Democracy, Our State, And Prosperity, Right

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Ya know, this question is never going away. Check it out, do a word search for democracy, democratic, or any thing rooted in democracy, on the US Constitution. You won’t find any such words. The label for governance was Republic, and that word is all throughout the document.

The constitution was an attempt to “chain down” the government, and guard its foundation from the mob. Otherwise known as democracy. Voting was extremely limited, to European men, of good standing, and property owners. This was an extremely careful system, for making changes to the state, that was designed to be hard to change. The amendment process is long and hard. On the flip side, senators coulda been immediately recalled by the states that sent them.

Democracy has destroyed the Republic. The expansion of the electorate, to include women who weren’t expected to fight wars, and jealousy to vote themselves welfare. These are the fruits of democracy. The average right thinking person, understood that not all people should vote. Not all lunatics, sports fans, and morons should be voting.

Who is actually the beneficiary of an extremely large, and polarized electorate?

The Banksters, the globalists, and commies. A group of ruthless gangsters, that pretend to care about the “civil rights” of the disenfranchised. Not a chance. They use the ballot as a weapon against the Republic. They use the ballot as a weapon against your fellow americans. Finally, they use the ballot against the more intelligent, to promote the idiots. They offer you the choice of no hood, or hooded, but hang, you will.

I hate democracy, I hate that you clowns vote against my interests every chance you get. I hate that you still call this a democracy, as if it’s always been this way. I hate that the people who haven’t read the Constitution, are the biggest enemies to her. Your false idol called democracy, has destroyed the very best country ever conceived. One rooted in individual freedom, and free trade. Good job. At least you voted, right? No right to complain, right? You losers that worship the ballot, have lost the very land you call home. Lost your whole nation to the gods of democracy.

This country was a Republic, if we could keep it. According to Benjamin Franklin, that is. He understood the importance of the people, to keep this system intact. He also seems almost already sure, we were going to blow it. We did, and the founders would be horrified at the nation’s inability, to read for themselves, the actual law.

Again, find democracy in the US Constitution. When you fail, think on it, and grow a brain. This government was designed to be ran by a small, very interested, and by right of their accomplishments, were more responsible citizens. I’m not a property owner, and I’d gladly disenfranchise myself, to get the rest disenfranchised with me. The fact remains today, that all of our elections are jokes, not at all reasonably protected, and hardly believed by the vast majority of the thinking people.

In final examination, the word democracy is just a propaganda term, for the destruction of the country politic. They destroy the electorate through mass media, then destroy your country by offering you the noose to try on. Everyone who votes party lines, instead of individual issues, is the problem. So like, just about all of you, are terrible for my freedom. Stop stealing from me through the state. Stop killing us through your votes, and stop speaking for anyone but yourselves.

Stop worshipping this false idol, and vanity that is, the democracy being sold. Stop handing the reigns, to part time care takers, that are incentivized, to protect their interests over that of the nation. Read the US Constitution, and your Holy Bible, KJV, Bible. Everything you need to know, can be found right there.

Thomas Jefferson is famously slandered, for daring to edit his own personal Bible. He also drafted the Declaration of Independence, so I’d say the man was within his right, and beyond capable to interpret his Bible, as he saw fit.

Do you really think you’re better than TJ? Not a chance. So stop destroying Jeffersonian America.

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