Is A White Ethnostate Possible?

I’m a market anarchist, and don’t believe in using force, unjustifiably. I have no problem with self defense, free association, and freedom of travel. Given these things, my approach would be one of choice. I would ask that those that feel the way I do, make ourselves a community. A gated community that has very particular rules for entering, and an application process for new residents. We would absolutely discriminate upon several factors, not just skin tone.

A gated community is the private property of the collective owners, of it. Private property is not subject to any stupid diversity rules. Anyone can ask, anyone else to stay off of their property, for any reason.

Disobedience to this order, by the property owner, makes you a trespasser. Then you’re playing with your life, not smart. Appropriate security would be paid for through an HOA type model. This is a start and could spring up anywhere, at anytime.

This community, surely would be reported on by the Bolshevik media. They would, so slander these folks that only the toughest, and most motivated, would get involved. Once the media sees that they’re only advertising our success, and actually helping our cause, they will ghost us. They will just act as if we don’t exist, unless they get anything close to a violent, race related incident. Then they will unleash their NPC’s to attempt to destroy the community that’s just trying to live happy, friendly, and safe lives.

Once word gets out that this works, and is being done in places, people will follow suit. If you can gate it, govern it, and protect it, it’s yours and yours to control as you, and your fellow neighbors see fit.

We don’t need a whole ethnostate. We can make segregation the norm by complete free choice. This might come across different for the less intelligent. Too bad, excluding someone from my property is no offense to you or your “rights”. You have every right to exclude me from yours.

So, we start small and where the numbers favor our cause anyway. If I know my people, white folks that wanna be left alone, they will be empowered by every white community that gets off the ground.

Eventually this small laboratory of micro-governance will grow, and start to connect. We could see a dispersal of these white “safe spaces”, or we might just explode in size, so fast that national divorce gets fast tracked, before they realize how much resource land we are making private, and white.

No force is required, just the freedom of association, and rock hard property rights. This is totally acceptable in every China Town, Amish country, and Indians Country. There’s plenty of other examples, including the Jewish neighborhoods in New York. The only difference would be that ours would be for Europeans.

This one difference is the reason we will be relentlessly slandered, and terrorized. We have to have the stones to take it. Take the name calling, take the lies, and defend ourselves from gates to front doors. In time we will win and multiply. Strength breeds more strength. If we are beaten into submission, we are lost and hopeless.

New Hampshire is home to “The Free State Project”. A plan to pack the population with libertarians, and take over the state, ultimately for freedom. It’s going well, and if not for the weather, I’d already be there. I’m a native Californian and not sure I could survive a brutal New England winter.

Still, I’m very proud of the good people doing this. NH Is the only state without seatbelt or helmet laws. Might seem insignificant, but it’s very unique to have such freedom over one’s self. One of fifty states allows you to make your own decisions regarding your own safety, on your own road, on your own property. Concealed carry is law as well. Really great things are happening in time. Question is, how much time do we have left?

Remember folks, this country was naturally segregated based upon freedom of association. Then the 1960’s happened, and the government started to social engineer our communities. Bussing, forced integration, and affirmative action. If you boomers are sitting back in pride over the results of your utopian acid trip, you’re going to be recorded in history as the generation that destroyed paradise.

I promise you, I will write that history and make it so.

We were sabotaged into this disunited, unrelated, and incompatible population. They have the pedal to the floor trying to get as many “others” into here before we actually do something about it.

Maybe a million a month pouring into the southern border. We are running out of time to do this peacefully. I would hate to have to use force, but will do anything to make the future better for my daughter. If I have to defend her future by breaking the “nonaggression principle”, so be it.

Blood trumps principles, every time. At least for myself it does.

Plenty of cowards hate their blood, and care not if it’s spilled by foreigners. These “whites” can stay wherever they like. Probably won’t be welcome in most white communities. Probably won’t be safe in black communities. They will finally be forced to face their own ridiculous world view. Then if their brain doesn’t explode, they will become pro white.

The other minority of whites, will want their own community as well. Yes, I’m talking to you Judah. Hell, Jews already have plenty of these in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and New York. They just scream when the goyim do what they do. We need to understand the hypocrisy that defines these people and show them the respect they deserve. None.

Ethno-Community, then ethno-county, and then the skies the limit. No force, no favor, just freedom to live and let live. Totally moral, totally legal, and perfectly sensible. Let’s get going folks.

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