What To Do When Your Constitutional Rights Are Violated

This was a bit of a train wreck. As per usual, take it or leave it

This is happening far too often in a nation that requires due process, speedy trials, and every other legal right a citizen could ask for. I’m not sure who your family member is, so I’ll speak to the political prisoners that are growing in number.

The Jan 6th patriots have endured straight up third world, dictator style punishment, since the 6th. Your feds decided to treat them like violent killers, on a bank robbing spree. With original warrants for crazy federal crimes. Families had their doors kicked, their houses ransacked, and their children handcuffed. Then they were booked into county jail, and handed to a prosecutor that actually has to prove the charges they bring.

Since there’s absolutely no evidence of anything felonious, many good men are being kept in limbo waiting for their actual court date. Those that have settled, have so, due to being incapable of living in solitary confinement, constant stress of being left in the dark about everything, and the only way to get the courts to actually move on the case.

This was too much for at least one good man who was just trying to hold out for his day in court. After spending months on months in solitary confinement, and being constantly jerked around about his court date. Everytime he got ready for court, they needed more “discovery”, meaning they were still pouring over the wealth of evidence to try and make a case that actually justifies the unconstitutional torture. The ones that have been given their right to trial have been convicted of misdemeanors that are well beyond time served.

At least one patriot couldn’t take the national hatred, the illegal and unconstitutional treatment, and the constant stress of a POW, more than that of any murderer, rapist, or Pedo, that happen to be going through the same “justice system”. He took his life, leaving a wife and children behind.

What was the level of mental fatigue that could cause this? Every case he saw being pled was getting around a decade at most, few years at best. He was hopeless he would be given his actual day in court. After over a year in legal limbo, can you blame him?

The media is way too effective at convicting people through the opinion they shape. Every single man and woman that came to the capital was a hero. They were let in by some, and the Oath Keepers were asked for assistance from a cop and they immediately had his back. The capital police went off their meds, and they attacked the good people far before they became a protest.

Those folks were assembling at the people’s house, and simply standing in defiance of the criminals inside. For this, they were treated to an attack not witnessed in any of the hundreds of riots that have been destroying this country.

The police opened up with tear gas grenades, flash bangs, (not smoke bombs, flash bangs are designed to disable and kill), pepper spray, batons, and Tazers. The real footage shows the police acting like out of control maniacs.

That brings us to the fatalities. One cops ticker gave out or he had a stroke, and a patriot or 2, suffered the same convenient timing. Likely conditions that were tipped over by the extreme chaos of the man made disaster. A couple deaths on both sides are certainly correlated to this event, they were ruled natural deaths.

2 Patriots were not natural deaths. One Ashli Babbitt, as well a young Mexican lady were killed by the direct actions of the police. Obviously Babbitt was murdered, by the most unusual circumstances. She was following a provocateur and yelling at him for breaking stuff. She got pinned between cops and the dead end. She posed absolutely no threat, was surrounded by men with handcuffs, and she was shot in the neck and killed. This woman deserves to be remembered as a hero, and anyone who slanders her, should be treated just like she was.

The second fatality was just as tragic, if not more. The patriots had gotten stuck in a tunnel, and the crowd behind them, the cops in front. Nowhere to go in an enclosed space.

The cops decided to dump chemical weapons into the space. Anyone that works around any chemicals are well aware that anything can displace oxygen in an enclosed space. They could have spayed inert, nitrogen and achieved the same condition.

After they unload CS into this tunnel, panic sets in for a minute. Then the crowd visibly changes and a woman drops, only to be felled on by several others in short order. This woman was oxygen starved and being trampled.

The crowd gets her out and beg the cops for help. They tell the pigs, she’s dying, help us, and it’s constant. After she was limp. They laid her body in front of them pleading to their humanity.

They grabbed her foot and drug her into their lines where she appears to lose her clothes. Then the medics actually do CPR on a dead woman that died for nothing.

The states coroner said she died from meth overdose. So they wanted to kill her memory, as well her body. The family had their own autopsy preformed and it was determined that no drug was a contributing factor to the asphyxiation.

That day was violent, no doubt about it. The police, as well as some unknown players who haven’t been charged, were bringing so much unprovoked, and unexpected violence that the patriots were taken by total surprise. The fact that the only murders were committed by the state is a miracle.

The unbelievable level of self control, and the masterful level of crowd control, used by the patriots was truly far more conservative than they were justified in doing. They were justified in storming the costumed traitors and tearing them apart. They had the numbers to do what they chose.

The fact they chose to take the nonviolent road, puts them beyond reproach.

Then again, I’ve seen the full footage, not had screenshots imprinted on my memory, that hold their own narratives. I’ve never bought the media’s single word regarding anything to do with this.

If I was a tubehead I guess I’d be concerned about sedition, treason, and insurrection. Problem is, that hasn’t been a single conviction. When they are lucky enough to get trial, their charges are so drastically reduced as to be well past time served.

The feds executed felony warrants, but the prosecutors can’t seem to find a felony to prosecute.

So they continue to hold innocent men. In single concrete cages, purposely attempting to break their spirit, and accept a bargain, and guilt. Bargain to something they can’t possibly prove, or continue to languish in a concrete box. How is this still happening? How are they still able to be demonized?

Why don’t people know that the police started the violence, unprovoked, and with no legality to it whatever. The cops were in a rumble, not keeping peace. They provoked a fight, and never once tried to deescalate anything, save for a few female hearts.

The young lady that succumbed to their chemical warfare, was also beaten by a female pig, while already unconscious and not moving, a black, female, felon in a costume, swings so wild and passionately, she looses the baton while beating a helpless, likely dead, female.

If they don’t have clear and articulated cause for using deadly force, it should result in immediate charge. Until they can prove the evidence of such is false, justified, or even typical across the board of policing, they should be confronted with the video evidence and charged. Every capital cop deserves the treatment that’s being dished out on patriots.

More so, because they should face criminal charges, civil suit, and then an official finding of violation of oath and honor. Then they should swiftly be given the long dirt nap. Their crimes are very real, and their punishment is appropriate to the violation of the public trust they engage in.

A real and independent investigation into the clear state manipulation of this event needs to happen. All patriots need immediate relief, and this to be stricken from their records.

The only thing you can do is make noise, and threaten individuals. Is there a judge that’s failed to accommodate the citizens rights? Have they used cruel and unusual punishment to attempt to circumvent justice? Who issued the order to isolate these non violent citizens, in AgSeg, or “the hole”?

Is this type of discrimination in the legal process, legal, policy, or coming from a single order? Solitary confinement is reserved for punishment, it’s not at all typical for someone to be housed in the “hole” while waiting to go to court, obviously without the option of bail.

Refusing them bail is also legally dubious. Are they flight risks? Dangerous if not surrounded by concrete, and alone? Liberals want illegal murderers to have no bail, and call it racist. This, totally u*n*American, uncivilized, and wholly totalitarian treatment, is deserving of the same.

Y’all better hope you don’t outlive this fantasy land, that you’ve constructed. I’m doing my best to tear you, it, and every single remnant of it down. You demons that sit in peace and total security, provided by the people you openly hate, y’all are going to reap what you’ve sown.

We have been so neglectful of our real duties, y’all have become so comfortable and even accepted the fantastic lie, that you were picked for your talents. Politicians are chosen for their ability to act without any morals whatever, while presenting as a non threatening person.

Gavin Newsome is like the GOAT of politicking. Purely narcissistic, power hungry to no end, and has made a thousand speeches, but said nothing. Decadent, and morally bankrupt is the political personality.

I’d say that these political prisoners need to be released. By whatever means, it needs to be made crystal clear that continuing to persecute partisan opponents, won’t end well.

Law suits need to be drafted and delivered to individuals. If relief is not forthcoming through the court, and legal channels, damn the law. We are the ones asking for legal relief. They are ignoring the law and have become kidnappers, false imprisonment enforcement, and even sexual assault every time they make anyone squat and cough, show their private parts, and generally be embarrassed and treated like an animal.

If they remain to be in solitary, and remain to be uncharged, and refused a court date, we need to just get them out. Surround these buildings with enough people to make the cowards inside start to lose bladder control.

Literally, in the most scary way your locality allows you to, dress and arm up for conflict. Then just multiply in number and guns, and signs, until something happens.

Begin this by taping a notarized document to the door of this place, that holds human beings like unwanted animals. You want to file a writ of habeas corpus, and demand the full public record against whoever? Start to make it very personal when talking rights violations and the actual authority responsible.

Start making their oath in front of them, then ask them to retake the oath and film it. Then ask for a witness to be present and sign your document. So the cop restates the oath, signs, you sign, then a witness(for good measure), and then have it notarized.

Then file civil suit against anyone that you can get to do this. They are lucky if they just get their houses taken and given to you. If this was the America of 100 years ago, they’d be hung in the street within 3 days.

Using “discovery” to bump court cases while the defendants remain in a concrete box, is so illegal, immoral, and unAmerican, I can’t hardly resist breaking them out myself. Right to a speedy trial, right to confront your accusers, right to a jury, right to remain silent, and never aid in the prosecution, right to appeal for redress, right to assemble, right to bear arms, right to self defense, even against the police who use excessive force before they even start to arrest.

Right to refuse any unlawful arrest. Right to refuse any unlawful order.

Innocent until proven guilty. Right to be free of coerced testimony. Right to remain silent. Where exactly are the criminals on Jan 6th? I see peaceful patriots, being brutalized by costumed criminals. If this was a largely colored group of “demonstrators” the police would have all kneeled in reverence for the noble citizen.

The media would have reported every single violent action by the police, even if they were taking live fire. The media would be supporting the POC’s, and demonizing the police for justified defensive maneuvers.

If they had opened up on black women with batons to the face. Shot a slug into the neck of an unarmed, black, national guards woman. Then to make the tyranny undeniable, they had unchecked use of explosives to use on crowds of American tax payers, that happen to be the ally’s of the police. This is the “back the blue” crowd. Imagine the treatment BLM would have enjoyed. They woulda been left to do as the pleases.

You need to learn the law or hire a good attorney. The law is always on our side, despite the appearances. All the liability is on the state. It’s on them to prove your guilt beyond reasonable doubt, and they are hemmed in by good rules that favor the accused, not the state.

It’s their burden from start to finish. Their burden to show cause for a warrant, their duty to execute the warrant according to the language of the warrant only. Specifically listed places or persons to search, and what is expected to be found.

They’re obligated to use extreme care and follow procedures in the collection of evidence, and what has to be done to actually get their collections admitted into court as untainted evidence. They are absolutely responsible for Mirandizing you and respecting your answer regarding questions.

They have nothing to offer you in exchange for waiving your rights. Why would you waive any rights in a police station?

Then they have to lead the trial, and aren’t allowed to use surprising evidence that hasn’t been disclosed during discovery. They can’t use anything that was acquired through any violation of the law, rules of evidence, or coercion.

Locking people in solitary concrete cages, for a year plus, and dangling a plea bargain in front of them seems incredible to me. Having taken my share of plea bargains, I’ve always thought it a disgusting practice. Still my last plea was made from the ease of bail, and a lawyer. I was not sitting in county waiting to be proven guilty. I plead to avoid a felony, in exchange for more time. Looking back, I’m satisfied with that case.

The justice system is so pathetically bad, it needs to be started fresh. Taken back to what it was. Harsh as can be for violent, and repeat offenders. Less rigid for first offenders and youngsters.

The idea of political prisoners is foreign to Americans, but it’s as American as apple pie. John Adams, a great man, passed the sedition acts. Totally unconstitutional and has been used to arrest politicians, judges, and citizens all the same.

Lincoln used his tyranny to lock up all kinds of detractors, and even declare war upon the United States itself.

My usual train wrecked post, but I hope it’s entertaining. We have to protect our rights. Papers that are hundreds of years old can’t protect anything. Hell, modern paper is just as useless at defense. It’s on us to see that we have our rights observed by the state that works for we the people.

We need to remind everyone from the president, down to the mailman, the ones in charge are us. Y’all are the help, servants, duty and oath bound to serve the US Constitution, their states constitution, and the laws of the land. Duty and oath bound to know your place, and know the consequences of failing to honor your word.

If you’re an officer of public trust, you are given a level of respect and general appreciation in our culture. If you happen to be a sheriffs deputy, you are charged with following the elected sheriffs policy. He’s the one who runs for election, and it’s the behavior of his deputies that will decide whether he’s getting elected again, or even allowed to complete his term. It’s this accountability that municipal police lack.

Calling municipal cops, “officers” is so cringey to me. They are political security guards that know nothing about the law, nor are they enforcing law. They are glorified, corporate security guards. That’s it, they operate under color of law, but have no more legal rights or responsibility than you and I. Because all cities are “incorporated”, they are your corporate straw man’s boss.

You really should ask why a city would “incorporate”. What’s it mean to be apart of the unincorporated part of town? Aren’t corporations, limited liability business models that remove personal liability from the assets of the owners, and separate those of the corporation? Is the political entity that we call government actually a corporation?

What kind of corporation would they be? What’s their business, what’s their purpose? After all, to incorporate you used to require 2 things. A sunset period, these were to be for limited time. Maybe 50 years but it wasn’t forever. Second, there was an expectation of a public good to come of this privilege. The government used to treat corporations much different. The vast majority of all business were sole proprietor, or contracted partnerships.

The idea of reaping reward while deferring risk, was not seen as positive by thinking people. Incentives matter and corporations are incentivized to make profits, they aren’t accountable when they do so at the cost of the environment, the health and safety of the workers, or use flat out illegal means to profit. Famously Wells Fargo got caught laundering $400 BILLION in cartel profits. They were fined $80 million for their crimes. No prison, no perp walk. No change in behavior because why would you?

We have to force the constitution back onto this government, or we need to fire the whole federal corporation, that’s displaced our republic. We are so thoroughly down the rabbit hole that there’s no redeeming factor to this government.

At every turn they prove more tyrannical, more evil, and less American. These creatures seem to hate Americans and America. They hate our history, hate us now, and would prefer us to be absent from the future. I say no. They go, we stay.

We have to fight back. We have to unite upon “us”, and “them”. We are the people. We have our disagreements but we are not enemies.

They are the imposters that have gained power through stealth, lies, and every manner of dishonorable actions. If we can’t unite against obvious tyrants, we are hopeless and need to dissolve the union immediately.

Then a new state can be made and assume nation state. Then we can establish an actual foothold in this battle over the world. We can’t fight global tyranny and our so called countrymen at the same time. We need to split now.

Freedom loving people move here, the losers move there. Borders are made and live and let live. Then we can free our new nation of all international entanglement, decline the global money order, and begin restoring our ability to feed and provide consumer goods for ourselves. Sovereign control over our borders, food, laws, pollution, energy, and our faith. We love God and want to please him. You’ll see no statues of Baphomet in our town squares. No laws, rules, or policy that even talks about banning prayer. No genderless bathrooms. No more destruction of girls sports. No more destroying masculinity.

Times running out to regain the constitution. The Bill of Rights is too much for our betters to abide by. 10 simple articles of prohibition upon federal power. It protects more than 10 actual rights, but not a one is being respected by any branch of government.

Hell, most of our law enforcement haven’t a clue what the law is. They act as if, if it comes from their fat face, it’s law. We are governed by demons who use steroid jacked, low IQ, and aggressive lunatics to enforce edicts that any smart man would refuse. Once they remembered their oath, they would be scared to offend the rights of any innocent person.

They should know that traffic courts are unconstitutional. They should know that your rights don’t stop when you enter your car. They no nothing about the law, nothing about deescalation, and nothing about the constitution.

Good luck with this stream of thought. Good luck getting your rights back. If you ask the right tyrant, I’m sure you’ll be made whole again.

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