Civil Rights Equals Submission To Satan

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This article explains clearly the intent of the whole civil rights movement. Straight up high jacked society, based upon the most blatantly bias, and reconstructionist, and totally motivated by a conspiratorial war against democracy. The congress expected the civil rights act of the 60’s, to be a basic policy, against using race, creed, color, and religion when hiring federal employees and large federal contractors. They expected the private property rights cases, long settled, and clear, to be replaced by this new regulatory scheme.

The 64’ bill was a red herring for the invention of brand new public offices and funds, lots of funds.

The article admits that this was simply a tool to use against states that declined any federal edict. It was this very set of laws that gave them the absolute control over all highways, schools, and anything else that gets subsidized, in the slightest way, by any public funds.

If they are not volunteering to adopt 55 MPH speed limits, they get money that was extorted from them to begin with. This was about destroying state’s rights, not protecting any people.

What the expansion in the 70’s did, was explode the sensible sounding, but still contentious and unconstitutional, original bill from the 60’s. By striking entire sections, and replacing semicolons with, paragraphs worth of new governing bodies, and hundreds of millions of dollars are to be allocated to the grants, welfare, and flat out building law libraries in return for “equality”.

Please read it people. They take the 65’ law and totally rewrite it to be a gigantic power grab. This is an amendment to another set of laws. It’s like 150 pages of tiny print, constantly changing the definitions, and creating super powers for themselves.

Power to now use this asinine legal scheme to force private citizens, to labor at the demands of anyone that doesn’t like them.

Don’t like a wedding cake maker? Ruin them by totally violating all civility, property respect, respect for their private beliefs, and conspire against them.

Conspire to force them to make something they don’t sell. Conspire to get them to put in a handy cap ramp for a bike rental. Conspire to soak business men and women with anything and everything.

Private business, and private property were the same. You can discriminate in your home based upon anything you choose. It’s yours, and that’s what private property is. Property owned by someone.

You can refuse to trade with anyone for any reason. The idea that some “other” can call bigotry based upon nothing but a claim is lunacy. The fact that the Supremes think it’s constitutional to force private citizens to do anything for anyone, for any reason, is the height of malicious intent.

The whole era from the early progressives on needs to be thrown out. Everything these pukes made precedent was absolutely illegal, political, and in violation of the blood oath they took to defend the constitution. These were the definition of activist judges.

They gave us law after law. Forced integration. Affirmative action. Insane race based incentive programs that were hundreds of millions of dollars in the 1970’s. Woke corporations. Woke culture. The lockdowns. The total flip out over any spec of federalism. They fought for this scheme for maybe a hundred years. They used every poor sucker and immigrant group they could. Every poor knocked up goyim they could exploit.

They took prayer away with this. This is why high school graduates are being kicked out of their ceremony for thanking their creator. The schools will sell straight satan to get that school money, man they are like dope sick fiends. Our local politics is so dependent upon the good graces of the federal grant system, they will do anything, and suffer any consequences to get that cheddar.

They need it, they’re incentivized to please DC, and to do their level best to keep your confidence. Liars, all of them. The vaccine mandates? Federal funds, gotta have em.

I looked into this for about half an hour. I consulted the 2 documents I linked. That’s how research is done folks. Primary sources. Read the damn garbage. They tell you what they’re doing but if they name it something happy, y’all are okie dokie. Not cool, or are ya happy with this system of extortion on a national level?

I really can’t believe how far reaching this is, and how evil it is, that the intention was the mechanism to extort the states into submission. That’s what you need to understand. This wasn’t about helping anyone. It was about legalizing extortion for political, and social engineering.

This is a tool for setting national drinking ages, voting ages, and everything in your life. The feds own the states and the states are stuck dealing with us.

Since the feds are not going to relinquish power, ever, we need to replace every governor, save for a few, and the entire state legislatures everywhere there’s more federal money than tax money.

If your state is spending billions more than they’re taxing you for, they’re not working for you. They work for the demon paying the tab. You’re the pesky tenant that’s not supposed to know about the asbestos, mold, and annual flooding.

It’s literally this bad, I’m not trying to be hyperbolic. This whole “equity”, “Inclusion”, and “name your cliche” crap is just a straight up con to steal your control over your local politics, economy, and schooling.

The whole 20th century needs to be reconsidered. We just spent generation after the next, fu**ing things up bad. The whole progressive era, and on up to today, needs to be nullified. If it matters and we miss something, we’ll tailor the right, very strictly written, remedy for the law we need. No more social engineering. Period.

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