SCOTUS Outlawed Abortion, Right?

Call it colorful, unrefined, or just ignorant. This is my voice.

To the best of my knowledge, I’m no “esquire”, nor am I fluent in leagalize. That is, when Billy says, “that depends on the meaning of “the””, I understand he’s talking about the legal definition, which might shock most average folks, as to their meaning. They call it English Common Law, but it’s got its own dictionary for a reason. In the eyes of this court, person, persona, and corporation are one in the same. Legend has it, the real 13th amendment banned “esquires” from public office. This is a foreign title of nobility after all.

The SCOTUS didn’t outlaw anything. They reversed a previous decision, based upon the very weak facts of the case, the clear politicization of the court regarding this whole era of decisions, and fidelity to the US Constitution. Nothing more, nothing less. The facts are this, and they care not one bit for your sensibilities.

The Supreme Court is to be a check upon the other branches of the federal government. It is not a legislative body, thus it has no power to make law. It is not the president, thus it isn’t charged with execution of any law, power, or otherwise. It simply sits in judgement.

How does this argument comport with the US Constitution? Is this act, law, behavior, is it Constitutional? Not woke. Not progressive. Sound. Our last legal appeal to authorities that have gone off the rails. Our last vestige of anything close to a republic. One in which the people rule, but their passions are checked. In our case checked by the Bill of Rights.

These are not partisan. These are the very 10 Commandments of America. The only federal branch showing any behavior that is not hangably criminal, is SCOTUS. Perhaps they know that the other branches are without hope, and going to be shown no love. Perhaps they just wanna be on the right side of history. Perhaps it’s too late and this is pacification. Who knows?

What we know is this. Our Constitution is one of negative rights for the State. If it’s not expressly given to the feds, it is reserved to the states, and people respectively. This is the 10th amendment, and it caps the original contract, that the sovereign states agreed to, before agreeing to enter into union.

All 50 states have had laws specifically outlawing abortion. Perhaps a few were allowing them, but pretty much they were a shame, and even “supporters” wanted them few, but safe. Never birth control, never anything like unlimited time until birth to kill a child. The court that even considered accepting this, was, in fact, in violation of their oath’s. All of them. This never should have been accepted since the Constitution doesn’t put matters of birth, life, or death anywhere near the federal government.

In fact, it says we have a RIGHT TO LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This is a matter for the states to decide, and perhaps that’s not enough.

Maybe north of the Bay Area, people wanna ban planned parenthood? Maybe they demand that instead of offering their people free death, they demand free living? Maybe the State of Jefferson has to be done by sanctuary city and county at a time?

Maybe we should put half the resources spent to murder babies towards helping children alive, today, and being abused? Maybe our moral perspective has been so warped by the idea of, a “right” to act, and the morality of the action? So badly that we have to torture our own language, speak in euphemisms, and pretend to be ignorant. Just maybe.

Again, this is not the jurisdiction of federal agents. We draw a clear line in law, and tradition, between federal, and state power. This is historical fact, not political theory. The states are sovereign, as are we the people. The feds are a union of common interest. Common trade, defense, and that’s about it. Anything they do can be nullified at the state level, county, city, district, home… Anywhere there’s a man to stand, “they” legally have no standing. The District of Columbia, their forts, and their looting of our land, they call parks. Everywhere else is the local jurisdiction of wherever. It’s really that simple.

So, as we speak there are states doing their citizens bidding. In Commifornia, where I reside, but no longer call home, is going to protect murdering babies, and probably to a disgusting level. Some states will pick an arbitrary number of weeks of human development.

Yes, arbitrary.

Some states will take this to its logical conclusion, that life starts at conception. These states will be the most illegal for someone to go, if they wanna kill a baby. God gave y’all 9 whole months, you could walk to Cali or NY in that time. This is what’s proper, and moral. Leave this type of question to the most local and closest people.

If y’all can’t abide by federalism, in which we all agree on the Bill of Rights, but have our states to be our actual, main political body. If you must burn down the laboratory of governance, that started a hundred years prior to independence. You are forcing our hand.

Live and let live is your last life line.

We are willing to peacefully separate as friends, but y’all don’t want that. If it’s wrong to a Karen in Santa Monica, it’s wrong for everyone, and force is totally cool in enforcing anything, on anyone. You want our guns, our God, and our lives. Why?

Why are liberals so anti freedom? Why can’t you abide by the Golden Rule? Why can’t you mind your own business?

It’s constant with you people. The Supremes just gave us national concealed carry, but my states frantically passing laws that are going to cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight. You people act as if “they” are beyond reproach, then when “they” decide to give you the choice, you call black judges things I wouldn’t. Not even if he’d given the opposite opinion. Do you folks just idol the Joker, and wanna see it all burn?

WTF motivates y’all? I just wanna be left alone, and keep my stuff. Hopefully this court gets to the IRS. Hey, hopes maybe hollow, but look at what we’ve seen.

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