Do People Need Laws And Government To Live

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This goes to the difference between government, and governance. The people absolutely need a common law to govern their interactions. They do not need a government to do this. In fact, the state is the most immoral component of modern life.

The modern state is no longer even independent. We live in a near total system of globalism. Almost without exception, every modern state is economically enslaved to the banking system. The same exact system we are being devoured by. Hell, the system we all but sponsored, and founded.

The global fiat money system is total nonsense, and totally accepted by just about everyone suffering from it.

This is quite a feat. Total global control over the monetary system. That’s quite an accomplishment, but the kicker, is that most folks are oblivious to it. The vast majority of the citizens of Earth think they have an independent country. They have their very own designed coupons, and flag, and everything. The fact that they have absolutely no control over this is totally hidden through the adoption, and expansion of democracy.

That’s the mantra, right. America opens up cans of democracy all over the world. We spend a shitload of cash every year protecting democracy all over the world. Hey Iraq, aren’t you happy you can vote? Don’t you control your country through voting? I’m sure the US has no influence over your land, right? After all, we’ve spent much blood and treasure to give the land back to the people, right?

No, obviously not. We are protecting our interests, they say. Well, they mean, their interests. Who’s they? Whoever it is that’s continuing to abuse our military like a $3 whore. I think a quick observation of the US foreign policy, can tell us who we spend half the budget, of the entire state for. Every year about half of the spending of this abomination we call the federal government, is military spending.

That’s a lot of “defense” spending for a nation that hasn’t seen a foreign attack since Pearl Harbor. Since 9-11 it’s been obvious who we war for. Israel. Then you have to ask why? Follow the money. Our money isn’t ours, it’s borrowed into existence, and paid back with interest. Doing whatever the money power demands, is the price for “enjoying” their fiat money. This is the plain fact.

North Korea, Iran, and a handful of others remain sovereign. See any pattern there? I do, those are the country’s that the media is desperate to get you to hate. I’m not saying these places are great places. I’m saying they are not attached to the global central banking system. That’s the only “interest” that’s there. They’ll use anything to scare you, but they’ve been harping on nukes for so long, I think it’s lost it’s sting.

Still, these countries will be presented to you in a cartoonish light, that somehow presents a danger to your very way of life. That is, until and unless they become conquered by the US. To then be conquered by the state of Israel. Then when the world is finally conquered by the Jews, and all the nations are subject to the Jews, for their whole lives, we will be put out to pasture. Might already be happening. They mighta decided the holdouts are too few and far between, they can be isolated and we can be pacified before it’s too late.

Humans need to be governed by their own conscience, and they need to have sovereign control over all things in their own nations. The global banking cartels, that all answer to the same IMF, and World Bank, need to be abolished. Countries need to be free to use whatever their market decides is best for a medium of exchange. For global trade, the gold standard is the only standard. Without addressing this, pretending like we can change anything is a fantasy.

Consider that for a moment. Half of what they consume in taxes and all of what they borrow goes to propping up a global scheme. One that hurts us just as bad, if not worse, than the country’s we “democratize”. Everything starts and stops with the banking cartel. The power over money is so critical to the actual function of the country, it’s far more important than any ballot ever could be.

Until this gets addressed, and people of the world throw off the banking cabal, we will continue to be governed by ruthless, gangsters. Continuing to be oblivious to the mechanism of trade, that’s half of nearly every single trade in your country, is going to continue to ruin the world. We can cooperate globally, but we can not be governed globally. Unless the entire Earth is down to adopt anarchy, and the non-aggression principle, they need to become super nationalists.

Global patriotism, and the destruction of the UN is the only way out. Out of what, you might ask? Out of this, obvious system, that successfully locked the globe in their homes, for a hoax. Covid has been a giant “shock test”, and the results were horrifying. The exact system I’ve detailed on this very site, and the one found in the document, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. The final endgame for the Zionist gangsters that run the world.

We were suckered into WWI, the Fed, the IRS, WWII, and on and on. From the end of WWII, with the founding of the UN, and the state of Israel, we’ve been Israel’s whore. We’ve been effectively robbed, to the tune of 99% loss in purchasing power, over just a century. We’ve been swapped, from the global leader in production and credit, to the biggest debtor that produces nothing. That economic backflip happened in a mere 50 years or so. It was complete upon the end of the Marshal Plan.

All fiat money has to go, unless it’s actually produced by a nations own treasury. If a country wants to adopt a fast money system, backed by nothing but the “stock price” of the country at large, so be it. If that currency becomes valuable to a point of acceptance for global trade, so be it. No country should be borrowing the very foundational means for trade, from a foreign entity. No nation should be forced to hold the currency of a fiat country, just to purchase energy. The flow of energy is directly correlated to a nations productivity. Forcing the adoption of a foreign currency, that’s obviously worthless, in order to buy oil, is pretty evil.

That’s what we do. Or at least that’s what the US government is up to. Imposing the petrodollar onto as many country’s as possible. Whether it be the dollar, Euro, or a no digital coin, it’s global control. Whoever controls these things, controls the world. The people of the Earth are never going to have control over their leaders while they’re being paid by a foreign power.

For ages the folks who plotted this crap have been gypsies. A people without a land, so to speak. We helped, and the UK all but sponsored the state of Israel. Just happens to come about, after getting the US into the UN, the final necessary piece for any “global” institution. Then it gets this body to give legitimacy to itself. At the same time, committing daily acts of terrorism against Christians, and Muslim alike, in Palestine.

The American people have been dragged along. We’ve never voted for this. Polling was against everything they’ve done since they drug us into the bloodbath of WWI.

That’s your government. How’s the governance? Crap. We’ve set the stage for a tiny minority to rule the world, and slit our throats. That’s what is happening, and that’s why the WHO, was able to accomplish a global mass murder program. One that will continue, and get more ruthless every day that we let pass without stopping it. We must end this now. Whatever it takes, we need to get this clique out of the halls of power.

They are moving to make California totally gas free within the next few years. That means California is going to be a wasteland in no time. The green mask is slipping, and the demon is showing itself everywhere. They’re calling humanity a pox upon the Earth. How can a child of the true, living, God, be a pox upon his creation? By defiling ourselves as well as it, maybe.

If this is the end time, we are just in for it. If it’s a contrived end times, to further the Jewish world order, we must fight. Since we can’t know, and I ain’t seen no ascension to heaven, I’m going with the latter. The same OCD ridden tribe that thinks they can trick God, is behind the vast majority of pain in this world. Christians, get the fuck off your knees! Read your Bible and look around. The rest should be evident.

In the end I can’t say a single good thing for this type of governance. The things we call governments are not what they’ve appeared to be. They are tools of globalism, central authority, and centralized power over the flow of currency and credit. All of which appear to be in the pockets of a foreign, and particular people. A resentful, bigoted, and psychotic, people that have co opted Judaism. They will use whatever means they need to achieve their ends. Including sacrifice as many of their own, as is needed to complete their goals.

That’s something to take consideration of. The Jewish people are being played as well. They are hardcore brainwashed in Israel. They brainwash their youngsters with looney tune ideas about the rest of humanity. Looney tune ideas about their past, and righteous future. We need to understand, they’ve been thoroughly propagandized to the same extent we are. Even more so. When polled, some 7 out of 10 Israelis say they are God’s chosen people. I’d say that, that’s proof positive of a thoroughly brainwashed mind. Still 30% have kept their feet on Earth.

How we reckon with this insane situation? We just refuse it, and abolish it. Easier said then done, but if not done, and done soon, we’re done for.

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