Does Capitalism Care For “Civil Rights”

Again with the foul language, was this boy born in a barn or what?

Capitalism is the only economic system, that is offered by any government, that also honors the rights of all who use it. Capitalism is simply an economic system in which, the means of production, are private, not state controlled. That means true capitalism is the only system in which a free market can exist.

So, if you consider property rights, free trade, and free association, to be critical “civil” rights, you must be a capitalist. Since it’s capitalism that allows for trade to be unfettered, and free of all coercion. Capitalism is the system of America, and Americanism is capitalism. They are connected at the hip, because one begat the other.

Modern economics is mental masturbation. Back in the 18th century there wasn’t enough resources to devote university, to totally upending society. As we became rich through capitalism, we continued to be infiltrated by malcontents, that hate Christianity, they hate labor, and they hate capitalism. The Communist Manifesto was offered up to the world by a handful of these folks, in this pre-mass media, age.

Austrian Economics is a very simple, sound, and beautiful observation of the laws that guide our economy. This “radical” economic school, dares to have humility, and treats this soft science as it should be. They observe the actions of humans, and predict the results that are most likely to result. They refer to economics as, Human Action, the namesake of the most well known work, by the most famous Austrian economist, Ludwig Von Mises.

If we take the Austrian approach, then we learn very quickly how bad the state makes things. There are natural business cycles, that can be unfortunate for those who make bad choices. In an effort to make the economy a hard science, they got a hard control over the entire means of trade. The Federal Reserve, allowed for a new, and “scientific” means to control the economy.

When money is taken away from the people, and monopolized by a small clique of international gangsters, they require an army of economists to give legitimacy to an illegitimate coup, over currency and credit. These fellas do not care for any civil rights, or rights at all. They are the gods of money, and they expect to be worshipped for this. Are you getting bailed out? Are you offering loans that can’t be discharged through bankruptcy? You weren’t even allowed to hold gold until, like the 1970’s.

From FDR’s gold confiscation, to the end of the Marshal Plan, Americans were outlawed from gold. Is this in line with any rights you can think of?

It seems pretty awful to me, and it’s proven to be a weapon against us, not a benefit to us.

Of all the “isms” capitalism is the best. It isn’t a pre made system, that was forced on us. It simply resulted as a method for categorizing our economy, to be compared to others. Capitalism was defined by the American free market. It wasn’t in need of a name, or category until it had to be attacked. They had to name their enemy, and chose to call it capitalism. If they’d have just called it free trade, nobody woulda ever thought anything bad of it. It’s very hard to attack a system when it’s called “free trade”. Easy to attack a strawman built in order to represent free trade.

What other system allows for private property, and private industry? What are the benefits of allowing the state to monopolize portions, or all of the means of production? I think the real problem, as with much of what’s happening, is a misconception, and purposeful confusion over terms.

The word capitalism has been so thoroughly whipped to death, as to be a negative in most peoples ears. That’s got much to do with the confusion in reality that we happen to call life. This idea that the US is still a capitalist country, is horse crap. So, they can point at international corporations, and say, look how bad capitalism is. The cozy government contracts, evil labor practices, and environmental destruction can all be attributed to the mega corporations that have gained from the fiat system like nobody else.

For my self, the modern corporation, is antiAmerican, anti freedom, and totally illegitimate. The idea that you can invent a fictional persona to do business through, and then kill that persona if things go belly up, without personal loss, is insane. The free market wouldn’t have corporations, because corporations are totally controlled and created by governments.

They get their charter, their security, and their contracts, in way too many cases, directly from the state. Without the state, all business would be sole proprietor, or partnerships. No limited liability, other than the amount of partners kicking in.

We have been using, and modeling for the world, a capitalist type, of state economy. State capitalism, if you will.

This is akin to the Chinese system, and it’s only a mere middle ground between free trade, and communism. Our system has long been detached from anything you can call free, and shouldn’t be called capitalism. We should call our system by it’s true name, communism. The central banking system is the economy, and it’s as communist as the Bolsheviks.

Take all the “isms” and chuck em out the window. There’s statism, and freedom. Anarchy, and totalitarian. We live on a spectrum, that’s of a somewhat mixed character. For most of my life it felt like we were much closer to freedom than the opposite. Today I feel authoritarian pressure from all sides. As we allow the separation of people and currency, we’ve allowed ouselves to become irrelevant. We aren’t the producers anymore, we just service ourselves. Has this made us richer, freer, or more fulfilled? No. Quite the opposite.

Capitalism died in 1913. At least in America it did. The beginning of the Fed, the IRS, and the soscial security schemes, were the end of freedom.

Freedom in financial matters is no less important than freedom in marriage matters. It’s totally private, the business of those involved, and not the business of anyone else. We’ve given all our financial freedom, security, and wealth to an international clique. One that answers to international share holders, like Goldman Sachs, for example.

Yes, capitalism is an economic system made in the likeness of free trade, and thus, respects the rights of the individual.

In fact, it’s sole purpose is to satisfy the consumer, not anything else. It’s this focus on satisfying a customer, who has all the choice in the world. This requires a capitalist, to produce the best product or service, at the best price possible.

Henry Ford has been one of the most revered capitalists, and his philosophy was to pay his men enough to sell them a car. Hardly an exploitation of labor, but a free market priced labor, that was extraordinarily productive as a result.

I suggest everyone look into Mr Fords views on what was happening in his time, and how he viewed the future. This seems to be the one personality they can’t cancel. Regardless of his well known, and well read books about certain folks.

Many good men of his time were speaking up. Ever here of Charles Lindbergh? Ya know, the senator or congressman who had his newborn baby stolen? Oh, and he made an impressive flight of some sort. What he was most famous for at the time, was his battle with the Fed, and his outstanding work towards informing the American people and warning them of what had happened. He called the Fed out for purposeful, destruction of the economy, by scientific sabotage. I guess it cost him a son.

We’ve been played, and played, and never been hip to the game. The money is the ultimate cause for the US Revolution. It was the forced use of the British pound that forced the colonists to declare war on the most powerful empire on Earth. The colonists had built their local economy using debt free, fiat called “Colonial Script”. This was an honest and free money system, that put no burden on them for using it. They controlled the purchasing power, and they regulated it themselves.

Taxes without representation? Ya, but it was the fact they had to be paid in a money the colonists didn’t use. Not unless they wanted to buy foreign goods, which was still plenty often enough. Still, for their domestic trade, they got by just fine using an agreed upon, currency of their own design. Then through treachery, and bankruptcy, they chartered the first central bank. This so disgusted the people that it was abolished. Then the second central bank got in.

This would be the last, thanks almost solely to “Ole Hickory” himself. Until the final coffin nail was set in 1913. A very short examination of the money power, it’s clear attack on America, and the historical hatred for this type of economy, shows us how alien it is to the American idea. Our history is one long war, the civil war being a part of it, against the international money power. Our capitulation came in the early 20th century. The height of new bread and circuses, and technology for the masses.

This is also when Zionists had consolidated the mass media. The public opinion was being crafted, not counted. From here on they use polling in everything. The best statistics are found at the Fed. They use economic information to gauge everything. They can “shock” the system and test the ripples that emanate out from their action. They use the actual utility of economics for its actual utility. Observing human action, and trying to inflict the right pain to achieve the desired response.

No capitalism can exist in tandem with a central, fiat banking system. Free trade relies on the medium of exchange being free as well. When the people choose the currency it can be anything. Historically they’ve chosen gold. I personally think the gold standard is the only standard. Everything else is a con to get more from nothing. They can’t invent gold, and they are forced to rely on taxes for all services. That’s a government that sounds good to me. This state would be tiny , by default. The people would be asked to offer up their personal wealth in order to pursue any war, at all. This is moral.

As of now, the cost of war is nil. It’s free to borrow, and so the people aren’t directly impacted when their sons and daughters are sent off to defend a defunct currency. If all wars had to finances through specific, and time restrained taxes, we’d be the most peaceful empire the Earth has seen. As long as they have the Fed, and the Fed owns us, they will continue to loot, rob, and kill us, and the people of this world, until they get what they want.

As to what they want, it should be obvious by now. Globalism writ large, controlled by fiat, through the state of Israel. That is, global fiat control. Meaning, spoken into law, and backed by nothing but fear, or confidence. Not just the currency, but the very laws themselves. This is global domination through economic plunder, demographic displacement, and widespread civil war. Are you really buying what they’re selling?

Freedom to trade, associate with, and communicate as we see fit. Capitalism doesn’t hinder these things. All other “isms” do. I think “isms” are a tool of disunity, and division. Just look at all the “isms”, that mean communism. There’s only one, I’m aware of, that’s actually free. The one that all the rest were invented to destroy. Capitalism.

Any bad taste this word leaves in your mouth, has been pounded into your brain to taste. It should be replaced with free trade, or at least differentiated from it. Stop calling America capitalists, when we’ve been communist for a century. The lipstick and rouge all wore off decades ago, and the system stands bare and ugly for all to see. That we can’t all see it, and know it has to go, escapes me completely.

We have been at war with this vile ideology since it’s inception. Hitler and the German people paid the ultimate price for having the nerve to remove these internationalist gangsters from Germany, and to totally put the fate of the country in the hands of his people. They had no “global medium of exchange”, and used barter to beat the middle men out of the absolute destruction being wrought upon the people.

He made motherhood apart of the economy and paid them to be mothers. This freed up positions for men and added to their people. Women with like 7 or more children were awarded a gold medal, an honor akin to a war medal for men. He used the taxes to make sure the farmers were properly compensated, and they would have food security without foreign trade. The price of food went up, but the positive of food security, outweighs any increase that’s within reason. He outlawed Kosher butchering, and was the first country to protect animals through law. As with everything, everything you’ve been “taught” about Hitler, the National Socialists, or the Holocaust is BS.

If we implemented a portion of Hitler programs, we’d be debt free and back to a Christian country within a couple years. Germany is proof positive, that all a nation has to do to relieve its people of the economic pain, is to take back the economy. He also made Christianity the base religion for religious freedom. Anything that detracted, debased, or insulted Christian ethics was banned. This throws most of the lies about the NAZI’s on their heads. Hitler was a Christian, and a catholic to boot. Why they were being likened to pagans, I have no idea.

The war was declared upon Germany by world Jewery. Way back in the early 1930’s, and long before any “night of broken glass”, or whatever. Hitler successfully worked with the Zionists to have over a hundred thousand German Jews immigrate to Palestine. WWII Was the interruption of that, and the end of western civilization. We should have listened to Patton, and realized we’d fought the wrong enemy. The Soviets invaded Poland at the same time Hitler did. The difference being, Hitler had cause to save the displaced Germans, that were being slaughtered by the Polls. So it wasn’t about saving Poland.

We gave the entire Eastern Europe to Stalin. Who was all to eager to loot and murder these peoples for decades. All the while we pretended to be at war with communism. All the while taking in more Jews, and letting them into the highest halls of power. Since Jew, and communist are the same, you can say with certainty, that we have been a communist country since 1913. Bolshevism is a global scheme for world domination. Zionism, Bolshevism, and communism are the same. Socialism is communism. It’s all statism. Just a matter of degree.

The long discredited view of the political scale, shows conservatism on one sided, and liberalism on the other. This is false. There’s anarchy, on one side, and total government on the opposite. The US Constitution set us just a bit away from anarchy. We accepted rulers, but their rule was extremely limited, and very conditional. Now we accept anything they force on us. They have brainwashed the world with the idiotic idea of global democracy. The UN, the IMF, the EU, and the rest, are as undemocratic as it gets. How in the holy hell, are we supposed to be happy with a global tyranny, over our own, special republic?

Stealth, patience, and time is all these cats require, to completely remake society. The hard work was completed by prior, and more disciplined men. Todays elites are totally decadent, hypocritical to criminal levels, and they’re all owned through blackmail. The truth has never been more obvious.

Capitalism is a lost cause. We want free markets. Free money, and free living. No “isms”, but Americanism. We need to reject all things communist, and embrace traditionalism. The family, God, and country. These are the values that built Western Civilization. Thinking we can ever have it back without returning to our foundational values, is lunacy. As this country has given up on God, it has been handed over to Satan. How fast does this happen? Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

All empires, and America is an empire, die from internal rot. All of them seem to die promptly after losing religion. The acceptance and celebration of sexual deviance is the common denominator across all empires. Moral decay is the enemy of a nation. There are a people who use this moral decay predatorily. They own porn, not just for money, but because they hate Christianity. They own the networks, not to make money, but to blast you with constant propaganda. These folks are individually motivated by a hatred of Christ, and as a group they’ve made a nation that openly proclaims he sits in hell, boiling in human feces. This is Talmudic fact, according to those who follow such teachings.

Free markets are for free people. Why, or how this ever became an evil title escapes me, but it’s been effective on almost all others. Words are weapons, when they are used to deceive. They can’t hurt you in and of themselves. Still, some ideas are beyond the pail, and it’s this ideology that we are pumping into the impressionable minds of our own children. Stop letting this go unchecked. Stop sending your kids to monsters that see Stalin as a visionary, and Hitler as the devil reincarnate. If one is bad, the other is far worse. I’d take Hitler’s Germany, over Stalins Russia any day, all day.

Germany was the country that was unstoppable. Churning out innovation, industry, and Noble Prize winning thinkers for decades. Then WWI. Hitler brought them out of the imposes destruction and rebuilt their economy, their social cohesion, and made them love him for it, with in a mere couple of years. All based on Germans working for the interest of Germany. He wanted the rest of Europe to join him, not be conquered by him. He believed in an independent Poland, but refused to be bullied by anyone. For this we will probably still need more time and distance to get anyone to look at WWII with any kind of objectivity.

Money matters, and it matters more than democracy. Any system that gets the money power free, is a good system. We are being plundered and you loons care about technicalities on civil rights. Who gives a damn about voting when we get looted regardless of the vote? The most effective vote is made with your money. It’s the choices you make, that are recorded as individual trades, that are studied by the money power. Write, “vote of no confidence”, instead of checking a box. Then opt out of as many taxes as you can, by whatever means you have. Then take every matter of injustice to court, fight, and win. Then, and only then will we be on our way to freedom, and your precious “civil rights”.

Until we man up, we are going to get pounded.

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