Foreign Nationals Are Treated To Their Every Desire, You Are Damned

In what country is this? Could I get away with flaunting disrespect to the federally’s, or better yet, would the cartels put up with any of this? Hell no. They aren’t suicidal losers, just homicidal maniacs.

Just landed 2 jobs. Neither are good enough for long, but one is good enough for now. I’m not gonna lie to you, if y’ll looking for riches, I’m gonna be a let down. If you can be satisfied with all ya need, and find purpose in the success of a family of partners. We might just be unstoppable. I’m a good provider but I have my challenges.

I just walked a few miles across town after the second interview. I’m posted up at a liquor store waiting for an Uber. I can’t walk anymore, and I bought a water. I really don’t like living here anymore.

I’m leaving for sure, I just ain’t sure where, or to what. I’m leaving this state though. I’ve had it to death with this place. It was really paradise when I was a kid.

I had some black dude subtly ride his bike at me until I was made to move. He was mugging me the whole time, like he wanted me to start shit.

Then I passed a raving lunatic screaming bloody murder at a car dealership. I had to walk past her and didn’t know what to do other than make eye contact and let her know I wasn’t after her. But truth is, I was ready to put hands on her if she did anything spooky.

Then I’m passing through a less policed part of town. There’s a nice park and I notice that there was a county worker in the parking lot, likely fucking with whitey.

As I got to a sign saying no vendors, in both Spanish and English, I was taken aback by the full blown outdoor bodega 2 foreigners were operating.

I couldn’t help myself, and told them they chose to set up shop on the very sign prohibiting you from doing this? Why right here, and why isn’t that faggot worker writing you up?

She called me an ass hole while I took a pic of the scene. I asked her who built the damn park? I told her it was built by generations of American tax payers, and that she was out of line.

Apparently, I’m the first American who has ever dared to say such things. She was so taken aback, all she could do was stare at her “man”. To her pathetic man, she could only seem to utter “asshole”.

I turned saying ya I’m the asshole, whatever you say. You still didn’t build this park, and you’re ruining it anyway.

Not just a hundred more feet, still within the parks land, a very hot fire had burned, and recently. The melted glass all over the ground, among melted earth.

Looked like a meth cook gone very wrong, but I ain’t heard nothing.

My Ubers almost here. I wish it could take me out of here. Horseshit. This is what I am, a wild card, a flash in the pan. I was made to be here, and I’ve taken loss after the next.

What is God’s plan? Christians always say he’s in charge, and all things are his plan. I hate this sheeple type thinking.

Maybe God is the referee that the actual Bible portrays? He made us the object of his entertainment, and sits in awe of a truly fantastic, and even addictive global reality show.

The difference being the TV version is the perfect example of the prodigal son, minus any repercussions. God gets to see the real thing, the mother that sells her daughter out for dope. Men killing their wives and first sons, for money, or sex.

I started my day, got an uber to an interview. Then I walked about 6, 7 miles to get to my second one, 6 minutes late. Luckily the sweat was convincing.

I don’t ride with no fu**in parachute. I’m straight up doing what I have to to get by, and I take it day by day.

I noticed after I had words with the foreign, felon, I was being shadowed by some punk looking youngsters. Mind you, when I say youngster, I’m talking 20’s.

I wasn’t even armed but I all but dared them to do something stupid. I stopped, lit a smoke, and gave the head of this so-called family. With my finger in the air I lit my smoke, and purposely turned completely, to lift my smoke.

When I turned, they had taken flight, as far as I was concerned. This constant double standard is enraging. Had they been white girls selling cookies they would face a fine. Am I saying the fine, is all good for anyone? No.

I’m saying the obvious. That being a foreign national, in blatant disregard for our laws, customs, or our culture, puts you higher in political status, than a tax payer that’s been here since Jamestown.

This breaks my heart but they ain’t no ex girlfriend. They are foreigners that are acting out of control.

The worst thing in this, was, we were within ear of the county goon, and I bet he even felt good to hear me speak up. Why wasn’t he there to have my back, and start taxing these free-riders. If they won’t perhaps I will.

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