A Common Cause For Humanity

Talk about a utopian question. As with all things it really depends. There’s a globalism that exists today, but their cause is totally disgusting. For anything to actually matter, this, “cause” has got to have far reaching implications. So what is a common enemy that almost all people on Earth could stand against? Sure enough, there is.

This global fiat money system is totally anti-human, anti-democracy, and Luciferian. The US could be truly influential in the most positive way imaginable. By leading the cause of hard money, controlled by the people of the country that use it. Abolishing the Federal Reserve System, and renouncing any treaty’s we have with its international entities.

The strangle hold that truly exists and could be removed from the world, is this global banking cabal. Clique, cabal, globalists, whatever you call them, they own every nation in which they control the purse. Period. National sovereignty is an absolute crucial thing for world peace.

We get along and trade goods, instead of soldiers, because we have our own places. We have respected borders and different customs, but we trade because both parties are made better. This was the world before the awful WW’s that pushed the UN onto the world.

Once we seceded sovereignty to an international entity, and all but sponsored, and financed it, we opened the door to this new world of quasi governmental institutions that sit above the nations of the world. This has become a network of non profits, and NGO’s that goes on for days, and has weaseled its way into the lives of everyone on Earth.

As odd as it might sound, the common cause that could save the world right now, is national patriotism, writ large. For all nations to assert their God given rights, to declare their independence from all global influence. To throw off all global currency schemes and start to build your own independent economies. Not to stop trading with others, just do so on the level, with true value for value, transactions.

Of course what I’m advocating for would crush all of the fake wealth in my own country. It would require a swift adoption of self sufficiency, and entrepreneurial spirit. Would it hurt, sure in the short term, but the worst in our society would finally be valued by the market. The political classes stock would hit zero. Real fast.

A full blown rejection of all so called globalism, as it’s existing currently. Something the Bolshevik media would consider fascist, and xenophobic. We’ve seen what they consider proper global governance. Scamdemics, lockdowns, and experimental medicine. Continuing this path is obviously a suicide mission. If not, you’re brain is broken.

I would say that removing all foreign influence is long overdue. How many different nations have the ears and wallets of our law makers? Too many to mention but 2 are the clear top contenders. This global system is totally Jewish and it’s disgusting how much of the world they have under their thumb.

What’s worse is that nobody seems to understand. Simply following the money of just about every one of the worse false flags, straight up jewish. It’s time to stop acting like this isn’t a problem. We have a serious Zionist, jewish, or communistic problem. Call it whatever makes you feel better. The facts remain.

With regards to the ChiComs, they can’t be trusted. They are pushing globalism and globalism is communism. Straight up. It’s expansionist by design. Like a country Ponzi scheme, it relies on a constant expansion of exploration, and looting.

Every country needs to be a country again. They should abandon the petrodollar immediately. Let the pain come. The result would be blood in the streets, and not my blood. Those that have enjoyed generally, anonymously fleecing the people. If they become exposed, and there’s nothing to protect them, so be it.

Nothing but a shock to their system to test such things, as this would impact the world for real. This is what’s needed, how many nations have the courage to do it? I’m begging my countrymen to take it seriously, and face their enemy, the money power. You must face them, and call them out by, name and national loyalty.

Otherwise expecting them to stop ruling the world, for moral reasons, or whatever else, is beyond naive. Their plan seems to have purpose and it’s ugly. It hates white people. It hates Christianity of all stripe. These cats want global domination, and they will happily ally with the psychopathic CCP.

Israel and China are not our friends. We should take this seriously when our representatives are swayed one way or another by a foreign interest. The Israeli influence is total. It’s the media, money, and politics. Until we deal with this fact, nothing will end the plan they have for us. We need the world to all kick the kikes outta the temples they’ve erected in our countries. Then tear their monuments to the ground, and erect a monument in its place that will stand for ages.

This monument should send one message. He who holds the purse, owns the law. The people should do nothing, ever, to relieve themselves of the responsibility to defend and make honest the money they rely on for all things. Any people so foolish, will be destroyed every time.

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