The Third Hottest Summer Since 1902, Or Something

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I just saw this basic headline from the local, rag paper in my county. They are doing this on purpose, and it’s hardly even effective if you ask one question. This article struck me so much, because we just had a record setting heat wave. I also live in the middle of the so called, “Tubbs Fire”. Weather in the north Bay Area has gone bonkers, but it ain’t nature.

The Fountain Grove Fire Station Tubbs Fire, Plus One.

The Tubbs Fire has actually gotten quite a bit of internet buzz. I’m happy for it. Even living through the middle of it was very chaotic, and none of it was obvious in the madness of the terror and chaos, that defined that single day. A day for the world. An impossible to overstate tragedy of personal loss it created, for thousands of my fellows. This was an indiscriminate foe, that seemed to hurt rich, poor, and everyone in between.

For folks like myself, 9-11, was akin to Hiroshima, or Nagasaki. These two incredible displays of power weren’t about total defeat, or capitulation. The Japanese had already offered up their surrender, and we had already gained absolute air superiority. We were obliterating their cities, day and night. We dropped those bombs, to show the world what we could do. We used the human carnage, as a display to the world, of a technological leap. One that has now become a terror to all people on Earth.

Whatever turned the World Trade Center, all of it, into a fine dust, was something new. Certainly not new in terms of research, no no. Something of this magnitude and significance, would take years, decades even, as well as many many minds, to even develop. I can’t explain this sort of physics with the same authority I speak to others. This is “directed energy weapons”, and the best lady to consult concerning this is, Dr Judy Wood. “Where’d The Towers Go?” You tell me folks. We saw them turn structural steel, and reinforced concrete into an atomized dust, that literally covered Manhattan.

I’ve been target shooting since I was a boy. I know that lead bullets, from a .45 slug, just go splat when they hit pretty much any size plate steel. That’s small but it’s moving twice the speed as a commercial airline ever could go. This is at 30,000 feet. 580 MPH at sea level, is laughable to airplane engineers. The atmosphere becomes, basically liquid at that speed, people. You simply have no understanding of any science. Not if you agree with any claim made by the commission of liars, designed to remove this crime from any jurisdiction, that coulda been effective. None of their claims, hold any water.

It is my opinion, that weather control is just as real, and easy to manipulate, that even pretending it’s not, is beyond naive. It is my profession to know a little bit about, the physical properties of heat, atmospheric pressure, and weather. I make no claims to any credibility that should ever trump your own research. Research everything. Do your own research, period. This is mine.

Regardless of your view on the size and shape of this amazing Earth, that we call home, there are physical laws that exist. Some things we know, and we know don’t change. Most other things are working theories that are constantly evolving with new data. The things we know are scale, how to measure very precisely, and we basically have the laws of energy down. All energy exists, and can’t either be created, nor destroyed. Energy is essentially a conversion of matter, into something that usually creates heat.

Now, there’s a direct relationship between temperature and pressure. Such a well known, and precisely understood relationship, that if you know the chemical makeup, you can know the temperature of that chemical, simply by checking its pressure. This is modern day air conditioning, and the whole trade relies on having universally used, T&P charts for, servicing any air conditioning or refrigeration appliance. There is no such thing as “cold”. There’s “absolute zero”, and the amount of heat that’s above that. I know, this is a strange concept but this is the “science” behind “removing” heat from a “conditioned” space. I’m only trying to bring y’all with me, here.

So now we’re all working with a 3rd grade understanding of at least “heat”, I hope. Back to weather modification. It’s so easy that if one wanted to cause any change to our enclosed atmosphere, simply concentrating a heat source on a spot of the ionosphere, could easily steer any storm. This is clearly what the massive arrays of antennas like, HAARP are doing, and have been doing for God knows how long. I would consider this, to be blatantly open weather modification, that they don’t even lie about. The main advocate against HAARP, is as established as it gets. Like congressman level.

So steering storms is not just possible, but in theory, it’s actually pretty easy. How about creating storms? Well, we know they used cloud seeding in Vietnam to cause monsoons. This musta caused an uproar, because it caused other countries to make US promise, not to use weather weapons in warfare, a mere 3 years prior to our scuttle of Saigon. I believe 1978, or so, was when we became signatories to this treaty. Look it up. Do your own research.

The next thing only requires that you actually look up. See all that disgusting, and clearly artificial cloud cover? You can’t miss it, the only thing you can do, is justify it. This is artificial cloud cover, that is being caused by air travel, and this can’t be refuted. You can tell me it’s just water vapor, but that actually destroys any claim it’s harmless. It means they’re intentionally spraying a far more effective global warming agent, into the atmosphere, than carbon ever could possibly be. Water vapor traps heat way more efficiently than CO2. If you don’t understand this, you have no right to even speak on this issue.

Whatever they used to “dustify” the World Trade Center, was more than likely used on us, right here, folks. This was the hottest summer since the late 70’s. Well shoot, that’s right after the US, promised never to use weapons of this nature, on anyone besides their domestic population.

Yup, there’s a caveat in this treaty that allows for “domestic research”. As with everything, these cats have been patient. They have slowly worked these “sky trails” into our lives. With just the right amount of pushback, and publicity, or lack there of. They’ve taken a reliable weather system, and slowly destroyed it. What was a very normal cycle of El Niño, and it’s reverse, have slowly been removed from the local lexicon. It’s slow but for those of us paying attention, it’s still visible. It’s very visible.

This is the next Covid. This is all part of the “Great Reset” that Billy Gates, and the rest of his ilk, have prepared for us. They intend to use this to frighten their useful idiots, and wedge those of us thinkers, further and further away from anyone, who might be salvaged from this cult of death. They control the weather like a toy. They have harnessed some incredible technology that could be offering us all free energy. Free, clean, and possibly even health neutral energy. The energy that we are all currently slaves to, appears to have profound health consequences.

“The Invisible Rainbow”, has some very disturbing implications. It suggests that every influenza epidemic has coincided with a massive adoption of EMF. We are bathing in an electromagnetic fog. One that has never truly been tested for safety. It doesn’t even require governance from any “health agency”. The Federal Communications, laws govern these crazy companies. Not the FDA, CDC, or anything else, y’all rely on.

My usual ADD took this baby all over, so you must do your own research. One thing I hope is plain is this. The US government has control over the weather. Any talk of “man made climate change”, needs to start and stop with finding out the truth as to what they themselves are up to. It is ridiculous for us to take orders, or threats from such blatant charlatans. It’s time to start to look up, and believe your own lying eyes, over the clear liars, that have your ears, brain, and want your soul.

Wake up!!

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