Who The Fu** Is In Charge Of Starting Wars

This is simple, and so far from our current situation it’s disgusting. There’s only one branch of the federal government that can declare war, the Congress. Since all wars cost money, this has to originate in the house. If the much larger body of representatives passed a war act, it goes to the Senate. Then if the House of Reps passed it, the likelihood of the Senate going along is about 100%.

Only then do they send the war act to the president to be signed and then executed. A system like this would be very specific about who, why, and what this accomplishes. The people wouldn’t write a blank check for the US Military to open up cans of democracy all over hell and back.

This is why our gutless reps, have failed to declare a war since WWII.

Korea and on, have all been “police actions”, or some other euphemism for war. Due to surprise attacks(which are impossible today), the president has a few days to act autonomously, and take immediate action in cases of extremely short notice if actual threats to the US, her “possessions”, or our people.

Anything like 9–11, Iraq 1, Iraq 2, and Iraq 3, are totally illegal, and the commander in chief, through these adventures are all guilty of war crimes.

Unlike our pathetic leaders, the UK hold their creatures to account. Bush’s bessty, Blair from the UK is being threatened constantly with prosecution from the British citizens. Obama promised us justice, and then said we were looking forward, not back. Well, that’s how law enforcement works, looking back and investigating the facts.

No change to GitMo. No change in foreign policy, no change in rendition and torture. Hell, he started and whole heartedly supported the butcher of Libya. That was to save the Franc, not the dollar. The French got their oil for worthless fiat for decades. Gaddafi decided to put his neck out for all African oil exporters. He developed the gold Dinar. The Libyans had more gold than any western country. He was begging the African Council to stand together or get the Saddam treatment. They laughed at him.

Days before his horrific murder there’s video of him riding through his country standing in an open sunroof and rallying the millions of Libyans chasing him with praise and love. He wasn’t scared of his people. It’s the infiltration of ISIS and their unbelievable support from the western world, that scared him. He asks his people to come to the big commons of the city to be witness to the world. On a word, hundreds of thousands of Libyans came out to show the world they stood with their leader. A leader that watered the desert, gave tap water to the furthest reaches of his country, and had the most moral system of socialism I’ve ever seen. He paid for all citizens, regardless of sex, to go to university. Upon marriage young couples are given housing at very low rates. They can then increase their home size, and decrease their cost by simply having children. A family of 6, 4 kids, would be very comfortable with a single working parent. Was he a tyrant? No. He was a philosopher king, that actually ruled for his people, not himself.

For his actual honor, and duty he showed his people, he met his reward in the filthy street, being beaten senseless, and ultimately sodomized with a bayonet. This nightmarish footage made Killary cackle like a witch with giddy. Now we have turned the most civilized country between Europe and the sub Saharan barbarians, a failed state. Utterly ran by competing war lords. Slavery being instituted upon the ancient rules. Blacks are being sold as chattel for as little as $100 USD. Those blacks that escape the slave auction block, are being terrorized and given easement through the land as long as they’re headed to Europe. Gaddafi even said this would happen. He constantly reminded our elites of the bull work he was for Europa. They knew that he was stability, and they hate stability.

War is the single most immoral behavior a country can engage in.

Certainly the wars of post 9–11 America, have all been wars of aggression, for financial, and political ends. We are international terrorists. We are, and nobody else even exists in our class. We stand alone as the heavy weight champion of aggression, terror, and weapons sales to dictators, every year, all year.

Perhaps the real power over this abomination to God, and nature alike, comes from a foreign country. AIPAC Is a lobby for a foreign country. They pay millions of dollars to our reps to protect their country. Even at the detriment to ourselves, our global reputation, and ultimately our own security, we fight Israel’s wars. What did you get outta the destruction of Iraq? $7/Gas? Maybe a lost or damaged friend or relative? Saddam’s crimes? Threatening to trade oil in Euros, not dollars. Who loves, and controls (like a video game), the worlds fiat money? That would be the folks from Israel, and their diaspora. They benefit in every way. Trillions in “loans” to the US, US blood and treasure spent on their enemies, and the protection of scientific exploitation of the worlds economy. They war against the enemies of central banking. Their enemy is hard money, and the simple rejection of their fake money. Anyone threatening to make major changes in the trade of oil, is asking for assassination, the destruction of your economy, and perhaps famine, and even the infiltration of your country by enemies, that use terror to instigate a fake or partially justified uprising. Once CNN can find some stock footage to match up the rhetoric with a picture, we are off to the races. We will ally with these Johnny come lately’s, and use the executive branch to aid, and abet the overthrow of a sovereign leader, of a sovereign country.

What is war? “A state of usually open and declared armed hostile conflict between states, nations, societies, mercenaries, insurgents, and militias.”

So where does “police action” properly describe Vietnam? The longest war in US history is Afghanistan. Still not declared war. The executive branch is beyond the pail. The gutless reps are treasonous for not holding them to account, but this one third of the federal power, has engulfed all but SCOTUS. And the Supremes could change in an election. Biden isn’t running the foreign policy, nor is congress. So who is? The deep state is. The people that are actually traitors hiding behind the pathetic so called “man” in charge. Let the dementia ridden, kid sniffing, and father of the century, politician in place take the voters rage. They don’t care, they didn’t listen to him anyway.

They don’t even consult with him before making acts of war. Every single 3 letter agency has to go.

The CIA, FBI, IRS, ATF, NSA, the 20 other spying agencies, the DEA, the FDA, CDC, NIH, OSHA, EPA, and on and on. If these are all “rule making entities”, they are illegal.

The President is a glorified CEO. Nothing more, nothing less. His fiduciary responsibilities are to US, and nothing more. How have these cats effected America’s stock price? They short sold us, and dumped their whole share. They sold us out high, and happened to place the put options right before. Goldman Sachs is the master of this, and they are the masters of international finance.

Tell me any president in this century that hasn’t been a legitimate criminal. I could go way back with this, but for the sake of ease, I’ll start with “dubya”. Ran on a humble foreign policy. Extremely underhanded election that gave him the position. Then just look back at his press conferences during the 7 years, or so that he spent lying and joking about WMD’s that never existed. The thousands, upon thousands of soldiers, and civilians that were destroyed by his, professional, and disgustingly easy going, bold faced lying. He didn’t give a damn about the war and hated even answering questions about it. It’s clear to me, he had little to no actual say in anything. He was a dumb rich kid. I’m not even sure Bush knows what happened on 9–11. Cheney does, but Bush? He seemed oblivious to the whole thing.

So if Bush, a much younger and clearly more intellectually agile speaker than Biden, doesn’t know what the deep state is up to, Biden isn’t even in the loop at all. I bet he skips the daily intel report. I bet he is kept in the dark about most everything under the ridiculous standard of “plausible deniability”. Once this term became known, we should have ended the 3letters that are using deception on our president, because their actions could cause a war if it was shown to be known by the president. The other people they protect the “office” from, is US. That’s why Bush can say we don’t torture and be honest. He’s wrong, but is he lying? He says we don’t commit atrocities, is he lying or wrong. With Dubya, it wasn’t clear how much he even cared to know.

Obama on the other hand, had the peoples blessing for justice. He promised the exact opposite of the current state of affairs. Then he upped the anti and added a couple nations to the list we are using weapons of war on. His whole 8 years was a bloody disaster. So bad in fact, Trump came in and outpeaced him.

I’m not supportive of anyone but Trump wanted the wars stopped and the boys home. He surrounded himself with the scum of the Earth and even though, was still the least offensive president this century. Now back to a “D”. Back to aggressive and lunatic war actions, without any transparency. Back to unprotected borders, and millions of felons coming in daily. Back to hating the American people.

The left hates Americans. They have visible contempt for the heartland of this nation. They call us idiots for electing anyone with a name other than Bush or Clinton. Idiots for liking the man who tells them he loves them. That he wants to help them. That he’s their president, not some other countries leader. He wanted to see Americans happy and healthy. His opponents hate us, hate our children, hate our traditions. Hate our Christian morals. Hate everything about us, except our money, which they feel entitled to take at their pleasure.

CNN Hates their viewers, more than the fox viewers. They respect their enemy on a conflict level. They do have to respect our intellect. They understand that it’s this ability to think critically that makes us, us, and them, them. They hate us, but respect us, because they have to. They’ve underestimated us too many times.

The liberal NPC is the elites “N-Words”. They consider them their own intellectual property. They use the most condescending, childish, and devious methods to manipulate their soft headed viewers. Blatant gas lighting, straw manning, and appeals to authority are the news to the CNN crowd.

They get “news” that reports logical fallacies exclusively, not a single clear, factual, and thoughtful story. They just bash some 70 million people in the most uncharitable way possible, offer nothing in the way of factual reasons for the hatred, and then make a call to action of sorts. Sales, these are bad salesmen. I work in sales, if you’re the one doing all the talking, you ain’t selling squat to anyone.

In my profession it’s considered unprofessional to bad mouth other competitors in business. It comes off bad and offers nothing positive to the situation. If I was selling liberalism, I’d hammer on the value of our platform. I might compare myself to the competition, but only in good faith. Simple to explain the value you’re offering, if you actually see the value yourself. Selling for the money only, is bad business. If I don’t believe in a service, I can’t sell it. If I do, I simply explain why I like said service, and what might separate one decision to the other. After telling a client all I want to do for them, they BUY from me. I don’t sell anything.

If I began by telling the client, that the last company hated the Earth, and that’s why they did X, what would be the reaction? “Am I stupid, was I conned? Or is this guy lying?”. I have to show people why I believe their best option is replacing an old HVAC system. Then I have to overcome price objections. This is a stressful time for them, and I understand that, and I empathize with them. I start to earn trust by being honest, but nice. I offer the facts first, then my opinion when they ask. I don’t presume to know what’s best for them, what they can afford, or if this is a priority. I never badmouth the competition. If I’m told about an estimate that’s way under mine, I will read it and show the consumer what it actually says. Compare theirs with mine and simply note the difference in our approach vs theirs.

Sorry I train wrecked this but it’s all there. If the only selling point the liberals have are, “they” are racist, dumb, hate women…. Sorry, not an argument. If the merits of the argument are irrefutable, logical fallacies are the only out. Or, an honorable human would admit fault, and happily accept the better argument.

A representative of “US” would have a platform that sells itself, and they just distribute. That or they do their level best to avoid talking about their intentions for power. Instead they slander their immediate opponent, or the whole conservative people of America. They hate school choice, parents, and all choices regards children. They hate choice, unless it’s a euphemism for abortion. They hate freedom in all respects. Liberty is like garlic to vampires to these demonic creatures.

Yet they speak in all the right slogans. Women’s rights, pro choice, equal pay for equal work, toxic masculinity, and crowd favorite, white privilege. All hollow platitudes to appease the brain dead masses. If your philosophy is a bumper sticker, you’re a base animal, hardly human.

Man I just went off and lost track of word count. Kinda lost sight of the question too, but hey, that’s my unmedicated ADD. War is the worst thing mankind engages in. Wars for aggression, conquest, and occupation for resource looting, are completely evil. We made the act of engaging in war a matter of importance, and such importance that the president is supposed to do nothing unless given a law to empower that action. He has no say in the vote for war, and being a civilian, he has no title in peace time, except president.

He’s the commander in chief when our reps have decided we need to prepare for, finance the costs of, and declare a war. Then he’s still accountable to the Geneva Convention. international rules of war, (which may or may not exist anymore) and we the people.

When those pics came out of GitMo that showed our soldiers behaving like barbaric sadists, the buck should have stopped at Bush, Cheney, and good ole Rummy. This is a military that’s lost it’s discipline, or changed it’s policy towards foreign POW’s. Either way, the Bush’s, the Obamas, and all of their regimes are guilty as sin. Guilty of committing the worst offense possible. Starting and sustaining a war of aggression, terror, torture, severe civilian destruction, destroyed water, sewage, and all civil engineering. Hospitals, weddings, and funerals are “targets of opportunity”.

Hitting once and then waiting for the EMS to show up and hitting them again is called, surgical strikes. The fact that it’s surgically liquifying human beings at a wedding may be surgical in its accuracy. That’s what makes it so unbelievably evil.

Just look at the numbers, folks. Since the UN, we’ve been at war. Korea, then Vietnam started in the 50’s, the Iranian coup happened in the 50’s. Then on to the South American and African adventures. The Contras and the introduction, and absolute explosion in cocaine use, all because of weapons for terrorists, and drugs for the Nam vets. Panama, Somalia, hell even that wonderful peace keeping mission in the Balkans when I was younger. Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama/Clinton(black), Bush, whoops.

We were supposed to have this sorted out and planned out for decades. If not for trump, we would have likely got Ted Cruz. Not quite Jeb, but nothing like Killery. After trump, then Biden. Or, Obama/Clinton-2.

What’s changing people? We are getting madder and madder but change is nye, impossible. We have to reject national politics. Go into Super Tuesday, and vote every local issue. Vote your county and state. Then stop and draw a line across the federal ballot.

Make it clear you are voting for local things, but rejecting, or declining to participate in national bull shit.

This would absolutely be noticed if just a few million did this. They won’t tell you about it so it’s gotta be done on faith. You’re putting your faith in something, why not your fellow Americans? Just assume they will all do it and make it plain. The federal ballot is unreliable, offers nothing in the way of real choice, and you are opting out. The feds will flip out. The fact that they can barely get 50% of the electorate to the polls anyway scares them. They hope it’s laziness, but what if it’s intentionally done to send a vote of no confidence.

That’s my vote, no consent!


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