It’s Always For The Banksters, Always!

Always a train wreck, but there is a bit more for those that dont mind “bad words“

This recent uproar over, so called, “student debt forgiveness”, is an obvious distraction. Just look at the amount of press, and personal opinion that’s been wasted on this portion of a giant spending bill.If we just consider the fact that the media is making this their number 1 issue, tells us it’s BS.

The Jewish media is so good at steering the conversation n tis country. They wag the dog for sure. Why is this even being likened to a “bail out” for the students? It’s the banks that are getting the money. This isn’t going to pay for some new bling for a 30 year old still drowning in debt. It’s going to her creditor.

The whole college “industry” has become a profoundly sick con that’s played on all American children. The whole idea that a degree, in and of its self is valuable, is now BS. In fact, certain majors are specific red flags for any right thinking employer. I mean proper thinking, not conservative.

You are opening yourself up to God knows what with any graduate from any university. Regardless their major, they have been forced indoctrinated with woke. That right there is a game breaker for myself. I’d take raw “go getters”, over brainwashed graduates any day.

The true value of university has been totally lost by this asinine practice of lending hundreds of thousands of dollars to 18 year old’s, with no job, collateral, or even a guarantee they will finish. This never would happen naturally. Anyone knows that banks don’t just make loans this way for anything else, or to anyone else. Just students, and just university.

Why? Well, because this debt can’t be discharged through bankruptcy. Unlike almost all other debts, the borrower can not relieve themselves of the debt, without clearing it. So we pump the idea of college up to the point that students believe it’s the only path to wealth. Then we tell them they have their pick of the litter, just sign here and you’ll pay us back when you’re raking in the big bucks from this massive, and poorly thought out investment.

This is the definition of predatory behavior. I really can’t think of a less moral way to sell debt. The problem remains, that this is still a choice. Have the kids been brainwashed into thinking this will work, and all will be well? Yes, by probably almost everyone in their lives. That’s the problem. Why are so many parents, teachers, and the banks themselves, still pushing this as the best thing to do?

With outstanding student debt outpacing that of all other kinds, why are thew banks still loaning? Their odds of being paid back appear to be nil. What’s going on? They know they can always get your representatives to bail them out. This is just a payment in a long term shakedown from the banksters that have their foot on your neck. Every decade the banksters get to cash in and it always causes division among the people. Last time it was bad loans to home buyers. The country was split. Some said the banks offered too good a term to turn down. The others were upset that isn’t wasn’t fair to the smarter folks.

Both sides were right, just as they are today. It’s not fair for that some idiots are being rewarded for bad behavior. It’s also clear that they were taken advantage of by the corporations that were supposed to be protecting their own interests. So who do we wanna focus our anger on? The banks and the politicians they own.

The last thing we should do is get in a fight over the beneficiary of the money. It’s the banks, not the debtors. $10k Off of some massive debt is hardly relief. But if it’s only $10k, then the chances of receiving more for the banks still exists. This won’t relieve the debt for most of the debtors. Just look at the total, compared to the outstanding amounts. This is nearly a small payment, that’s probably only going to the interest anyway.

My money says this does nothing to most of the, most indebted people. It will cover some outstanding interest, but the principle will barely move. This is disgusting and just the worst way to set your kids up for life. The fact that it hasn’t become mainstream that this is a worthless, if not harmful experience. The value for the cost doesn’t pencil out at all. Stop sending your kids to college. Stop saddling them with debt. Stop training your own children to be mediocre.

That’s what you get from college. At best, mediocrity. At worst, suicide. For the vast majority, it’s a waste of 4 years or so of their lives. That then goes on to become an anchor around their necks. This is madness. If you wanted to spend $100k on setting your kid up for a successful life? Put that down on a house, and give them $100k worth of equity, instead of debt. If this isn’t obvious to you, then how did you become wealthy enough to spend $100k at all?

Either way, it’s not the kids, and it’s not Just the banks, but it’s the banks and state who clean up. We get to argue the fine points of an insane spending bill that’s just part of breaking your back. This is just like 2008 was. The people got to squabble over the auto companies, and home owners, but the banks were laughing all the way to the bank. When is enough, enough? How clear does it have to be? We are just being shaken down, again.

This will never end unless we address the root issue. The jewish banking system that’s totally owned this country for the last century. Until we come to grips with this single issue, everything is a distraction. The banking power has to be destroyed. It’s unAmerican, anti-God, and anti-human. No more.

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    Kenneth T. says:

    The interest (in my opinion) is why people are drowning -whether collage debt, or credit, car, or home. The borrowed money is not the problem.

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