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Well, bodies and PR. We need to win the world and we have a great case. We the people of this great nation are tired of being the world’s police. The empire is over. The assets in whatever foreign country, previously owned by the US, are now on the sovereign land to whom it belongs. Who would stand against us?

It’s time to introduce you people to the absolute proof of your terrible situation. There is a document that was retrieved from a government bought Xerox machine in 1986, that declares the 25th anniversary of said plan. This document is nothing short of amazing in its ability to foresee the future.  They outline to a […]

Well this shouldn’t be any kind of revelation for anyone. I’ve discussed the economy on several posts. The miserable crime we suffered at the hands of the internationalist clique, in 1913. The illegally passed and illegitimate income tax. The Marshall Plan, the petrodollar, and the wars for currency that we fight today. The history of […]

I was planning on taking a day off and didn’t really have anything to say. Then I get an alert for live coverage to a press conference, directly from Lord Biden himself. He wants to tell us his new plan to get the whole country vaccinated. He has enlisted the help of every doctor, teacher, […]

Today I’m going to tell yall a story. A story in which the people of a new country began as the sovereigns of that country, and ended up, so called citizens. For most people there is already confusion. Aren’t US Citizens free? Were they ever treated differently by each other and the state?  Sovereigns rule […]

It’s time to meet our enemies head on. The governors and politicos are just puppets. The real enemy is the banking system and the control freaks that want a one world order. Technocracy is the system being pushed so hard on us. A system where technology allows a small oligarchy to control vast amounts of […]

This was nuked from Quora with no reason given. I present it here in all its glory, enjoy. Careful though, Quora thinks it’s dangerous. Who accidentally says racist remarks? Racists? Liberals? If I’m gonna use a racial slur, I mean it. I don’t use them in conversation so it’s not like I would just slip […]

This was a Quora question about the difference between alcohol prohibition and the drug war. Enjoy. This question shoulda been front and center during the whole thing. The feds clearly have no jurisdiction over anything related to drugs, or their use. This clearly shows us a massive change in government, and gives us a timeline […]

The Constitution was not a change in law, it was a bloodless coup. They captured the country, so to speak, and then gave the people the choice. We chose the constitution over the Articles of Confederation. Something that required the Federalist Papers to clarify, and convince the people of, and wasn’t adopted by all the […]

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