The Feds Must Be Sued By The States, That Care

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This absolutely needs to be explored. Not just by us, “layman” who happen to pontificate on the issue, on the web. The federal government has clear cut obligations, that come as part of the whole contract, in general. That’s what we need to remember, and that’s what’s going to be the answer. The feds are so far beyond the bounds of their contractual obligations, they simply must be disolved.

The vehicles available to us, that make the most sense, are the sovereign states, themselves. This would have to be a last show of any good faith by the states, generally. If there’s no relief through the so called “supremes”, then there will not be any relief, ever. Our political autonomy does in fact exist, and is recognized by our Constitution, to go down to the county level. However, this is just not big enough, jurisdiction wise, to be an effective advocate for dissolving the “superior” legal entities that remain above them.

I believe that in principle, the counties outta have the right to be completely sovereign. Sovereign country’s unto themselves. Unfortunately, this world, is just not anywhere close to civilized enough, to allow for such independent action. The thorough brainwashing of the “left/right paradigm”, is too foundational for the vast majority of those interested in governing anything. I’d say there is one positive to this polarization, that is the clear and wide gaps between worldviews that do actually exist in real life. While the establishment parties may be two wings of the same disgusting phoenix, the actual electorate are quite different.

The US Constitution states that the feds, are to provide, to all of the states, a republican style government, and to protect their borders from any foreign invasion. I’d say “invasion” should mean, any egress across our borders, that wasn’t expressly provided permission for. Even without such a definite offer provided by the people, we have been promised over and over again, that the feds are going to stop this. Every candidate has had to run on a strict border policy to win every election until Biden.

On this issue “Americans” have been as consistent as anything, ever. Every single issue except, border security, has become a wedge issue. Illegal immigration has been despised by 8 of 10 Americans for decades. When Americans ask for border security they are asking for this unmitigated disaster, at the border, to stop. They’ve said clearly for decades that they want control over who gets to be American, and who doesn’t, for decades of liars. This single issue is why so many small town papers have paywalled their papers. This single issue is why local papers did away with comments. Before they did, it literally dominated the comment section of every story about gangs, crime, or you name it.

I got to watch this in real time. I was always taken aback by just how many people in Sonoma County were furious with illegal immigration. When I say it dominated the comments sections, I’m speaking from vast experience. A 13 year old Mexican kid was murdered by a sheriff’s deputy in my town, just around this time. I found myself constantly having to defend this poor child that was only guilty of carrying a plastic toy on a public street. This poor kid Andy was carrying an air soft rifle. The grown man, military veteran, shot him from about 40 ft out, and landed like 6 or 7 rounds into little kid, Andy’s body. The last 2 were after this youngster hit the ground.

This was sickening to myself beyond all BS about borders, parents, or anyone but the pig who snuffed out an innocent child’s life. The venom I got from the “back the blue”, as well the furious anger regarding the border, was insane. The cop walked without charge or incident. They chose to make a vacant lot into a poorly taken care of park instead. Virtue signaling at its best, but how many of y’all know the name, Andy Lopez? Not nearly enough, I’m sure.

This is the problem folks. The fact that they took comments away, or paywalled their papers completely, hasn’t fixed the underlying rage that continues to build. This country is about to explode from the things half of us, seem to have chosen to protect themselves from hearing. The gaps that exist between us are beyond repair. The only reasonable thing for us to do is to take our cases to a mediation of sorts. Then walk away amicably. Hard separation in governance, but a retained friendship while we still can. The states show us pretty clearly what their majorities wish to work towards, in their societal efforts.

They also show us clearly incompatible worldviews, that can not remain governed under the same laws. There’s no doubt the feds are beyond all reasonable scope of behavior. Given they are contractually obligated to do things, that half the country demands, and maybe a third, or less, hates and wishes to destroy. This constitution can’t work for all of us anymore, and this is obvious. There’s a whole half of the political duopoly that’s openly attacking every principle, law, or long standing tradition, that has come from the US Constitution.

The states need to show good faith and ask the supremes to do something they simply can’t do. Dissolve their very own power to do so. After this, the only thing we can do is vote with our feet and prepare. For what? I hope a long and fruitful relationship with the new United States, and whatever becomes of our former countrymen. Just look at our amazing friendship with the Canucks. We can part as friends if we want it. People, we don’t just owe it to ourselves, but we are obligated to handle it up now, and not push it off on the youngsters.

National divorce needs to happen. For all of our humanities sake.

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