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  • What To Do When Your Constitutional Rights Are Violated
    This is happening far too often in a nation that requires due process, speedy trials, and every other legal right a citizen could ask for. I’m not sure who your family member is, so I’ll speak to the political prisoners that are growing in number. The Jan 6th patriots have endured straight up third world, dictator style punishment, since the 6th. Your feds decided to treat them like violent killers, on a bank robbing spree. With original warrants for crazy federal crimes. Families had their doors kicked, their houses ransacked, and their children handcuffed. Then they were booked into county […]
  • Who Benefits From War
    One thing that’s not debated is this. If the first war hadn’t happened, and the awful Treaty of Versailles wasn’t implemented, the second wouldn’t have happened. So I think we should look at the cause for war before ascribing any guilt to anyone. After all, wars are country’s murdering each other, and in this era the citizens were all too patriotic and easily moved to war. We live in such a privileged time in terms of information. Sure the censorship for the masses is disgusting, and effective. Still, for those that care, the internet holds the record of our history. […]
  • Is The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Good?
    A question from Qura. The whole thing is offensive, illegal, and wholly evil. This is a declaration made by a supranational, anti-democratic, and illegitimate criminal syndicate, we call the UN. Anything from this gang of pirates is null and void. We can’t protect even our own Bill of Rights from being completely ignored by our own local and national governments. Thinking a global institution, that’s accountable to nobody, will protect your rights, is the height of naivety, bordering on shear stupidity. You should be more honest in your question. The so called, declaration you’re referring to, happens to exist as […]
  • Why Are Basic Needs Not Rights?
    This began on Quora, per usual. This is a confusion in terms. “Basic human needs”, are considered rights. As in, you have a right to attain food, shelter, and medicine. You have no right to expect anything, someone else provides, for free. So, just because the state doesn’t extort tax payers, to provide cost free services to losers, doesn’t mean those losers couldn’t have them. Rights to do/own anything, are not magical resource coupons, that provide said service/product, for free. People often make the same mistake regarding morality, and legality. You might have a right to shoot a trespasser, doesn’t […]
  • Civil Rights Equals Submission To Satan This article explains clearly the intent of the whole civil rights movement. Straight up high jacked society, based upon the most blatantly bias, and reconstructionist, and totally motivated by a conspiratorial war against democracy. The congress expected the civil rights act of the 60’s, to be a basic policy, against using race, creed, color, and religion when hiring federal employees and large federal contractors. They expected the private property rights cases, long settled, and clear, to be replaced by this new regulatory scheme. The 64’ bill was a red herring for the invention of brand new public offices and […]
  • AOC Goes To Jail, And More
  • Nukes, NAZI’s, And News, Oh My
  • Is A White Ethnostate Possible?
    I’m a market anarchist, and don’t believe in using force, unjustifiably. I have no problem with self defense, free association, and freedom of travel. Given these things, my approach would be one of choice. I would ask that those that feel the way I do, make ourselves a community. A gated community that has very particular rules for entering, and an application process for new residents. We would absolutely discriminate upon several factors, not just skin tone. A gated community is the private property of the collective owners, of it. Private property is not subject to any stupid diversity rules. […]
  • So, I been Reading A Lot…
    I don’t know what y’all had for a Bible growing up, but this is just one beautiful picture in my super cheap, but legit, KJV Bible. I’m mentioning it because it’s massive. This thing has whole books missing from every other translation I’ve seen. The books of Enoch, and Apocrypha are totally new to me. I bought this bad boy a few months back when I was looking to get deeper into the book. I just didn’t think the lame ass holy Bible was cutting it. Felt, incomplete. Well, I’m a Christian, and I consider the latter parts of the […]
  • Who The Fu** Is In Charge Of Starting Wars
    This is simple, and so far from our current situation it’s disgusting. There’s only one branch of the federal government that can declare war, the Congress. Since all wars cost money, this has to originate in the house. If the much larger body of representatives passed a war act, it goes to the Senate. Then if the House of Reps passed it, the likelihood of the Senate going along is about 100%. Only then do they send the war act to the president to be signed and then executed. A system like this would be very specific about who, why, […]

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