present it here in all its glory, enjoy. Careful though, Quora thinks it’s dangerous. Who accidentally says racist remarks? Racists? Liberals? If I’m gonna use a racial slur, I mean it. I don’t use them in conversation so it’s not like I would just slip the “N-Word”. I’ve said Jewish before without thinking about it, but it just gets a chuckle. Even if there’s a Jewish dude in the room. Words like “fag” are so ingrained into my vocabulary that I just barely pay attention to it. By far the […]
  • Depopulation Is The Name of The Game
    I wish I was wrong, but I’m not. So WTF are we going to do?
  • WTF Is Up With The Constitution, Who Even Cares
    This was a Quora question about the difference between alcohol prohibition and the drug war. Enjoy. This question shoulda been front and center during the whole thing. The feds clearly have no jurisdiction over anything related to drugs, or their use. This clearly shows us a massive change in government, and gives us a timeline of sorts. This was still a constitutional republic during prohibition and the 1920’s. However, a decade prior to the roaring 20’s, was significant. In 1913 the Federal Reserve law was enacted, and sovereign control over the currency and credit of the US, was surrendered to […]
  • Juneteenth, Over Fathers Day, And Death
    This can not continue people. Are we going to be baited into war? I hope not, but it’s not my choice, is it.
  • Who’s The Boss, The Feds, Or the States
    The Constitution was not a change in law, it was a bloodless coup. They captured the country, so to speak, and then gave the people the choice. We chose the constitution over the Articles of Confederation. Something that required the Federalist Papers to clarify, and convince the people of, and wasn’t adopted by all the states at once, and one or 2 held out for years. The states were sovereign. The treaty that ended the revolution was independently made with each independent sate. Back then state meant country. The “state”, was the government. So the states were first. It was […]
  • Lucifer, Who He Is, And Who Loves Him
    Ramblings on the times and place that we find ourselves. I bit broader than the immediate news cycle
  • FB Is Trash, And So Are The Skanks On It
    Yup, FB is absolute garbage.

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