Why The Hell Do We Accept Martial Law

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This is a very good question, considering the fact that we’ve been living under, martial law, for years now. Regardless of their flowery language, and slogans, they have you under a lawless situation. Their “declaration” of emergency, appears to be the trigger for this, unbelievable power.

The insane power to suspend the, US Constitution, and assume totalitarian, dictatorship. That’s what this is, and every single day that we allow it to continue, threatens our very way of life, in the most real, and absolute way.

We have to answer the call of our time, and hold these monsters to account. There must be consequences for this. They’ve gone far beyond anything close to what, they’re oath bound to do.

These people all took oaths, and they are all accountable to the consequences of failing to honor this oath. They are oath bound to defend the principles of the US Constitution, from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

On all accounts they are guilty.

Anyone that’s got steady income from AIPAC should be put under oath again, and interrogated about their loyalties.

Anyone receiving anything on behalf of anyone that’s even connected to the CCP, needs to be put under oath and interrogated about everything they have. Their financial interests, and their loyalty should be considered compromised.

These 2 countries being the criteria for suspicion, would put every one of our representatives on trial. The simple fact that foreign nationals have the ears of our law makers makes them traitors, and the foreigners are making war, through infiltration, sabotage, and outright provocation.

Israel, I’m talking to you.

China, just get your commies outta my country and we have no problem.

The Chinese are a threat to America, they are not our friends. They are commies, and as such, should be expected to use communist tactics.

That of subversion, demoralization, and cultural rot. This is the commie playbook, and there’s KGB agent that has traded sides and told us all about it. Just search for, Yuri Bezmenov, and you’ll hear how fu**ed you are.

If the Soviet Union had been so successful, all the ChiComs needed to do was pick up where the Bolsheviks failed. They fainted towards global friendship, and we ran into their arms like a romcom gal headed for her fu**boy.

They’ve had to use no coercion to take our entire manufacturing base. Without firing a single shot, they’ve bought our government to the tune of $$$$TRILLIONS$$$ of dollars. They tell our sports players what to say, and nobody says anything. They control Hollywood, who’s now more interested in making international entertainment, instead of American movies, for American viewers.

Between Israel, and China, just how much are we considered? Israel has had a strangle hold on our institutions since the 1960’s. They are Bolsheviks. Communists. Are we surprised that they would ally with the ChiComs against US?

Mao’s hero was Stalin. He followed the Holodomor like a copycat in starving his unwanted citizens. Mao was just better. The 6 to 10 million Ukrainians was nothing to the 40 to 60 million Mao claimed.

The Bolsheviks are accused of some 50 million deaths from the revolution to the 1950’s, but the same Bolsheviks own your media, so you’re ignorant of most of this.

Could we be so thoroughly infiltrated, and utterly surrounded by our enemies, without aid of our politicians? I think not. These folks have been taking their oaths way too lax, for way too long.

The problem is, it’s our fault, and time matters. See, if we had held them to their oaths all throughout history, and up to today, we would have an easy, and readily available system in place for doing just this. We have not for some time, actually held someone accountable for breaking their oaths.

At least up to the mid 1800’s we were still hanging politicians that went too far. It’s no accident that we don’t know when they stopped. We just know that things are far more corrupt today, and we haven’t a clue how to hold them accountable.

There’s a good case to be made that the US Constitution has been suspended since the 1930’s. This period saw the national confiscation of all personally owned gold. The country, or DC decided to incorporate the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Then they filed for bankruptcy based upon the debt they already accumulated, and was compounding with interest.

With the books cleared, and they made we the people, collateral for any credit the new corporate USA could need. It’s this time that our money was totally disconnected with anything tangible. All of the silver and gold certificates were confiscated. They literally forced the people into fiat, and used the declaration of emergency to do so.

The “Great Depression”, that was scientifically engineered, and gave FDR cause to declare a state of emergency. Thus, putting the country under martial law, and suspending the US Constitution.

And during this state of emergency, of which we’ve never been made aware that it’s over, the US profoundly changed in a way that became normalized and forgotten by all, but the “cooks”.

The Federal Reserve was able to cause a massive boom, by inflating the stock market for the “roaring 20’s”. Then they called in all the loans and caused the panicking, that became a depression.

Holding their thumb on our economy, they forced the state of emergency. Then they forced the remaining private banks, and local economies using metals, out of business by the force of the state. They continued to hurt the American people by paying farmers to slaughter millions of pigs, dump millions of gallons of milk, and let fields go fallow.

All the while continuing to soak every last real piece of wealth they could, from the country at large. Their only disruption was WWII. An extremely fortunate affair for these psychopaths, anyway.

That’s a whole other story, but should be noted, any declaration of emergency probably wouldn’t end when a war starts. Just sayin.

The CEO’s are the folks who can declare martial law. They call it a state of emergency, because martial law sounds scary. Well, it is scary. We’re talking about suspending the foundational document, upon which our government is supposed to be “chained down by”.

The implications, as we’ve seen all too close, are limitless. Their ability to utterly change our way of lives, and our attitudes about it, is scary as shit. They appear to use this about every 20 years or so, and the change becomes the new normal.

For whatever reason, they’ve come to a point where every new use of this power, is becoming more and more suspect. For example, Biden has declared a state of emergency over monkey pox. Of which, there have been zero fatalities in the US.

How, in good faith could this be a true state of emergency? So emergent, that the foundational law must be suspended, and absolute authority must rest with an oligarchy of criminals?

This time they’ve already been prepping us for a “new normal”, and a “great reset”. So, are we the people going to continue to be governed this way? Are we so spineless that we are willing to let them take away the Bill of Rights? Over monkey pox?

We need to get our heads out of our asses. This has simply gone too far. Living under martial law is disgusting and becoming so normalized I fear that true history itself, is in peril.

They are rewriting it as it happens. Folks like myself are desperate to preserve the history that they are desperate to forget. We have lost touch with the Constitution little by little, until recently.

The last couple of decades have been straight up tyrannical. From 9–11 on, this country has been on a suicide mission, and it’s obvious. The inflation is uncontrollable. The Federal Reserve is no longer a mystery to those that care.

Our military has been demoralized, brainwashed, and totally abused. For what? They continue to beat them down and send them into impossible, and pointless missions for bloodshed.

Our all volunteer military is in trouble. They’re teaching CRT in West-Point. The future officers learning there have filed several complaints about a whole host of craziness. From the foul food, to the neglect to enforce codes of honor upon certain people, to the politicization of the school in general.

These are where we get our future military officers, they are supposed to be loyal to an idea, not a party, person, or anything else. They should be non partisan because they serve the constitution regardless.

We appear to only be partly through whatever it is they are planning. The bug wasn’t enough and they need monkey pox. Since nobody has died from monkey pox I’d say, we’re in for some craziness that’s unprecedented.

That’s the through-line of these events. Or, we could act like Americans, and tell them to pound sand. I’m for the latter, obviously. We’ll have to see.

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