So, I been Reading A Lot…

The 1611 Edition
A bit more complete. I finished the New Testament today.

I don’t know what y’all had for a Bible growing up, but this is just one beautiful picture in my super cheap, but legit, KJV Bible. I’m mentioning it because it’s massive. This thing has whole books missing from every other translation I’ve seen. The books of Enoch, and Apocrypha are totally new to me. I bought this bad boy a few months back when I was looking to get deeper into the book. I just didn’t think the lame ass holy Bible was cutting it. Felt, incomplete.

Well, I’m a Christian, and I consider the latter parts of the Old Testament to be vindictive, and Jewish supremacist. It just reads that way to me. The Hebrews, and 12 tribes were falling away and it was coming down to Judah and Goyim. The Hebrew religion was high jacked by the Talmudic heresy that got the Pharisees thrown outta the temple. Luciferians were founded in Babylon in like 700 BC. Go by all kinds of names, Masons, Jews, etc…

Since I’m Christian, and concerned with the current testament of God, given to us through his only begotten son, I started at Matthew. I’m reading the whole thing from Matthew to Revelation. I’m almost to the last book, but have to say I love the gospels, most. I’m going over with a highlighter, and filling the margins with notes. It’s been fantastic, and so revealing. My faith has never been stronger, just from reading.

One thing you’ll notice right off the bat, is the word Jew, everywhere. When Jesus is in trouble, you can bet your bottom dollar, it’s Jewish leaders fittin to stone him. Jewish priests fittin to murder him.

We’re told of the Romans and them feeding Christians to lions for fun. What about the atrocities carried out in Jerusalem, where Jews ruled the law? The scariest places for the early apostles was among their own people. The tribe of Judah.

Later, after Christianity exploded and became a threat to the God like Caesar, then perhaps “uprisings” were put down. Problem there is this, the New Testament spread like wild fire. It’s all in the book. The Italian Tribe was converting. Greeks were converting. Asia was converting, and yes even some Africans were converting. This is all in the damn book folks.

It’s with sadness that they make one more life threatening journey to Jerusalem, to do their level best to convert the people they loved most. In the end, they got many, that’s for sure. They also created hardliners. A leftover tribe of grumbles that feel like everyone’s just picking on them for being the chosen ones.

Even Jesus told y’all, you kill every Messiah God sent before. He knew you’d do it again so he sacrificed his son for humanity, since y’all refused the job. John the Baptist was out preparing the way and yelling the word.

You clowns were wrapping yourselves in cubes and rocking back in forth like an autistic kid going through an episode. Still mutilating your boys even though the New Testament relieves you of all worldly sacrifice(meaning ritual sacrifice, not life). Y’all are idol worshipping and ya know it.

I feel so much stronger in my views and my relationship with my maker, it’s just crazy. I’m gonna start next at the Torah. Again going over with highlighter and notes. Then I’ll tackle the last books of the Old Testament. These really are obviously written by Jews, for Jews. Still, knowledge is power. Anyone that says otherwise is a fool. Anyone that considers the King James Bible foolish, is beyond hope.

You could only conclude that if you took the words of others. Otherwise, anyone that actually reads this massive, and ancient tomb, is going to come away changed. How profoundly? That’s up to the reader.

Atheists respect the Bible. If you respect Aristotle, but not the Bible, you’re a moron who just proved they’ve read neither.

When I say read, I mean read to retain. Not study/skim for a test. Read it, stop and think on every part that presents a difficult verse, and note it. This is an ancient secret book that was largely kept perfect throughout, whenever the Torah was originally written, to today. As for the New Testament we can say there’s an embarrassment of riches in mistranslation.

We can also say 99% of them change nothing. Out of some 10,000 Ancient Greek manuscripts I think there’s a couple words that matter. The rest is syntax, grammar, misspelling, and this type of thing. The message remains for eyes that see, that’s the point.

Well, that’s about as Bible thumpy as i thought I’d ever get, but there it is. Please folks, if you were raised with the thin and boring Bible I was. Maybe something called the NIV, Holy Bible, or anything newer than the Old English Version, from the 1600’s.

Go get a real hard back copy off the KJV. They can cost anywhere from like $50 to probably millions if you found the right one. The $50 one is just fine. Then compare it to the book by the Gideons. See what’s missing.

The fact that it’s so harsh on Jews, and straight tells the truth about Christs betrayal, their refusal to accept the money back, and their eternal curse they laid on their blood, for the choice to crucify Christ over a murderer.

“JudeoChristian”?!? No. Christians have nothing to do with Jews. We are instructed to convert or desert them. They are living wicked lives and would love to steal as many souls as they can. After all, these cats think they can trick God the Father. Truth is, God can’t be tricked, and the devil is smarter than any man.

Jews and Christians shouldn’t even live together. Not Talmudic Jews. If there’s still followers of the ancient Hebrew God, that’s cool. No Talmud. Just the

Torah. Talmud, equals Lucifer.

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