Why Are Basic Needs Not Rights?

This began on Quora, per usual.

This is a confusion in terms. “Basic human needs”, are considered rights. As in, you have a right to attain food, shelter, and medicine. You have no right to expect anything, someone else provides, for free. So, just because the state doesn’t extort tax payers, to provide cost free services to losers, doesn’t mean those losers couldn’t have them.

Rights to do/own anything, are not magical resource coupons, that provide said service/product, for free. People often make the same mistake regarding morality, and legality. You might have a right to shoot a trespasser, doesn’t mean it would be moral in all situations. Used to be legal to own a human being, never was it moral.

Natural/God given rights are not tangible. You don’t get a free speech card, or anything else. Even your right to OWN and bear arms, requires you purchase, trade, or inherit the arms themselves. You have a right to do almost anything, that aligns with the nonaggression principle, and respect for the private property of others. It’s really wide open, and limited only by you, and your own situation.

I’m not gonna sugar coat it. A free society would have its problems. People have problems. I think they would be better off to be free to correct their own lives, but others think it’s moral to steal from me, let the money be stolen by middle men. Then give a pittance to some drug addict. I disagree.

I do believe in humanity. I know that if the state got out of the way, private institutions would arise to address the homeless, drugs, and gangs. They would not be free, or anything close to universal among all locations.

Communities would be free to allocate their pooled efforts into whatever service they saw as, most important.

The richer communities would have better security, healthcare, and schools. The poor communities could have the same as the rich, if they spent time and effort, where others pay cash for professionals.

Community watch is free. An ambulance service would be very affordable if split among 50 families. The whole community approach would cut crime down just by natural cause and effect. Communities that are so closely involved, don’t easily offend the rights of the people you live with.

Also, offenders would be stuck with the community to decide what their fate is. Some might take any violent crime, committed inside their jurisdiction, very harshly. Not a problem for me, I’m not a POS.

So in the end, after trying to show how practical anarchy is, rights, are not something you can be given, nor can they be taken. They are either respected and observed, or not.

Rights are not tangible, but no less real than you, yourself. You stand as proof positive, you have a right to life. Sustaining said life is wholly your own responsibility, as an adult. You owe your children everything you can offer, as far as love, basic needs, and security.

Parenting is a grey area, and would likely depend upon the community what constitutes neglect, abuse, or reasonable parental authority. For myself, I would prefer a community that aims at peaceful parenting, homeschooling, and lots of parks.

This wouldn’t be free, and it would cost a subscription type payment program. It also would be resilient, and over redundant. There would always be room for a freerider or two. Folks who need the communities help.

For some reason or another. Deaths in the family, loss of income, or injury, would all be considered and made plans for. Without a central power, the community would get used to being involved in the lives of their neighbors, very fast.

Why do we have this homeless epidemic? Because we have all decided that it’s the state’s responsibility to control. Why is crime through the roof, and criminals are being prosecuted at such pathetically low rates? Because we decided it was the state’s job to provide security in our neighborhoods.

We gave strangers, who never live where they work, qualified immunity to harass us, instead of protect us. Why do the freeways suck so bad? Because we decided the state was best at designing, building, and maintaining our streets, roads, and even bike lanes. Whoops.

We have a right to run our lives. Right now we are acting like adult children, refusing to grow up and move out. We are stuck being treated like children, and abused by our “betters”, because we have abandoned all of our responsibilities, and traded autonomy for the lie, of state superiority.

They may be superior in force, but in terms of service providers, they suck at everything.

Name me one state function you would actually pay a private company to do, as it’s currently being done. I can’t think of a single service that the state “provides” that I want. Perhaps I’m more jaded, or realistic about the actual situation that we suffer from. You can’t say I’m wrong in my assessment of the state, as it is today.

They are tyrannical, violent, and utterly inhuman monsters. They hate us, hate our children, and they hate the supreme law of this land. They are not the constitutional officers we signed up for. The contract is null and void.

We either massively decentralize, and assemble ourselves according to free association, or we are going to war.

Get this through your thick heads. I may be a purist/extremist, but alone, I am not. The growing number of liberty minded people is snowballing. The idea of “national divorce” is wholly embraced by a number approaching half the people, by now. The half that refuses to live and let live, are becoming such a threat to mine, and my daughters future, that I’m willing to do a lot to separate.

I would much prefer a convention of the states, and a peaceful, civil, and voluntary retirement of the Union. Then, a likewise peaceful, and civil negotiation over who gets where to live, and where the borders are going to be. Continuing to force half the country to be so unhappy that they riot and burn things down, is unacceptable.

Continuing to try to force single sized shoes onto the feet of 350 million strangers, isn’t working. Half the country loots and riots until they get their team to win. Look at the reaction to a legitimate president, vs the very conservative, and frankly weak, and nothing burger, reaction by half the country that know they had an election stolen right in front of them. Finally sheriff’s are collectively suing over the election that is “un-American” to question.

The same yokels who spent 4 years screaming, stolen election, and even trying to implicate a nuclear power in a conspiracy against America. These same ass hats, act as if you’re a lunatic for questioning the most unusual, unreliable, and obviously goofy election in US history.

You either accept Biden received the most votes in history, this man that can’t string a sentence together. Or, you think there was shenanigans up the line, and this country is being ran by globalists, that stand in the shadows of our politicians. Either way, this can’t last.

These opposing worldviews are going to come to a head. I figure it’s coming soon and will be unpredictable. Might start and stop in starts and fits. Might explode into an extremely violent, personal, and all encompassing civil war. We are begging to find out, and I can’t understand why.

Much of the split relies on this misunderstanding of freedom, and rights. If you aren’t free to fail, you aren’t free to succeed. If you aren’t paying for what you need, you have no right to complain about the free soup. If you think your community is made better by letting losers live on the sidewalk, and use this space to have sex, do drugs, and crap where they can squat, I can’t live near you. We can’t come to an agreement. We need different standards for our living spaces.

I need to be free of your inability to use common sense. If I am not able to free myself from your insanity, I will have to remove you from mine. Living this way, and continuing to watch it deteriorate, isn’t an option. I’m getting close to exercising my rights in a way that nobody will like.

We either act like adults splitting up a family, or we are going to war. You liberal lunatics that continue to take kindness for weakness, are going to get a rude awakening. I’m done being kind. Ive never been weak. You are forcing your own demise. Why?

Do you really want that kind of conflict, just to force your ideology on other peoples children? Why? Liberals seem clueless to the danger they are putting themselves in, by carrying water for tyrants. You are the shock troops for Bolsheviks. Otherwise known as, cannon fodder.

I’m appealing to your reason, please think this through. You are tilting on the edge, and you haven’t a clue how far down the ground is. I’m begging you to step back and consider the bigger picture.

CNN Is not even going to report the war has begun. They continue to make you way too comfortable by demonizing the Proud Boys, the Jan 6th people, and everyone that was against the black power riots. They are trying to make you think you’re the country, and these are just very isolated, and insignificant losers who hate democracy.

The last presidential election shows us something quite different, if you have a mind to be opened. What, 76 million Americans voted for Trump.

We have no idea how many Americans voted for Biden, but we do know he got every illegal vote, every dead persons vote, and plenty of straight up fraudulent votes. We know this, and we know it was still close.

If Biden had been actually alive, and governing to meet the country in the middle, he wouldn’t be so obviously evil, and clearly a puppet. The fact that he is never seen, hardly heard, and ruling like a tyrannical king, is making the conservative case very hard to argue against.

As per usual I train wrecked this with way more than the question asked. Still, the answers are there, and I believe this is important stuff to say. Take it for what it’s worth. Or, GFYS.


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