WTF Is Up With The Constitution, Who Even Cares

This was a Quora question about the difference between alcohol prohibition and the drug war. Enjoy.

This question shoulda been front and center during the whole thing. The feds clearly have no jurisdiction over anything related to drugs, or their use. This clearly shows us a massive change in government, and gives us a timeline of sorts.

This was still a constitutional republic during prohibition and the 1920’s. However, a decade prior to the roaring 20’s, was significant. In 1913 the Federal Reserve law was enacted, and sovereign control over the currency and credit of the US, was surrendered to a private banking cartel. Then the same “people” so to speak, suckered this country into a vicious, and anti European war. A war that saw more casualties per time in combat than any other, before or since.

Then the boys came home to find an income tax had been passed on something called millionaires. A 1%Tax on over a million, didn’t ruffle the feathers of the average man. If they had understood the implications, and the fact that it was not properly ratified, they would have revolted. The congress seemingly surrendered a constitutional duty to a private cartel, and used legislation that hardly anyone voted for, to do it. The US Constitution makes clear what their duty is.

“To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures”

And this,

“No capitation, or other direct, tax shall be laid, unless in proportion to the census or enumeration herein before directed to be taken6.”

A progressive income tax is expressly forbidden. The only direct tax has to be equally applied. Period.

Supposedly 3/4rs of the states voted to have their labor taxed by DC, in early 1900’s America.

Before that they had already relieved themselves of treasury duties. The Federal Reserve is a foreign entity, that’s globalist, and un-American as the hammer and sickle. How were they able to capture our currency without amendment? The republic died prior to 1913.

The income tax amendment is hilarious. The idea that Americans would ratify such a vague and broad power over their labor is ridiculous. The only explanation, beyond the fact they didn’t, would be a misunderstanding of “incomes”.

“The congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”

That’s it, word for word. “Whatever source derived, without regard”.. This couldn’t pass today, let alone back in 1909 when it was introduced.

Supposedly ratification was complete February 1913. That Christmas we got the Federal Reserve. So, we see that a silent coup took place and the nation was captured in the early 20th century.

This began with no press and was intended to take place slow enough to slowly boil us. They couldn’t immediately disconnect from gold and go crazy. They let people retain their rituals for a while. They let them outlaw liquor long enough to seed fund organized crime. Cute cats like Meyer Lansky, Benjamin Segal, and Lucky, who actually loved America. The Italian mob at least love this country. The Jewish/Russian mob hate US.

By 33’ the gig was up. FDR confiscated all private gold. Wedding rings were one of the few exceptions. By now congress was irrelevant. Then WWII happened and the boys that came home were given a tax rate of around 50%. The drug war has come on in waves. First to go was opiates and cocaine. Then weed was propagandized to the point of mistaking marijuana for cannabis. Simple with google, but harder with Reefer Madness and greed.

We now find ourselves in a situation where our drug policy is killing us, making the worlds worst people fabulously wealthy, and fueling the US deep state. They have taken opium, a fairly harmless but addictive natural sap, isolated the natural precursor for heroin, which was already morphine, and then made the morphine stronger by reacting it into heroin. All under the watchful eye of the state, and much learned during the War of Northern Aggression.

Because opium poppies take acres and acres to get mass product, the US likes places like South East Asia, and Afghanistan to source its supply. Then China comes along and invents fentanyl, and they make friends with the cartels that are solid enough to weather a global lockdown. That means Mexican cartels are now dealing with the CCP. The ports in China don’t move anything without the CCP. Gotta love the border issue and the drug war, right? I mean, USA! JK.

After the 60’s totally whipped this country the limits were only the voices of those that could get through the static. We got a 3 letter agency for every aspect of life. All sprung from the executive branch. The one we lost control of in 63’. The DEA, DOE, DOT, and on and on. All the while the Fed and IRS are robbing us blind. The politicians are shredding the constitution. The media, just awful. Lying the whole time, but now they can tailor their lies directly to you.

I haven’t even heard of a constitutional amendment being considered in my lifetime. They are not restrained by a damn word in the document. The takeover has been a century at least in the making. We can see this by the tiny evidence I’ve given. One is the Supreme Law of This Land. Written by the founders themselves. The other was the product of political traitors that sold their countrymen into slavery.

The only way out is to rededicate ourselves, our fortunes, and sacred honor to the Declaration of Independence and give back to the states full sovereignty. Only then can we free ourselves, and the world of this banking monster and super national gangsters. No problem, right? Let’s get on it.

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