How Can One Man Change The World

If ya can stand my voice and language, it’s a bit more entertaining.

This is good, it’s a good starting point for addressing the reality, of just what you can actually effect. The whole idea of “world peace” is a fantasy. The whole idea that we as individual people, can change the world, is as childish as Santa Clause. The very foundation of the UN was built upon this fantastic lie. The nations of the Earth are all just, “talking it out”? Not a chance.

The first thing one must do if they are interested in changing the world, is accept that you can’t. So many people send money abroad, to be managed by outright gangsters, and pat themselves on the back for it. Truth is, some 80 to 90% of which, is wasted on the organization itself, and never touches a needy person. These big corporate charities are tax havens, and frauds. Stop supporting them.

Then there’s, so called food aid. This is a disaster for the local economy. The poor farmers who bust their asses to bring goods to market, must compete with free food, offered up by wicked gangsters. Why pay good money for raw flour, and grains, when the west sends ready made, soy packed, and edible garbage, that’s full of corn syrup? Why do the poorest folks on Earth wear designer western clothes, and drink Coca Cola? It’s free.

That’s the macro failing of modern charity. It just doesn’t work, but it does relieve some of the imposed guilt they feel. The micro, is the welfare system at home. We incentivize people to pass, on participating in our economy, and offer them just enough to hook them. All totaled, the benefits offered to a single mother of 2, can be some $70, to $80 thousand a year. That’s food stamps, rental “assistance”, free healthcare, and straight cash payments.

Obviously it depends on where and who you are, but this is a looney amount of resources to offer someone for, not working. It clearly incentivizes the mother to remain unmarried. This is not charity.

The best thing a person, or family could do to change the world, is focus their efforts on their immediate surroundings. The most effective thing to do, is raise as many good people as you can. Have as many children as you can afford, then impress upon those youngsters, all of the values, and morals that make a person good. Hard work, a thirst for knowledge, and full agency over their own lives. Never let them fall into a victim mentality. Never accept the excuse, that so and so, did “this” to you. Always demand accountability, and offer the proper guidance.

Not to say that people won’t get in their way. I’m not saying they wont ever be victim to a bias, or hateful person, that’s also temporarily, an authority. In fact, I’m sure they will face unfair situations, and the first experience of such, is most likely going to come from a state agent, otherwise known as a teacher. Merit should be their concern, and the only thing they strive for. The fact that the schools are commie incubators, is just as plain as the nose on your face. I wouldn’t expect any good to come from sending them to public school.

Actually raising your own kids, as if they were the very purpose of life itself, would go a long way towards fixing the world. Letting them be poisoned, mind, body, and soul from year 5 and on, is disastrous. The schools are designed like prisons, run on factory bells, and force them to defer to the teacher, even for permission to use the bathroom. All of the formative years, where children come into their own, and are naturally supposed to attain autonomy with age, are the absolute opposite.

Even in high school they are forced to carry passes, to move from classroom to bathroom. They get told to hide under their desk, for just about all disasters. This while I’m sure, the adults get to swiftly exit the danger zone. All classrooms should have exits like you see on public busses. The “plan” should be direct evacuation, through an emergency window. Every school in my town could do this with very little cost, and it would have saved untold lives in Uvalde. The insanity of that awful event should be making us all pause and reflect on what coulda helped. That poor teacher who was shot and bleeding couldn’t do anything, but have the kids text for her. The kids are trained to follow orders, and embarrassed, and humiliated for taking initiative.

I really think that the public, and Prussian modeled, school system, is the biggest problem in our society. It is a factory of sheep, not independent thinkers. It breeds group think, gossip, and bullying. The system of jumping from subject to subject, and only guided by the time clock, is a disgusting way to “educate” our most precious resource. Offering them up to absolute strangers, that feel totally justified, and righteous in their mission, is lunacy. Letting strange adults talk to your children about sex is insane. Letting them impart any of their own mental defects upon your innocent child’s mind, is almost the height of irresponsibility, if not negligent parenting.

When you get down to brass tax, the truth becomes clear. It starts and stops, with the way you raise your family. Is it all just work, just a mundane and routine exercise that’s supposed to be a drudgery? Why? Why set such low expectations for your own bright children? Why depend on lunatics to educate them on morality, politics, and train them to be wage slaves?

Why is student debt, higher than any other category of debt? Why can’t this particular debt be discharged through bankruptcy? Why don’t you people see this for the predatory system that it is?

If you’re wealthy, homeschool your kids, and have some extra resources that you wish to make use of, keep your ambitions close to home. Perhaps you can take on a project of sorts. Donate your time, and only to those that deserve it. Find the ones in your immediate proximity, and offer a hand. We all know who on our block is doing better, and those that are struggling. Get to know your neighbors.

Become the leader in your community, by leading by example. The single biggest cause for divorce, is always financial pressures. One divorce in your community will do more harm than any home invasion could. Watching a family devolve into ruin, and just writing them off as “undeserving”, is so gross. It’s also in your own interest to be surrounded by healthy families. Yes, your interest is in your neighborhood.

Divorce, child abuse, and all manner of domestic ails, are bad for the community. When I was young, they were called “latch key kids”. This was openly looked down on and I’m sure the parents felt shame. Why not provide those, otherwise unsupervised and troublesome youths, an alternative. Why not extend a hand and take charge of them until their parents are home? Then you can actually save a person. You can show them charity, in the way of an after school snack, and offer them a quiet, and peaceful retreat from whatever they have at home.

It’s these hours between the end of school, and the time parents get home, that lead to poor decisions, poor attitudes, and future criminals. It hardens the kids, as well. They aren’t given the same carefree environment that they see their neighbors enjoy. This doesn’t seem to result in good outcomes. It actually seems to instill a sense of “me against the world” attitude. Thinking that it’s just bad seeds who fall into criminality, is truly absurd. It happens little by little, and it reinforces itself with every indifferent, and judgmental attitude they come across. I know this for fact, no theory. It used to be common knowledge, and was a concern of the community. Now we rely on the state.

The state seems to relieve us of all communal responsibility. The homeless, I voted to raise gas taxes to “fix” that. The youngsters, I voted to “fix” that. The good people who happened to fall on hard times, I already voted, and get taxed to “fix” that. Bad parenting, can just be offset with free lunches, that I voted for. The gangs that are a plague upon small town America, everywhere, are a police problem. The junkies that stalk the parks, you avoid by making your backyard the park for yours. Oh your neighbor is screaming at his wife and you see a youngster crying, hey, that’s what CPS is for, right. Call the cops, and daddy goes to jail, maybe mommy too, and Jr is fresh meat for foster care. This is your idea of civic duty, right.

Wrong. Statistics show that over half of divorces are regretted by both parties within about 5 years. This is obviously too late, but what can we learn from it? Seems obvious that temporary stresses, are too much to bear when given an easy out. Not just, no fault divorce, but the welfare system the female knows she can use.

This is the state’s answer to a family in crisis. What should bring them closer, and make their bonds tighter, is now just the opposite.

What if the community actually took notice of the work truck, that hasn’t moved from its driveway in a couple weeks? What could be harmful about taking up a donation drive, and slipping a check into their mailbox? Isn’t a family more important than virtue signaling? An anonymous gift from the community would pay itself forward, a thousand times over.

I’m talking about real, demonstrable, and purely selfless charity. Charity that could strengthen your community, and change the hearts of the youngsters who don’t understand what’s destroying their lives. An investment in your fellow American. An appreciation for the plight of the innocent, who gets it the worst.

Why do we judge children by their parents, when we should judge the parents for their children? Why do we fall all over each other to feed starving Africans, when the kid down the street hasn’t had a real meal in months? Maybe there’s kids, that your kids go to school with who get their only real meal from school. Maybe you could even tell by simply looking at the fat kid who barely eats. Hot Pockets have zero nutrition, but will fatten you up if it’s all you have.

I could keep going, but I think I’ve made my point. Charity is something you can’t offer, unless it’s coming from you, and going to where it can help. Charity doesn’t come from the state, taxes, and certainly not the police. Changing the world is a ridiculous idea, and a fantasy for grown ups. Real, positive change, comes from those that are close to the problem.

Foster parents are some 15 times more likely to be abusive, than biological parents. Every effort to keep families together, should be made, before ever resorting to the state. This alone would have enormous consequences for the family going through it, as well the community they share. Community centered support, is the answer to the opiate epidemic. It’s the answer to the homeless. Best of all, it’s the most realistic and achievable route to positive change, you can hope to provide.

This disgusting mentality of letting the state be the answer to every ail, has produced consecutive generations of broken people. We are working towards a thoroughly psychotic, uncaring, and cold society. A selfish, envious, and fake culture. One in which we lose our shit over words, but turn our backs to the visible pain of our fellows.

This is communism, and it’s ugly. Conformist, authoritarian, and impersonal. No trust, no God, and no love.

This is where we are now, and have been, long enough to be normal. So normal, that the act of charity is seen with suspicion by some, mocked by others, and nearly all done for virtue signaling. Unless it’s for a TicTock video, it’s not worth the effort. If it’s a matter of watching out for a kid you know has a bad lot, it’s overstepping a boundary. Waiting for that shy kid to become a criminal, is the “civil” thing to do.

Stop letting yourself be taken in by absolute fairytales about ending world hunger. Stop letting the state be your answer to all of life’s problems. Become a person in your own community, and offer to help those who you have access too. This is the only real way to change the world, is to start off where you are. The positives will compound with interest, as those who see the help all around them, become able to pay it forward. This would remove some of the envy, jealousy, and prideful behavior that is destroying our communities. This would foster good will, instead.

Obviously, one can’t be a hypocrite and be charitable. You need to put your house in order, before you can make a judgement on the needs of another. This to myself, means peaceful parenting, a prohibition on porn in the home, and 2 loving parents. Things I grew up without, but have come to appreciate, and admire.

There’s no jealousy in me, but a desire to be better. I look up to the people I work for, when they’re surrounded by kids, and grandchildren. That’s success, and it can be had in a trailer park, or a gated community, all the same. The folks that I see alone, in their later years, and childless, are pathetic.

They are miserable to be around, and they talk smack about everyone. They may not be hungry, but their soul is hollow. These are the products of our humanistic, and detached social experiment. Bitterness, envy, and paranoia rule these peoples lives. They come in all flavors and backgrounds, but the things they share in common, are far more than not. Misery, just to one degree, or another.

Changing the world begins with changing yourself, your family, and your community. These are the bounds of the average person. This is why the germ was so destructive to our country. They already had our communal bodies up against the ropes, and then they landed a rabbit punch right to the back of our neck, on the way down. Are we down and out? Or are we taking a standing 8?

I’m getting up, wobble or not, and I’m taking the fight to the enemy. That enemy is the antisocial state. It’s “our enemy, the state”. A book worth reading.

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