Who Benefits From War

One thing that’s not debated is this. If the first war hadn’t happened, and the awful Treaty of Versailles wasn’t implemented, the second wouldn’t have happened. So I think we should look at the cause for war before ascribing any guilt to anyone. After all, wars are country’s murdering each other, and in this era the citizens were all too patriotic and easily moved to war.

We live in such a privileged time in terms of information. Sure the censorship for the masses is disgusting, and effective. Still, for those that care, the internet holds the record of our history. There’s been such an effort to digitize everything, and it’s actually been done in good faith, for posterity. We can pull from a knowledge set that was just incomprehensible to someone in 1914.

In my hand I hold more information than anyone could have possibly attained, 100 years ago. No amount of wealth could have found the sources it needed to buy the vast, and so far flung a source of books, with the information scattered about, and incomplete, 100 years ago. The information revolution is something that’s yet to be fully appreciated, I think.

Humans are endlessly curious. A farmer of 1900 given an iPad would be overwhelmed by the access to knowledge, literally at his fingertips. We totally take this for granted, and most totally fail to use this fantastic resource for betterment. Instead they have “entertained” themselves.

Where a person once would have seen the internet for only the most fantastic things and records of our history. It had to come of, this age, in this time, with this people. This willfully ignorant population of Plato’s cave people.

Better people would have harnessed the net for global cooperation and a coup against the UN, IMF, World Bank, and every other superstate that threatens humanity. We’re going to watch them walk us into FEMA camps and see it live streamed. Why can we share info in the internet world, but we can’t effect change in the real world?

Why aren’t we holding international tribunals, and using funding mechanisms for the execution of warrants, trials, and punishments, for the tyrants around this globe?

The elite are using the net to war game events they carry out a mere months later. They are using it to make their money invisible, but using it to make sure you can’t hide a single, red, cent. We do surround them, never forget that.

Something’s gotta give, folks. They just put us back into lawlessness, otherwise known as, emergency powers. The same damn thing they used to destroy some billions of lives.

This time they’re using monkey pox. A total nothing that’s produced exactly zero fatalities in the US. How in the holy hell are they allowed to suspend the constitution? That’s what this is, and that’s why they go through the trouble to screw us as much as possible as quick as they can.

Are enough people really hip to the full consequences they created by just blindly listening to known liars? Around me I’d say no, not a majority. These lunatics would accept that the Covid jab is now the monkey pox jab and what’s worse, they’d poison their children outta peer pressure.

These are not well people, they are in a death cult, and just as so many before them, they have lost touch with reality. They have a manufactured world, in which their views reign supreme. A culture that seems tailor made for them. How could they be the cultists?

Success in a sick society, is no sign of mental health. In fact, the most successful in our sick culture are disgusting individuals. Whether it’s, movie sex fiends, political pirates, or corporate pirates, their all predators. This whole society is profoundly sick. The evidence is truly everywhere.

I began talking about WWII, and the average soldier might have attained in knowledge at that time. Actually, was really talking about the cause of II, so I was talking about the soldiers of WWI. Early 20th century, electricity is brand new, cars are taking off, and the Wright brothers had just flown.

When these men were called to war they were solely guided by overt propaganda. News reels, papers, that had been consolidated by 50% by know, and the radio. All the media was almost wholly owned by a few interests.

We have an incredible record of the papers. We can see what the message was for the vast majority of the war in which Americans remained neutral. We can see the Germans took out full page advertisements in the papers warning Americans not to board the Lusitania. We can see that this was a ship carrying weapons of war, and using the innocent passengers as human shields.

The U-Boat blockade was defeating the “Ally’s”. They were going to let the trench gore continue just because the US and Britain were cheating. Germany offered England a perfectly honorable truce. Before the US was involved, and the Germans had whipped the piss outta the French and Brits. So bad the French were in mutiny, the Brits probably not far off themselves. Only a miracle would do.

Mind you, this was a miracle that continued the war, accelerated the carnage, and so lopsided the victory as to guarantee a second, more vicious conflict. So what was that miracle? The Balfour Declaration. Yup, a Zionist relic, one that supposedly gives legitimacy to the state of Israel.

If we consult the papers of the time, as well the polling, they live and die from polls. We find that the Germans are evil Huns bayoneting babies. Just as the lights switch on a tragic signal, to quote an expert, the support was thrown behind the Brits. More important, the Germans were dehumanized, and made out to be monsters.

So when I think about a WW, I’m just gobsmacked. What in the world could cause such a conflict, and what would be the motivation to engage in such a horror? Surely the people of Earth lost, and Europeans and Asians lost heavy. Those were the body counts, and they didn’t offer a true cost of the wars.

The only benefactors from WWI was the Zionist establishment. They paid nothing in blood, but their role was more effective than the sacrifice of a million plucky Brit’s. They promised American participation. They traded our blood and treasure for an agreement that the UK would assist them in stealing Palestine. As we all know, they completed their part, and we entered that hideous death factory.

After the war was at a natural stalemate, with all parties exhausted, and starving, we came in by the shiploads. Totally naive to machine guns and artillery, they chewed us up at an attrition rate unparalleled in US history. Still, being so fresh, high on moral, and completely stocked, the Germans accepted their fate, and tried to stop the slaughter as soon as possible.

So the Treaty of Versailles was the document that legally bound the signatories to the clauses, and admissions in it. While this was drafted the German diplomats were left outside of the negotiations. After a couple days they were invited to come and see what their enemies had drafted.

They were surely shocked to see the delegation of Zionists, not just there, but actively involved. Also the extreme hostility, and proclaimed war guilt, wast have taken them by surprise. After all, they didn’t start the war, and according to Winston Churchill, the war was fought to decimate Germany’s industry.

Germany didn’t gain anything by fighting this war. The UK saw the beginning of the end of the empire. France got some territory, but only for 20 years. They crippled Germany financially, industrial, and just abused the people for no reason. They were looted by war reparations, and by the same international money gangsters that control the world today.

There’s only one country that had an interest in either war, and they didn’t have an actual nation until both were complete. A mere 3 years after WWII Israel was allowed to conquer Palestine. What’s even better, these wars were predicted, and even hoped for. Ya, ya, this is a win for the folks that lost nothing, but made millions, killed christians, and gained a blank check on the norms of modern civilization.

Here’s the problem, these same folks that predicted the WW’s, did so way in advance of the actual wars, yet got the predictions pretty damn good. They also didn’t stop at 2, they have a plan for 3 WW’s. They predicted the first two, and their achievements from the wars, and they’ve predicted a last war, too.

This last war is to be the worst war in history, so use your imagination. It’s supposed to be a brutal battle, and ultimate destruction of Christendom. After which the remaining Muslims will happily fall for their new religion an the ancient ways just fine.

I’ve said it before, Muhammad was more than likely a false prophet, and Jewish. The Jewish and Muslim migrations track for centuries. The Jews were the power brokers of the slave trade, and they did tons of business with Islam. In the end though, Islam is a tool of Luciferian against Christendom.

We’re tipping on the edge of war. Taiwan, Ukraine, China and Russia, it’s obvious they want to flip the game board. Every day we remain capable to spread truth, they get closer to the true justice they deserve. They want nothing more than to escape the corner they are constantly pouring paint on. War is their goal, it’s their only card to play.

We have to say no. We can talk to the people of the world. Jewish propaganda isn’t the only thing we have. We can be our own diplomats. We can talk to Chinese people. Russians, whoever. We need to take war away from them.

I guess I finally found my point. We can do this. We can take war away from the state, and refuse to be used as cannon fodder for bad governance. We have all the power and it’s time to let them know. This is a voluntary military. We don’t volunteer for our own destruction. That’s what war with China and Russia would be. Absolute destruction.

Again, who would win? Global finance, global government, and the synagogue of Satan. Fu** that.

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    Kenneth T. says:

    The quick answer…
    the DEAD benefit from war

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