Why Aren’t Whites Given Justice And Liberty?

The question was obviously the reverse, but by the time I wrote it, and read it, the title became inaccurate. As far as I’m concerned at least.

A question from Quora if you can believe it.

Body-Cam Video Of Daniel Shaver Shooting | Los Angeles Times
White Privilege

This is not going to be the answer you want, but it’s the answer you need to hear. Never before have any black people had more liberty to get away with bloody murder. Never before have we been so soft on black criminals.

The fact of the matter is this. Blacks are not being held accountable for anything, and they are responsible for far more crime than any other.

Liberty to riot, embezzle, and commit fraud. Liberty to burn down cities, assault innocent and unsuspecting victims, and all the liberty in the world to be racist, nasty, and outright insulting to your fellow white Americans.

Liberty to be given special treatment in every situation. Liberty to act like lunatics in class. Liberty to hit teachers. Hell, I don’t think there’s enough hard drive space to list all of the black liberties. Y’all just can’t seem to ever be responsible for your actions. That’s freedom from the law, a liberty not shown to anyone else.

Justice, on the other hand, appears to be allusive. How many blacks are in prison right now for the riots that lit this country ablaze, over the nothing burger, media psy-opps? They were trying to get these riots for years. Going back to Zimmerman, they’ve pushed every single wobbler case on the people, as if it’s a clear cut case of outright, violent, racism.

They even seem to choose the cases that aren’t clear cut, aren’t even crimes, or they edit and editorialize it as sensationally as they can. “Hands up don’t shoot”, “jogging while black”, and the “gentle giant” that socks cops, and reaches for their gun.

The cases the media has decided to use as a weapon against this country, work because of the somewhat subjective view, you have to take on the evidence presented. “Jogging while black”, was how they sold Ahmed Aubrey, as an innocent jogger.

Anyone with any interest, was sure to find all of the actual facts. That Mr Aubrey had been suspected of theft in the neighborhood already. He was found casing a construction site previously. He was not a jogger, just because he wears sweatpants.

He was a known threat and the McDaniels were aware of this and had witnessed him trespassing. They had every right to ask him questions, and even hold him until the police came.

As they followed this goon, he upped the anti. He chose to make a purposeful decision to charge a man holding a shotgun, and then try his level best to take that weapon, and presumably use it against the owner. He was shot in the process, and there was several angles of footage shot by witnesses to show the whole event.

Justice in this country would have meant nothing, but some questions, and perhaps a bit of paperwork for the actual men in the truck, that was following Aubrey.

The man following the McDaniels should have had his footage confiscated as evidence and sent home, and forgotten. A very quick and honest investigation would have shown this to be clear cut self defense, and no charges would ever have been made against anyone.

We all know that’s not what happened. The McDaniels, the Sr, will likely die in prison. His son will be released, if at all, an old man. The witness that did absolutely nothing, and didn’t even know anyone involved, might die in prison. The charges were murder in the first degree. Premeditated, with malice, and forethought. That’s the standard, and that’s what they got.

Our justice system is one of fairly decent chances for fairness, because we rely on our peers to make judgement. We also have laws in place to protect the accused, as well the jury from threats, bribery, or clear bias in either direction.

This case failed the people on all accounts. The Aubrey family had the help of thousands of hysterical blacks, to stand outside screaming threats all day. Then she was often accompanied in court by “civil rights activists”, like Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton.

The message to the jury was clear, convict or see the city burned down. Nothing else accounts for the insane verdicts reached in that trial. They should all be given complete relief, through their first appeal. Every second that these men, the third in particular, spend in a cage is a travesty of Justice.

All the media cared about was justice for Aubrey. All I saw was 3 innocent, white men, get railroaded by an extremely bias court. A court so thoroughly intimidated by the national news, the local looters, and the organized race peddlers like BLM, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton, as to be a total fraud.

You black folks need to get your heads outta your asses. This whole attitude of victimhood and white supremacy, is ridiculous on its face. You are the ones given special consideration in all things.

Be it behavior in school, performance in school, or acceptance into university. Hate crime laws are wholly used against whites, by blacks, and it just goes on, and on. The media is treating you like you’re their bread and butter. The marketing companies seem to think you’re the only demo worth advertising to. They continue to destroy our stories, by inserting black characters into white stories. Even our entertainment has to be a lesson in guilt.

They constantly push interracial, and specifically, black man and white woman, relationships in all media. This continues to give us results of some 95% divorce, 90% of the kids from this mix are fatherless, both financial, and physical. This relationship combo is the most predictively disaster that there is.

Yet, this is the message they push. If you’re a black man, you’re tough, well off financially, and loyal. If you’re white, you’re weak, a trust fund kid, and a cuck. There’s commercials that take this cuck phenomenon, to a point of being blatantly insulting to white men everywhere.

One in which a black dude just helps himself to a white mans fridge, then his couch, then he excuses the white weakling from the apartment, so this masculine African can pound his wife. This is outrageous, and ubiquitous.

Every commercial for home security has a white perp, crawling through the window. Every movie has a white, and usually an effeminate white man, as a villain. Every new hero is gay, colored, or occasionally masked white guys, like Deadpool. White guys can still be “anti-heroes”, who bring the comedy through self denigration.

The days of Marlon Brando, are over. Curious enough, there’s a clip of Brando on Larry King, talking about how Jews run Hollywood, and how angry he is with these Jewish gangsters that run Hollywood. The absolutely own the media, the money, and the politics. Of course Brando only mentions Hollywood, the rest are my opinions, if you can call them that.

The better question, at this time would be, are whites given justice and liberty, in America? The answer is a resounding no. We are treated like the rented help. Like people serving a sentence for life, for the crime of being who they are. We live under an absolute police state, in which our every action is under watch.

They murder us far more than blacks and the media is silent. Blacks make up for a majority of violence. Why are twice as many whites being shot by cops than blacks. Furthermore, why is this not reported on, in the same manner. This is police abuse, and in the cases where it’s white bodies, only the local media, if any, are going to report it.

Justice on any level is becoming impossible for whites. Kyle Rittenhouse was on trial for shooting 2 white men and a Jewish child molestor. He never should have even been put on trial, but at least the system worked.

His peers protected him from a rabid, hateful, and racist prosecutor. The almost exact same circumstances, with the exception being, the race of the attacker that was shot, proved justice is no longer a given for white Americans.

You blacks have had full rights in this country for over a century. The most obvious right being that of expatriation. Y’all can leave, and have been encouraged to do so, at times, anytime you please.

James Monroe made you a country, maybe you’ve heard of Liberia? It’s capital city being, Monrovia. As in James Monroe? Lincoln wanted y’all resettled in Panama.

Point being, you are not stuck here. You were offered the opportunity to leave with all the US’s blessing and a country to make your own. For whatever reason, y’all stay and continue to try and soak whitey of his stuff. If you can’t have it given, you take. This sure feels like a one way relationship to me. What’s the benefit of even having y’all around?

We know you aren’t scared of white people, the cops, or the laws. We know you consider the mere act of using proper English, to be “acting white”, a negative thing among your peers.

We know you haven’t a care in the world for justice, and you prove this time and again. You laugh and applaud when a rich, total Uncle Tom, by black standards, black man, cuts a white woman’s head off.

Then viciously guts the innocent waiter she was “seeing” on the side. OJ got away with murdering 2 white innocents, and y’all cheered. Every white person in America saw this verdict as the injustice that it was.

This was the beginning, of the holding hostage of cities, for politicized racial trials. They were terrified of a repeat of the Rodney King riots. Ya know, when a black man fought with cops and the media showed the public a snippet of the worst part.

All the people saw was the very conclusion of a high speed chase, resisting arrest, and finally an overreaction by the police, that were in the heat of the moment. Was their use of the baton excessive? Dunno.

The 3 men with King were not touched, so Mr King did something to provoke all the extra attention. If this was racial, they all woulda been worked over by the cops. That’s not what happened, or what was recorded.

The ones that followed orders, after being involved in a serious, life threatening crime, were treated with all due respect. King was resisting and totally cranked up on dope.

I got to see for the first time, black peoples voices. I saw them rip a truck driver, that very well coulda been my truck driving grandfather, outta the cab of his rig. Then they beat this man to within an inch of his life.

It took some 3 months to recover from the racist beating he endured. Justice? Not for Reginald Denny. Not for the many innocent whites that were killed and assaulted.

No justice for the business owners who were looted, and burned down. Justice for blacks is about, just us. They want blacks to be treated better than whites. Equality? What a joke. They want your stuff, your home, and your very life. They consider this to be just.

And so here we are. They are investing in the destruction of the white middle class, by IRS agents. Some tens of thousands of new agents to pour through whitey’s entire lives to try and find anything they can steal under color of law.

How many of these new agents are going to be auditing black households, black businesses, or hell, even the openly corrupt black 501-C3’s, like BLM?

My guess would be zero. These are going to be after white Americans, perhaps some Asians, and Indians. Blacks get money from the state, they aren’t expected to pay into anything.

How long does this continue, and how stark does the difference have to be before we cry foul? The instant that whites were given an enhanced sentence for thought crime, otherwise known as hate crimes, we were off the rails.

The civil rights movement, has and always will be, active and unsatisfied with this country. No matter how far we go at hurting whites, through affirmative action, hiring quotas, CRT, and on and on, they are never happy.

No matter how much we give them, in welfare, special consideration in schools, special consideration in their behavior, and even letting them destroy the monuments put up by our people. They won’t be happy, and never satisfied.

I can’t say I totally blame them. If they watch cable news, they are constantly told they are oppressed, in danger of, and being used by whitey. They show us months long coverage of George Floyd, and never mention Daniel Shaver.

Take these 2 events of police abuse, and tell me which ones obviously more blatant, and evil. The cops involved with the Floyd overdose are all in trouble.

The family has received millions in donations, and millions from the city. Shavers wife and child got nothing. They couldn’t even get any money outta the city. Why? Because nobody knew about it, except weirdos like me.

Daniel shaver was executed for no reason whatever. The video is out there and there is no justification for the use of 5 rifle rounds at a distance they could have grabbed him from. Was there any white people rioting? Looting? No. Like I said, nobody hardly knew of it.

Black people continue to behave like lunatics, and let the media guide their lunacy. Acting like blacks are somehow oppressed in this country is absurd. Immigrants from Kenya have incomes on par with white Americans.

They haven’t anything close to the privilege of someone born here. Yet, they make native blacks look lazy, criminal, and wholly entitled. A brilliant Kenyan has recently written a very well received book about how disgusting black culture is in America. Should be mandatory reading for all black students.

Enough of this media driven nonsense about liberty and justice for black Americans. If you’re an American, you are privileged, period.

We are at a point where the pendulum has flown way past the middle and has wedged itself on the black side. Whites are being sent up for murder for witnessing a crime. How much further do we have to go before y’all realize this is commie bull shit? In a country that was happily getting along, how can they bring about the struggle needed to cause a civil war? They need conflict so they can force a solution. They do this constantly, and it’s so old.

Problem, reaction, solution. They invent problems by sensationalizing events, that aren’t even questionable. They had to do this so many times, before they got the reaction they designed.

It seems to have began, with Zimmerman, but has continued to get more sensational, and less and less justified, with every new episode. Blacks are being manipulated to think they’re victims. Whites are being manipulated to think society is racist. The Jews are laughing all the way to the bank.

One thing you’ll never hear from this media, is just how crucial a role the Jews played, and continue to play in the slave trade. From the almost monopoly control over US cotton, to the Jewish slave auctions, to the Jewish owned slave ships, and finally to the international connections that they exploited to move the raw cotton, as well the cotton products made by them, in New York. Slavery has always been a Jewish trade.

So I think blacks have had their liberties and justice investigated, and made public long enough. Every single movie like Django, makes me sick. 12 Years a Slave, also disgusting.

Just as with the Holocaust, we get inundated with new versions of the same story several times a year. And the further the events become in history, the further from realty the story goes.

These are just malcontents picking at old scabs, and trying to open healed wounds. Filling every new generation with entitlement they have no right to, and guilt they have no part of. This is the destruction of our civilization. Purposefully causing hatred where non existed before. Are we really better off racially, than we were when I was young? Not a chance.

The real problem, is the inability for us, to see the obvious game being ran on all of us. Black, white, or otherwise, we are all being lied to by these Jewish manipulators.

They need constant struggle and in this country they use race. In Russia they used class, in China they used the same. Here, where there is no class separation, and it’s normal to start off in one class, and move to the next. They harp on race.

They make the majority the bad guy and chief racist. Then they use a multitude of “others” against the majority, until there is no majority, anymore. Then they can make us self destruct just by allowing nature to take place.

So once again we can track this societal ail, right back to the Bolshevik media. They are the puppet masters. They are the reason Reginald Denny, Daniel Shaver, and the thousands of other white victims of violence will never have justice.

They are why justice for Aubrey, meant false imprisonment of 3 innocent white men. They continue to be the cause, justification, and excuse for all black violence. Whether it be a city wide case of lawless looters, or a single case of some old lady being killed by the knockout game, they hide it, craft a narrative to justify it, or flat out support it.

There is no more concessions for whitey to make. We’ve given you everything you’re going to get. We have a right to protect our lives, our loved ones, and our property.

Don’t be naive, or duped by the media. Whitey isn’t playing around anymore. Y’all are just gang style robbing Rodeo Dr jewelry stores, in broad daylight.

San Francisco has had to legalize theft due to the cost of enforcement. Thinking this can continue is beyond foolish. It’s coming down to people protecting themselves, and if you think you can intimidate jurors like you did in the Aubrey case forever, you got another thing coming.

The facts are, if white Americans want justice, they need to deliver it themselves. If you kill a home invader, don’t even call the cops, just take out the trash.

If these clowns think they have liberty to come in your home, show them what Justice looks like. Or, you call it in, and now you’re a suspect of murder, because some POS chose to invade your home. Fu** that. I could care less for black justice, I haven’t seen any lately. Whitey on the other hand, is hammered by every law, tax, or regulation they can dream up.

I don’t care where you’re coming from. Where I sit, the blacks are being pampered, spoiled, and acting like criminals. Whitey isn’t even allowed to speak his mind.

Privilege? How about black music videos that are purely satanic, sexual, and wholly Luciferian being monetized by Jewtube.

Yet, white docs talking about health are censored, by the same JewTube. What the actual fu**, YouTube? All the trannys, blacks, and purples allowed to do and say what they please. A white boy talking about WWII, hate speech. All day, everyday.

I think blacks need to shut the hell up and listen. It’s time for them to listen, and whitey to talk. Otherwise who the hell knows how this ends.

The fact that I still see questions by the thousands, alluding to white privilege, still, is very sad. It’s also crystal clear that blacks are hateful of whites.

Blacks hate whites. Jews hate whites. I guess the verdicts still out on others. At least Mexicans seem mixed, and Asians are usually cool. Blacks however, have been with us the longest, and hate us more than anyone.

I’m over it. I didn’t do anything to deserve it, nor will I be victim to it. We are begging for the exact thing the Jews pray for.

Let’s take a step back while we still can. If not, who knows what happens. All we know, is that this is a plan, not organic. That should be enough to give us all pause.

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