Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars, Part 1

It’s time to introduce you people to the absolute proof of your terrible situation. There is a document that was retrieved from a government bought Xerox machine in 1986, that declares the 25th anniversary of said plan. This document is nothing short of amazing in its ability to foresee the future.  They outline to aContinue reading “Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars, Part 1”


The Dollar Is Dead, Get Over It

Well this shouldn’t be any kind of revelation for anyone. I’ve discussed the economy on several posts. The miserable crime we suffered at the hands of the internationalist clique, in 1913. The illegally passed and illegitimate income tax. The Marshall Plan, the petrodollar, and the wars for currency that we fight today. The history ofContinue reading “The Dollar Is Dead, Get Over It”


Biden Just Declared War On The Unvaccinated

I was planning on taking a day off and didn’t really have anything to say. Then I get an alert for live coverage to a press conference, directly from Lord Biden himself. He wants to tell us his new plan to get the whole country vaccinated. He has enlisted the help of every doctor, teacher,Continue reading “Biden Just Declared War On The Unvaccinated”


Are You A Citizen, or A Sovereign? Choice Is Yours

Today I’m going to tell yall a story. A story in which the people of a new country began as the sovereigns of that country, and ended up, so called citizens. For most people there is already confusion. Aren’t US Citizens free? Were they ever treated differently by each other and the state?  Sovereigns ruleContinue reading “Are You A Citizen, or A Sovereign? Choice Is Yours”


Technocratic Dictatorship, Sounds Like A Blast

It’s time to meet our enemies head on. The governors and politicos are just puppets. The real enemy is the banking system and the control freaks that want a one world order. Technocracy is the system being pushed so hard on us. A system where technology allows a small oligarchy to control vast amounts ofContinue reading “Technocratic Dictatorship, Sounds Like A Blast”

Rights And Responsibilities

This is cool. It needs to be understood that freedom means responsibility. If you aren’t free to fail, you aren’t free. This, I think, explains a lot about the types of folks who are most attracted to self governance. The Protestant work ethic ain’t no baseless stereotype. As with all stereotypes, it’s born of observation.Continue reading “Rights And Responsibilities”

Why You Should Care About White Displacement

Why should I (a Native American) care if whites become a minority in America? I think all Americans outta be weary of whites losing a controlling majority over the political system at the least. That is, if they’re into freedom of speech, self defense, and a country at all. In case you’ve been asleep forContinue reading “Why You Should Care About White Displacement”