What Rights Do Reporters Have

This came from Quora and was worded differently, but touches on an issue. The person asked what protects reporters, but that’s the problem. Their is one profession that’s actually protected by the first amendment. It doesn’t mention any “reporters”, that’s the issue.

The amendment says that your speech is absolutely free, your right to the press is absolute, your right to freely assemble is absolute, and most importantly you have a right to redress the pukes in charge for redress. These are all rights of, “we the people”. Everything in the Bill of Rights protects we the people.

So I don’t know about any corporations that beg the state for permission, but as for me, I am the press. You are the press. Anyone that can write and has something to say, is press. We all have “press credentials”, the 1st amendment. It doesn’t say you have to work for a massive corporate legion of demons, it says, the people…

It’s sure a goal of many interests to monopolize opinion, and narrow the conversation to what they can control. I think that’s rather counter to the actual intent of the authors of this law. Jefferson that if he had to choose the press over government, he’d take the press. He lived in the time of true free speech and pamphleteers everywhere.

The press was so diverse, and decentralized in the founders time. They would be sick to see that we’ve let a small group of Jews utterly monopolize our “official” news outlets. Hell, they’d be shocked at the blatant Jewish influence that just drips from every crack in the culture.

It’s been constant for over a century. They started buying up news outlets in the 1800’s. By the 20th century they owned Reuters and the AP. Then within a decade or so they had the 50 largest papers in their pockets as well. Today there’s no such thing as local news. It’s an affiliate of a corporate monster, and they same the same exact things, all across the country.

Look it up. There’s tons of loops showing local stations reading the same lines off the teleprompter. It’s total, and the most disgusting thing I can think of. What happens when the net opens up communications, they destroy it with bots, fact checkers, and buy out every single decent project out there.

We are being told we aren’t press, we can’t assemble for redress, and we certainly can’t do it armed. These people are so off the reservation, we should have them all in cuffs.

The idea that one ethnic minority would have God like control over the modern, and weaponized media machines, was surely not considered. Then watching these corporate fictions, totally control and steer every debate, and issue before the people. I’m sure this wasn’t the intent of the first amendment.

If we intend to be informed, it is to the citizen journalist that we must count on. You have a right to know the government’s business. They have no right to hide anything, let alone write laws in secret.

That’s where we’re at. The massive inflation bill is classified for massive sections. You can download the bill, but you won’t be able to know the law. Not the powers given to the IRS, not the procedures of the IRS, and not how bad you’re going to be screwed by the IRS.

Sonoma Co is on its way to having a full blown moratorium on the construction, or maintenance on gas stations. Gas is still well over $5/gallon and my county is never going to add a gas station, again.

We need citizen press more than ever. We need to know that our “press pass” is the US Constitution. You the person are the benefactor of this law, not those who pay for corporate license. Making rights, into privilege is wholly unconstitutional.

We need to step up and destroy these Jewish gangsters, by boycotting them completely. Boycott their media, their entertainment, their NGI’s, and their money. Crypto, crypto, crypto. The Jews hate it, I love it. They own the gold, we can own the world, and make gold unnecessary. Let them bury themselves in gold, while we use free money, to rebuild free society.

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