Evidence of Revision

This 10 hour documentary goes over, in great detail, all of the footage you’ve never seen from the deaths of JFK, RFK, Malcom X, and MLK.

Martin Luther Coo, I Mean King Day

I’ve been harsh towards Dr King in the past, and it’s been genuine. I really have too many disagreements with the man to be friends. I don’t have to like someone, to be inspired, or have respect for. The man in this little video is the definition of brave.

Corporations And Elections, What Gives

It starts with you. You prove me wrong. When you can’t, you will have proved to yourself that I’m telling you the unfortunate truth. Then you are responsible for what you know, and you must act to spread the truth, and destroy this Luciferian nightmare, we are in.

Democracy, The Least Worst Government, Not

Jewish subversives we’re the reason for the women’s suffrage movement. They started the civil rights movement. They founded the NAACP, ADL, and Planned Parenthood.

A Silver Lining To The Insanity Regarding Cops

However, until the rape prosecutions improve from their current 10% prosecution rate, car theft, 2%, and murder a paltry 50 to 60%. I don’t wanna hear a damn thing about tickets, passports, or a damn thing else.

Judge Puts FDA in Its Place

What else could possibly be the reasoning of 75 years. They do this with all of their hoaxes but even JFK got a 50 year moratorium.


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