What’s Allowed, Colored Person, Or, Person Of Color, Who Cares

This was nuked from Quora with no reason given. I present it here in all its glory, enjoy. Careful though, Quora thinks it’s dangerous.

Who accidentally says racist remarks? Racists? Liberals? If I’m gonna use a racial slur, I mean it. I don’t use them in conversation so it’s not like I would just slip the “N-Word”. I’ve said Jewish before without thinking about it, but it just gets a chuckle. Even if there’s a Jewish dude in the room. Words like “fag” are so ingrained into my vocabulary that I just barely pay attention to it. By far the most used racial slur used by me and my buddies, this is a childish way to talk after all, was Jewish for greedy, stingy, or sneaky behavior. Truth is, at the time I had no idea what the connection was. Stereotypes all make sense with time and observation.

According to todays ridiculous standards, I’m basically a Klansman. Not because I hate anyone or have even called anyone anything in anger, except the N-Word, but that was during a fight. I simply speak plainly, without care of offense, and have no trouble keeping racial slurs from “slipping” from my mouth. I say ‘em, but it’s not a slip and I wouldn’t care if it was.

Do you have any idea how many times I’ve been called white trash, cracker, the Spanish word for blonde, and many more offensive things? Ya wanna know how many of these have affected me in any way? Not a one. Sticks and stones, jack. WTF is wrong with you, “words are weapons” lunatics? Words are subjective. Dikes are wire cutters to me. Might mean river bank to another. Could mean something totally different to a trucker female. A fag is a cigarette in England. Smoking a fag sounds indecent to myself. When I was young some things were, “queer as a $3 bill”. Still means strange. Fairy could go lots of directions. Monkey is funny because according to our God Darwin, we all came from Africa and monkeys. I disagree, but so what.

Is a person colored, or are they a person of color? If this is the difference between racism and polite speech, y’all have lost your minds. Expecting me to know your odd and personal identity, that appears exactly opposite what you look like, is the height of insanity. Alternative lifestyle is hurtful? Thank God it’s alternative or there wouldn’t be humans, you lunatics. The animal kingdom has some norms. Procreation, eating, and sleeping. Dropping out of a third of the big 3 makes you the alternative. Ya I’m a “breeder”, because I care about more than just myself. I wanna be apart of the human story and add to it. I don’t live a hedonistic lifestyle that’s only motivated by my own selfish, and narcissistic demand that everyone celebrate me, for being me. I don’t ever wanna be a victim and if I ever am, I will have vengeance. I won’t tell anyone, let alone hold a press conference crying about it. I wouldn’t punk out and act scared of people I’m bigger and stronger than to excuse my criminal behavior.

Then again, I wouldn’t get away with any if this crap. I’m a white man in America. I eat shit for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then I get to pay for all of the victims too. Fu** all y’all. Grow up

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