Can Our Streets Be Cleaned Up Or Are Bums Just Forever?

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I think it’s very reasonable for a community to adopt a policy that makes illegal, the act of squatting on the sidewalks. If we lived in a stateless society, there would not be a homeless situation. There would be no incentive, and in fact, better incentives to be productive, than exist today.

Hitler felt that welfare could only be positive if it was worked for. Thus the “economic miracle” that lifted the National Socialists out of certain doom. He worked to address the moral rot, that had given opportunity for decadent, and worthless people to exploit. Before the nation could be turned around, he built their confidence, and freed his nation from as much foreign dependence as possible.

Regardless your personal feelings, the historical record remains. Upon being offered a chance to actually re-examine this horrible bloodletting called WWII, one must come to the conclusion, that we’ve been given the victor’s history. Never been offered anything close, to an objective view. Always under the assumption of National Socialist’s being a unique evil.

Compare the pre 1933 Germany, to the Germany that was prepared to shatter Poland, for butchering ethnic Germans. The national moral, or lack there of, is a major mover in society. The Germans were very homogeneous, with the exception of their Jewish population. A whopping 3%, or so.

They still held some 50% of the media, all of the power over money, and credit. Giving the culture back to the majority was incredibly dangerous, and the people loved him for it.

So there is a statist answer to the problem, but it requires we control the state, the banks, and our politicians. The anarchist answer is simple. The sidewalks would all be private property, and squatting would be a crime. Likewise, unowned land would be available for homesteading, again.

All of the original land grants, that were supposed to be used to get the western states populated, should be released, and the massive forest should be open for human benefit. These losers need to get themselves together. Homeless is a choice for near all of the biggest problems.

We’ve all but asked people to be homeless. They’re constantly getting more representation than the actual tax payers. Same with foreign nationals, that commit felonies, once they cross the border illegally. As with almost everything, if you’re an American working stiff, you’re not considered at all. If you’re a white man, much of this country hates you.

You are living in a world where people are all too happy to get you fired for the most petty crap. Also I’ve never felt less secure in my job, for whatever reason, employers seem super sensitive all of a sudden. There’s just no second chances anymore.

So, as I continue to bust my ass, and fight with everything I have to keep my head above water, I am disgusted by bums, hobos, and vagrants.

These are the proper terms. Slurs. Being homeless is shameful. Using a public sidewalk to have sex, shoot up drugs, and crap and piss, is beyond the pale. Acting as if this is moral, within their rights, or that we must accept it, is nonsense. It’s also mentally ill.

These are our “commons”. It’s our right to keep them in safe, and in pleasing condition. Letting people literally use them as toilets, is the end of civilization.

That’s the point. Make America so ugly, so filled with parasites, that it becomes a refuge and safe space. Safe for all manner of moral decay. Everyday that we become more normalized with this lack of compassion, accountability, and responsibility, we are closer to full blown collapse. It effects the entire community on so many levels. It makes me cynical, and jaded towards those on the streets. It makes me cynical, and jaded towards the government.

My city has put all of its chips in for the UN, and doesn’t care if a million junkies wanna camp out in the streets. They’re doing everything possible to put homes, jobs, cars, and the energy to use these things beyond the reach of anyone starting from zero.

Half of California is empty. Straight up, half the state is Federal park land. Most of Nor-Cal is BLM land. The land management tyranny, not the communist, black power/extortion syndicate. This land being opened up, would immediately drop the price of land so drastically, anyone could buy a few acres on a flat enough piece of the mighty redwoods.

How many people would be attracted to homesteading. The act of attaining property by the principle of first use. If you clear it and fence it, it’s yours.

That’s how the west was settled. It was supposed to continue on, but our treacherous government held back massive percentages of all the western states. This causes artificial restrictions on where people are allowed to be. As it is now, the feds will arrest you for taking a piece of obsidian out of “the kings forest”. We are treated just the same as the peasants of old. The difference being, they knew their place. Americans act like they actually have some say, benefit, or freedom to act if peaceful. Not even close.

Why is fishing for myself, not commercial, require a “license”, a fee, and tons of petty rules? Same reason for the hunting licenses. They want you dependent upon the factory farms, and the money system that allows for trade, with the fake ass, US economy. Anything like homestead acquired, and off grid living is almost impossible. Why? Why are we the people not allowed free access to the commons known as the forest? Big corporations are in there drilling, fracking, and mining. But you take dead wood off the forest floor, that’s a crime.

This is the infuriating part of most issues. There’s many reasons and extenuating circumstances that come into play. All of which are completely lost on state agents. Regulators are the most, make work, busy body, losers in our society. Ya, city inspectors couldn’t hack it as a contractor, yet they are given the power to pass or fail a project completed by professionals, with happy clients. They can be, and are petty and human. If you piss them off they can be very irritating to your life.

So $15/hour minimum wage is a total disaster. Where do you start if you’re coming from homeless? Even the ones that take the sober shelters and want to be better, are competing for an artificially high starting wage. These folks should be able to bargain with their wages based upon anything. If they wanna push a broom for $4/hour the state calls that a crime. We outlaw working, punish all working poor with taxes, and create artificial barriers to entry. Sounds like the states tried to fix a lot, and failed. How long we gonna give up tax money to fund their idiotic, and counterproductive methods?

So first off, people have no right to live this way, where they currently happen to be. If you wanna live like a caveman, we have caves and forests where you should be allowed to exist, and shape to your liking, and skill. These homesteads would develop over time, and eventually have the numbers to make a little town, and implement their needs. Slab City is about the only place that this is known to be, and still free to be.

Second, the state is the cause for, the reason it’s getting worse, not better, and the main driver of unemployment, so they can’t fix this, or anything else. Furthermore, continuing to pay them for such disastrous results is mental. We are drowning in government largesse. It’s become unbearable, and refusing to put them in their place, empowers them more, and more. Now these losers are beyond hostile to me and folks like me. Taking my money and spitting in my face for it. I don’t know bout y’all, but I’m done paying taxes. I claim like 30 dependents, and haven’t filed for decades.

Lastly, some of these people are decent, and truly on hard times. Letting the losers pile up and continue to treat them all as if they’re in the same situation, has bread indifference. People used to be, very much more charitable to their immediate community. When the citizens are closer, they look out for one another. After this most inhumane, and vile social engineering, called a pandemic, people have become less friendly.

Just across the board there’s a different feel in the air. It’s because the problem has become so bad, and all attempts to slow it, seems to accelerate it. This has surely led to indifference, because we’re constantly soaked for taxes, that are expected to go to problems like this. We don’t need to be charitable, the state does that for us, right. Obviously they suck at it.

So, as with most every other issue that plagues this country, we find the state is the problem itself. From the illusion of charity being properly distributed, to the insanely expensive housing projects, to the housing market itself. The government is actively working against the people, of California at least.

They are gouging us for energy, homes, property taxes, and so many other ways, this is just insane. They are punitive with everything. Whether it be cigarettes, CO2, or burning wood in a fireplace, it’s treated like the end of the world. The only reason cannabis is legal, is the extremely high tax revenue it provides. Nothing else, like a study showing it to be safer than water, changed any political minds. Just the money was the motivation. It’s all that motivates these psychopaths, is personal gain, and institutional omnipotence. They want their hands on everything, and in everyone’s pockets.

Continuing to sugar coat it, and let them dominate local town halls, like they do in So-Cal, is insane. Letting them speak to the issue, at all, is insane. Only tax payers should have a say, and yes I pay taxes, so I can damn well say as I please. The streets we pay for, not them. The sidewalks are for our children to use to travel, not areas for creeps to use drugs and have sex.

The folks that are in sincere hard times, and just need a hand, should be able to differentiate themselves from the junkies. These folks should be helped by those they share a community with. The rest should be taken to the edge of town, and told to leave.

Eventually, like probably the next town, will take em. Then when they wear out those tax payers, and drain the towns recourses, that town can do the same.

Personally, I think we all need to follow that border town, that’s bussing illegals to New York, and DC. Let’s ship them all to DC, and Sacramento. All of them. With the only exception being, those good men that only need a chance. Those types will be your best worker, because they’ve seen the streets. All the junkies, alcoholics, and illegals should be rounded up, put on a greyhound bus, and shipped to their owners. DC, and Sacramento. This is the most human, and effective way to end the problem. Let the police try and stop it. We tell them we are taking our streets back, and if they wanna aid and abet these felons, in most cases, they can be charged as doing such.

This is just another way to disgrace this country, and destroy our collective moral. They understand full well the power of moral, the utility of despair, and the social engineering capabilities offered to a demoralized people. That’s all they do, is continue to fail us at every chance.

It’s not failure, and these psychopaths aren’t stupid. They’re corrupt, criminal, and ruthless, but stupid, they are not. The city, town, or county could take care of this. In the past they have taken care of the people’s commons. Why they aren’t today, I think goes a long way in showing us who they actually care about. Everyone except those they took an oath to serve. The oath is made to protect our most sacred tradition in law, from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

We outta take em all to Gavin Newsome’s house, and drop them off with a truckload of liquor, cigarettes, and dope. Every town in Cali, send them out.

Or accept help, on the helps terms. You get to choose, leave this fine community that’s giving you a chance to move on, or get hurt.

The flip side is doing nothing, and accepting that this is the new normal. No, no, no. No more junkies, mental cases, and whores walking the streets of small town America. As with everything, the people have limits, and once reached, they react harshly. This is just one front that’s about to boil over. Violence is just gonna be the new normal. Ugly, but if we don’t get stern, it’s going to destroy our world, and set the future up for God knows what.

If the trash has to be taken out, I suggest we remove the inept politicians as well. They can all be given the same choice. Leave now and never come back, or suffer the wrath of the people.

This is proper, moral, and fair. Continuing the homeless “era”, is about as looney tunes as can be.

Not for me, and not for mine. I want rule of law, and expect my neighbors want the same. If the politicians and cops are too corrupt to even do the bare minimum of governing, we have every right to relieve them of their duty, and banish them from our town. If the state don’t like it, let ‘em come and try to stop it.

Enough is enough.

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