I’m Telling Y’all The 60’s Were Crap

Magnificent Vietnam Green Beret Tells What Happened To Him
Courtesy David Hoffman on YouTube


What’s above clearly outlines exactly my feeling on this decade. I just came across this, and was moved to “pay it forward”. I am a peacenick. I’m anti war 100%, but this man is honorable, honest, and his story is genuine. This decade changed this country folks. Listen to the telling of that story. The story of a naive, and carefree culture that was torn apart. This man’s perspective does so much to reaffirm my opinion of this seminal decade.

It’s not about blame. I don’t hate the boomers, I love some. The issue is the cancer. We have to discover when and what caused the cancer killing our civilization. That means studying this history without care of offense, or feeling. We fight for truth, for truth’s sake. Let us learn from history. Let us be humble enough to learn the lessons our history has taught us, time, and time, again.

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