Is The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Good?

A question from Qura.

The whole thing is offensive, illegal, and wholly evil. This is a declaration made by a supranational, anti-democratic, and illegitimate criminal syndicate, we call the UN.

Anything from this gang of pirates is null and void. We can’t protect even our own Bill of Rights from being completely ignored by our own local and national governments. Thinking a global institution, that’s accountable to nobody, will protect your rights, is the height of naivety, bordering on shear stupidity.

You should be more honest in your question. The so called, declaration you’re referring to, happens to exist as part of another document. This Agenda 21, is the original document that Bush Sr made treaty to in 1992.

However, he did so without the senate, so it is of no legal effect. Our supreme law of this land, is the far superior legal instrument, for the protection of our rights. If we don’t force the tyrants that we can actually change, charge with crimes, and in proper case, imprison or hang. What makes you think you’ll have any luck with Brussels?

Universal human rights are not a privilege of world citizenship. In fact, if it comes down to a global citizen, governed by a global body, we will have nothing but pain and misery. We will be privileged with starvation, slavery, genocide, secret police and secret laws, all religion but luceferian will be capital crimes, sentenced to beheading. Failure to follow the Noahide Laws will be a capital crime. If you’re unaware of these laws, you better learn up.

Our very own congress has accepted these laws for you. It’s on the net and can be seen if looked for. Some weirdo looking egomaniacal, Israeli, blesses our representatives and praises them for accepting these laws, and knowing their place UNDER Israel.

Trump is a demon, don’t be stupid. He made Jerusalem the capital of a country that’s totally illegal, terrorist, and constantly belligerent.

That’s the goal of the globalists. Capital of Earth is supposed to be Jerusalem and Trump has been honored by the Jews in the same light as Cyrus, their liberator, in mythology.

History records a different story than the tribe of Judah. Who’s to know? Well, if they converted to Marduk, who Cyrus gives the glory to for this decision. Not Yahweh. So who did the Jews from, Babylon, worship? Marduk, Remfan, Baal, Moloch, you name it, if it represented the fallen one, they were down to sacrifice babies to it.

The goal is for a global government, global religion, which is Luciferian. One global military, and complete prohibition of anything beyond a local police for the people of this global hell on Earth. Then institution of the ancient laws. They’re to be made plain and impossible to misinterpret. They will be enforced with only the most strict application, and the harshest punishment. You will know you’re a slave and no pretense of freedom will ever even be spoken of again.

This is all in the same document that you got your declaration in question from. You outta read the whole thing before supporting such an anti-human, wholly evil, and plainly written plan to rule the world like a toy.

The agenda of the UN is open source and has been since 1992. There’s been people like the late, and great author Ms Corey. Behind The Green Mask, I believe is her book. Buy it. She was a democrat from Sebastopol, a small Sonoma Co town near me.

Read everything the UN has in store for you and your rights, then grow a pair and stand for national sovereignty. Or accept global slavery, one that you can’t even imagine how hellish it will be. Otherwise you’re carrying water for tyrants, a traitorous venture that could lose you your life.

Don’t think you can help evil, and then wash your hands if you get a conscience. If you help bring in the Antichrist, don’t be surprised when you get your reward. Either destroyed by your master, or us. But destroyed and damned to hell, you are. I pity you not one bit.

The devil is nothing without the weak men who sell themselves out for worldly gifts. We have way too many power hungry, demonic, possessed and ruthless, monsters that have power over us. We have every moral, legal, and universal right to stop it now. Full stop, stop right now, and we’re looking into this countries actual position. Then we’re coming home, making our borders hard, and excusing ourselves from the new world order that we’ve been conned into participating in.

With the grace of God, we might prevail. Not like this though. Not so disunited. The 3%era need to stand now and be counted before the world gets pounded. God we need you now…

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