Social Media Is Trash, But UNConstitutional? Not Quite

Social media doesn’t violate the Bill of Rights. The first amendment reads as follows, “congress shall make no law….”. Social media companies are private and thus, have nothing to do with the US Constitution. Does this mean they’re totally legal, and on the up and up? No.

They’ve been all too good at exploiting old outdated laws that protected the media, and communications companies, from liability of misuse of their platform. Essentially, it was decided that AT&T couldn’t be held liable for criminal behavior planned using their service. 

At the same time publishers were given immunity from liability of reporting the news. Regards to the media the difference between publisher, and content creator is bias. As long as the publisher remains unbiased, and refrains from editorializing towards one side of the other, they were given the immunity of the communications companies.

This is my, perhaps poor, understanding of the current legal status, of so-called, social media. While having no first amendment implications, there remain to be serious financial, and cultural implications. These companies are so obviously owned by the establishment it’s disgusting. I’ll refrain from even naming them to hopefully exploit them.

What needs to happen is a legally defined social media platform, that’s legally required to abide by the non discrimination laws every other company is forced to follow. Censorship of political, medical, and legal opponents is beyond the pale. Calling them disinterested platforms is utterly ridiculous, and we all know it.

The most influential, short form platform, banned the sitting president. Banned most of his people, and untold nobody’s who had nobody to tell about their cancellation. This isn’t political? Only in America.

I think the social media companies must be destroyed. As much as I love the group, “It’s ok to be white”, I could care less for the future of the platform “allowing” it. 

I have done what I can, and made my own platform. It’s just me and those who comment, but it’s my genuine feelings. No self censorship. No censorship, period.

This is what we all can do. Whether you wanna website, or a Medium account. Get your voice out where it matters, and where the benefits accrue towards you. Of course I offer you to come and visit my own, social outlet. It’s unrefined, built by a moron, and honest. Pure, unadulterated honesty.

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