Our Pathetic Infrastructure

I suppose this will be a more evergreen topic, unless we actually make major changes. The fact is, we are becoming a third world country. I don’t know, maybe second world, but we ain’t barely first world anymore.

It’s not a matter of money, we’re being taxed just short of being full blown chattel slaves. The roads are a cities responsibility. My city passes all kinds of taxes, on all things we need, specifically for the roads, constantly. Half a cent per gallon of gas here, a cents worth of sales tax there. It’s constant.

You’d think that this city would have the smoothest streets in Cali. Nope. Driving the speed limit down Santa Rosa streets can break your car to pieces. That’s if you can even maintain the speed limit, due to the insane traffic. Traffic that the tax payers spent $40 billion dollars to relieve.

They soaked us for billions of dollars and made the main highway, maybe you’ve heard of it, highway 101, useless for years. When all was said and done they had just made things worse. They added metering lights to already too short on-ramps. They gave us a third lane, but it’s a carpool lane during commuting hours. So essentially they robbed us, and created a worse condition for traffic.

PG&E Has been totally soaking us for every city they destroy. The Tubbs fire, the Paradise fire, and the explosion in Burlingame. All of this and the rates just continue to rise. We have to rebuild our lives, and property, and chip in for PG&E too. What choice do we have. Even getting solar doesn’t get you away from PG&E. They own energy in Nor-Cal.

Which brings me to my most important point. The most essential service, beyond water, is power. The power station matters not one bit, if the infrastructure delivering it is 50 years old. All of our electrical infrastructure is above ground. It’s also centralized in sub stations that are above ground and hardly protected, at all.

I’ve lived in this area my whole life. I’ve never seen them add a reservoir, power station, or do anything positive regarding the streets. Roundabouts work. Lights are so stupid and have been installed on far too many streets. Getting down one mile worth of street can take 15 minutes due to lights that turn red for nobody. It’s every light. They aren’t considered with the main thoroughfare, they time them for the side streets, car or not.

All this BS about, “who will build the roads”, sounds truly ridiculous from where I sit. My whole life we’ve been guilted into this, and that tax, to fix the things we pay taxes for already. Roads, power, water, courts, what do we pay taxes for? I was under the impression that we pay taxes for these things. Imagine my surprise the first time I saw an extra tax on the ballot for road maintenance.

Clearly we just get robbed, time and again. Whether it’s lottery money for kids, or gas taxes for roads, they are liars and pocketing the cash. What’s best they’re laughing all the way to the bank. I don’t think it’s funny and I’m not playing anymore.

Anytime we choose, the power goes out. You idiots that have left our most important needs neglected, have provided us the very weapon to use against you. Thanks to our ridiculous infrastructure, the power can be dropped to whole cities by a handful of patriots.

You slimy, hypocritical, criminals, would be out of your minds if we choose to take you on. We can drop the power to the governors mansion. Hell, we can drop all of Sacramento into darkness with very few people involved, or in the know. You slimeballs shoulda been doing your jobs and protecting the country from such attacks.

Instead you made millions of enemies, victims, and fed up Americans. We know you’ve robbed us, enslaved us, and you cage us like animals for doing the same things all you criminal, political, crooks do. Your hypocrisy is your downfall.

Anytime Americans wanna grow a pair, we can put you clowns in darkness. Demons like the dark, ya? Get used to it. First the power goes out. Then the lights go out. I hope ya catch my drift.

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