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Why do racist white people pretend like they care about Chris Rock ever since Will Smith slapped him?

I think people that otherwise wouldn’t have cared about Chris Rock in particular, care about the injustice of it generally. I guess these wicked people you’re looking for, have an affinity towards fairness, and it grinds on them to see blatant double standards.

Let’s pretend Billy was a white boy. Any white boy. Now let’s pretend he took a dad joke way too far and assaulted a comedian on live TV. Let’s then imagine white Billy hits a black comedian on live TV, saunters back to his seat, talking smack the whole time, and then receives an award. During which, Billy blubbers about everything except apologizing to his assault victim.

Why do people care about Billy and Chris? They don’t. They care about justice. What the fu** do you care about?

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