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The Loopholes, Or Double Standards We Live With

A Quora question I kinda went off on.

For myself it’s birthright citizenship. This original law was made to increase the population. They wanted first generation Americans to be all in, and this guaranteed that you could come here and never have to worry about your child being deported. Since by law, our demographic migration had to come largely, like 90%, from Europe. Nobody had a problem with this system when it was adding Europeans. It’s the changing of our quota system, and openly unprotected border, that has thrown this well intentioned policy into a hated and ridiculous loophole.

This has now given rise to the most disgusting exploitation of pregnancy to gain citizenship. Birthright citizenship has led to “chain migration”. If babies a citizen, then mommy needs to stay and raise said baby. Then mommy brings daddy, brothers, sisters, cousins, etc…. This is no longer a loophole, it’s a clear cut use of the law as a weapon against the citizenry of the country. Scurrying across the border, and committing a felony when entering this nation illegally, should not result in anything positive. Yes, illegal immigration is a felony. We’re feeding the babies of felons, while upstanding American mothers watch their child starve.

As with all things, and causes in this country, they’ve gone too far. They had no right to change the racial makeup of the country. It was promised that this would never change the demographics. They insisted that this was not just morally proper, but that it wouldn’t change anything in America.

Well, hindsight is a mofo. Now we see the disaster that’s come from these changes in attitude and law. Changes that have so profoundly changed this country, as to make it unrecognizable by Americans from just a few decades ago. The brow beating, virtue signaling, and the creation of a horrible monoculture, all started in the 1960’s. Our quota system changed in the 60’s. The much touted, and ill conceived, civil rights act, was made law in the 60’s. The beginning of the end was the 1960’s.

This decade is such a train wreck that it boggles my mind how people defend it. Yet so many do. It was great change, voices heard, and great music, YUCK!! It was a military and political coup. Seeing it any other way makes you part of the problem.

There will be a boomer that takes offense to my claims, there always is. This usually reaffirms my assessment of them, but they are so self centered they must expound upon their own virtue, and defensively make excuses for themselves, not ever considering that when addressing a generation, I’m obviously speaking in general terms. Not just to them.

If you are of that age and have fought the hippy movement, fought for the end of white genocide, and raised your children to be proud of themselves, proud of their history, and to have pride in the fundamental principles of the Declaration of Independence, good on ya. My guess is there are very few of you.

The vast majority of your “comrades” have been aggressively, proactive in pushing these changes, and forcing this nonsense on their own children. The vast majority of y’all are sell outs. Yuppies, that fell in line and got wealthy off of your silence, and cowardice, regarding your parenting, and the deferral to strangers for lessons on sex, racism, class, oppression, and on and on. You cowards couldn’t explain the facts of life to your own kids, so you thought it a good idea for strangers, with very strange preferences, to do your job for ya. Good job.

Only now are we seeing an appropriate response to this disgusting trend. A trend that’s grown, and strengthened, with every concession, and pathetic self flagellation, that y’all have engaged in.

No more illegal immigration. No more incompatible immigrants, period. No more disrespecting a citizenship that’s worth less and less every second. No more putting others before the needs of our own. No more telling us about only the mass shootings that can be linked to evil whitey. There’s a mass shooting everyday, in multiple cities, that’s never made national news. A regular Tuesday in Southside Chicago is far more violent than, 100, January 6th events, ever could be. Even if you buy the press narrative. They are still trying to flood your brain with absolute lies about this event.

Meanwhile, they continue to ignore, support, and promote all black violence. All of it is either ignored, supported, or out right promoted.

An insurrection is text book defined by CHAZ. The nothing burger they call Jan 6th, is an open witch hunt against men and women who trespassed upon public property. They did so after the police threw the barriers open and were invited to do so. The president at the time asked that this be guarded by the National Guard. Ms Pelosi shot that down. They controlled the police, and the police either aided and abetted an insurrection, or they were just fallowing orders. Since I know of no police who have been treated to anything like the people of that day, I assume they were following orders.

This double standard has been the legacy of the boomers. This will be recorded in our history as the death of the American experiment. It’s them that have cheered on, and even fought for this war machine. While boomers spit on soldiers and called them baby killers, they did nothing to the creatures that ran, and profited from the death and destruction. They treated the young, damaged, and patriotic soldiers like they were the enemy. They continued to allow the leadership to destroy hundreds of millions of lives.

Some 50,000 US “casualties. Some quarter million that were damaged through PTSD, drug addiction, and alcoholism. The boomers thought they did their part by making the soldiers hate the society they signed up to fight for. So simple minded, and self interested, that they actually think this was positive. No, you monsters, these are children, being told they are too young to buy cigarettes, alcohol, and a rifle. Then told they are a spoke in a giant wheel that rolls over the enemies of freedom. Given a healthy dose of brainwashing, and a rifle, and told where, and who to shoot. Blaming them for the war is like blaming the janitor for school shootings. It’s a job, that happens to pay far too little for the insane costs it could have on your life, body, and mind. The war machine is powered by taxes, the Fed, and the creatures like Kissinger, Brzezinski, Bernanke, and Rothschild. All from the same “tribe”, so to speak.

Truth is, there’s an endless list of “loopholes” being exploited by the elite. The “martial law” has been effected to put the country on house arrest. The 2nd Amendment is totally abused, and California has infringed upon our RIGHTS so much, they are no longer seen as rights at all. Any law that “infringes”, in any way, my right to arms, should require an amendment to the constitution.

The drug war should have required an amendment, the same as alcohol did. Abortion was a contentious issue that was decided by the least accountable branch of the federal government, the 9 man court. They use compulsory schooling to actively propagandize, instead of empower with knowledge.

They use dogs to get around the 4th amendment. This is such an offensive disregard, and disrespect of the HUMAN RIGHTS, that this country has recorded as the, supreme law of the land, that it boggles my mind a single court allowed for it to become legal precedent. Once precedent is set on an issue it takes a lot to change. Our system of justice leans heavily on past decisions. English Common Law is the legal system we are subject to, and it’s very much dependent upon past precedent. The “Supreme Court” has allowed for most of these loopholes, not the people, or even their awful representatives.

Today the loopholes are race related. Blacks are legally allowed to steal, with impunity. Whitey is treated like a terrorist in the land his ancestors built. Permits, business licenses and taxes, and constant badgering by state agents. This is the entrepreneur route for whitey. For illegals? No permits, licenses, or even the petty agents looking to penalize success. They can park a bike in front of a high school and sell whatever they want. White kids can’t have a lemonade stand in their front yards without being harassed by the state. Leaf blowers are banned, but only when whitey uses one. If you pay illegals to do it, it costs less and they can get away with whatever they want.

We’ve priced our children out of the market. I wouldn’t hire any kid for $15/hour. I wouldn’t hire an illegal either. So, kids are in competition for the lowest entry level positions with middle aged losers from somewhere else. They are committing several crimes like identity theft, the felony of being here at all, and they certainly don’t take taxes seriously when working off a stolen social security number.

These aren’t even loopholes, they’re double standards that have become “normal”. White Americans have accepted the title of “less than” and made sure that their kids feel the same shame they do. This shame came from an unbelievably spoiled, and selfish generation. This generation can say all they want, individually. The fact that their actions have given us todays realities, this they are totally clueless to. They have allowed for affirmative action, the outright discrimination against their own children in university, government jobs, and their actual curriculum. They have never stood up for their own, yet they fall all over themselves doing the most insignificant things they can, just to show their white neighbors how anti white they are. Marin County I’m looking at you.

Double standards are the problem, and they are causing a massive upswell in anger, and fear for people my age and younger. We see the blatant double standards being applied to us, and those like us, over those who look different. We notice that you are at war with the family, any type of moral objectivity, and the children themselves. We see you enacting “pride month” for a wholly anti human lifestyle. We know you’re about death. That this is a death cult. We know you are hateful, not inclusive. We know this is a death cult and we want nothing to do with it. Celebrating mental illness, victimhood mentality, and white guilt, is profoundly antihuman, and anti European. Making a mockery of God and using a personal letter written by Jefferson, a man they openly hate and slander constantly, to ban children from praying at school, has given us school shooters, not well adjusted adults.

Letting Muslims keep their traditions, while destroying all Christian tradition, is glaringly unjust. Giving in to outrageous demands like genderless bathrooms, has reaffirmed this lunacy, instead of providing any reasonable amount of levity to the issue. Encouraging this behavior is reaffirming the gender bending teachers, lunatic ideas. You should be asking how they came to even consider such things. You should be yanking them out of any environment that’s damaging their own capability to know themselves. They are being left in the hands of utter psychopaths that feel entitled to your children. That you shouldn’t even be allowed to know, let alone have any say over, the subject matter being “taught”.

There is a “loophole” that will fix everything in time. Homeschool your kids!!!! There’s never been so many options for education. Unschooling is better than open propagandizing. These children would be far better off with no school at all, than the forced, and totally unhinged, attendance at a public school. And it’s attendance that they care about only. Turning out high school grads that are illiterate is cool, just so long as they get paid for the ass in the seat.

They will just dumb the curriculum so down, that even the most ignorant, uneducated, and illiterate trouble maker can graduate. They don’t get paid for results, they get paid for attendance. This is a profoundly ugly system for educating our youngsters.

Assemble them by geography and age, and treat them all to the lie of, university, or burger flipping. Then teacher gets to use their countless hours of coerced crowds, of blank slates, to inject all of their own bigotry, hatred, and ignorance. All without fear of any accountability from their boss, we the people. They have coercion to grant them an impressionable audience. They use peer pressure to overcome any actual thinkers that buck the trend, of nodding, and obedience. If that fails they use humiliation, take away your time, and make your life suck. This is childish, vindictive behavior, and it’s ubiquitous. Any question of the all mighty teacher is treated as heresy. Intellectually bankrupt, says I. Straight up.

The only “loophole” Americans outta contemplate right now, is homeschooling, boycotting, jury nullification, and state nullification. These are our weapons, people.

You can starve these schools by simply declining to use them. You can destroy these woke corporations, by simply declining their products. You can make unjust laws ineffective, by simply voting your conscience, and not being a tool for tyranny. Your state can be free of federal tyranny by simply disregarding unconstitutional laws. The counties, and even cities can do this as well. Sanctuary cities are a double edged sword. They can’t bitch about a sanctuary for the constitution, if they are gonna have tons of cities that openly disregard the national, or even their own states, constitution. We need to use the tools left to us by our ancestors as best we can.

Jury nullification is so American it makes apple pie look like commie trash. The northern states used nullification against the Fugitive Slave Law. Jefferson said he would prefer the people hold jury power over legislative. Precisely because the people are the final check against the power of a bad law.

Today if you utter the words jury nullification anywhere near a courthouse, you will never be put on a jury. Today the juries are not even given the full facts of the case, and know less than the public. This is a disaster. They are illegally, ordered that they must judge based upon the facts of the case only, and only those that are presented in court. That they can not discuss, contemplate, or use your own morals to make the best decision possible. They kept so much from the Aubrey jury, it was outrageous. His past, his current mental state, and so much more were deemed “irrelevant”. Thus, not seen by the jury. This is how a completely innocent, and unarmed witness, is serving a sentence for murder. A misinformed jury is worse than having no jury.

I’ll end this with the last loophole that’s used effectively against justice, some 95% of the time. That’s the use of plea bargaining, and the threat of charge stacking, for using your right to a trial. 95% Of federal offenses are settled without trial. Are the Feds right 95% of the time?!? This would be impossible for any thinking person to believe. Murder is only solved some 50 to 60% of the time in Cali. But the feds are perfect? No. Many an innocent man, is sitting in prison today, because they were offered an end to the anxiety, and given a great incentive to offer a guilty plea.

This offer comes with massive strings. The reverse is, if you take this to court and cost us all of this money, we’re going to throw everything we can at you, and ask for the maximum sentence. In fact, we might even drag your family into it, and make someone you love a “codefendant”. This is the case for us now. They say, if you don’t take our generous offer, of just taking your life, we’ll take everything you love.

This system is profoundly sick and has made this a police state. We hold some 5% of all the humans, upon this great Earth. We account for some 25% of all prisoners in the world. So how in God’s name can you pretend we live in a free country?

You got me, all I see is a basket case that used to be free, and full of people willing to do radical sh** to keep that freedom. They’ve been replaced and transformed into sheeple. These aren’t even humans. They’re dogs that are domesticated, and love the hand that feeds, and hits. They have the memory of dogs, and never get tired, or wise, to the endless lies. Even a dog will get quick to you, when pretending to throw the ball. How many times do we start running only to be laughed at and amuse our betters?

No more.

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