Who Protests, And Does It Work

Who wants to read when you can listen to my stuttering ass, lol, enjoy.

In America? Blacks. In the US if white people peacefully protest anything it’s reported as a klan rally. If they have the nerve to walk through open gates and enter “the people’s house”, it’s an “insurrection”. If they form a neighborhood watch and respond to repeated thefts, then get attacked, they are all charged with murder. Even the guy who didn’t know anyone there. They are still treating Jan 6th Americans, like John Dillinger, and using unbelievable resources to ruin countless lives. The Biden administration just got their very own white supremacist posse.

Being white is almost illegal.

Black folks, on the other hand, have burnt down hundreds of cities. They occupied a whole district of Seattle. They’ve destroyed hundreds of very expensive, and old national memorials. They’ve ambushed police with fake calls for help. They get away with elder abuse, the knock out game, and bullying our kids. They cant be racist. They can’t be held responsible. They openly hate whites, Asians, and anyone else doing better than them. Black Americans own this country.

The double standard between whites and blacks is becoming comical. You’d have to be a politician, or a “journalist” to miss the absolute absurdity of the situation. We all know how black people act. The media can leave out the race of the criminal, all they want. We notice the pattern of, never failing to mention race, if the criminal is white. So your game doesn’t work. We know blacks are more likely to commit violence. We know that they speak such bad English that, for myself at least, it’s almost impossible to hold a conversation. We know they’re least likely to have had a father, or be a good one. We know all of these things because they’re true, and they’re obvious.

Then you look at the established opinion makers. These aren’t riots, they’re the voices of the unheard. These aren’t looters, they’re a few bad apples, ya can’t judge the movement by its worst actors. This isn’t an armed insurrection, it’s an autonomous zone. Just good people protecting their home. This isn’t intimidation of the justice process, it’s just appropriate support.

Then for the whites. This isn’t a peaceful assembly, it’s an extremist protest. This isn’t self defense, it’s murder with malice, and forethought. This isn’t reasonable and measured protection of house and home, it’s a crazy bigoted couple in Georgia. This isn’t a kid getting harassed by lunatic Indians and black Israelites, he’s a white supremacist that’s oppressing the 2 groups of adults. This isn’t an obvious race hoax (Smollett), it’s a sign of how systemically racist the US is. This isn’t commie, gender bending propaganda, that’s designed to destroy your kids mind, and body, it’s objectively true facts about life, and only bigots and quakers disagree.

This isn’t the murder of a totally viable human being, that has its very own soul, it’s the simple removal of some unwanted cells from a heroic woman.

This is what I know. This country is foul. The people that read what I write will call me a hater, a bigot, a this and a that. At least I see what’s in front of my face and can have the sand to say it. I’m sick of living in a funhouse that’s set up to make everyone else great, but beats the crap outta whites, for being white. I’m sick of the comments that will call me a whiner, and that I’m just a wimp that can’t take other’s success. I know y’all as well as ya know yourselves. I know why you hate me, and exactly the language you use to show it. You’re just not a threat to me, silence is.

So tell me that interracial marriages work. I’ll show you stats that show white woman, black man, equal divorce 90%+ of the time. That means almost all that end, after making a baby, are without daddy. Go ahead and tell me that’s my fault too. Y’all think white men are cuck wimps, that can’t take, or give a punch? From what I see, they’re the only ones that are down, one on one. I see black men/boys taking turns kicking unconscious people and high-fiving the whole time. When every fight you’ve been in is a jumping or a shooting, you probably can’t fight, or shoot for that matter.

Y’all have protested too much and it’s gone way too far. The sane ones are on to your BS, and this ain’t a con we’re falling for. You resource pirates are done. Whitey has heard your voice and it’s not the type of talk we appreciate. Open hatred, disgust, and envy are not emotions we expected to, still, be putting up with, after so many concessions. Offering so many genuine attempts at reconciliation. From 1865, and on, this has been a union of free states. Since the reconstruction of the South, this has been one long problem that has finally proven to many, to be beyond our ability to fix.

I live in California, a free state that began as an independent republic. There’s never been a slave since her constitution was drafted, and made law of the land. Come 2024, California tax payers are going to start paying black Californians, just for being black. The affirmative action, the some $80,000/year available in welfare benefits, and the preferential treatment for all governmental jobs, just wasn’t cutting the mustard. San Francisco still had to legalize shoplifting because it’s racist. So we have to give blacks several hundred thousand dollars, a piece, according to one of the board members directing this money, to atone for our oppression of them. What oppression? They just mention vague systemic this, problematic that, and pay up whitey.

And they’re are plenty of actual Californians that look at me like I’m crazy, when I tell them I’m moving. Maybe it’s the difference between having a home already, and not, but it’s pretty wild. The county I live in has seen housing go up several times what it was before the 08’ debacle. So a decade has made a large portion of new comers wealthier. They’ve all migrated from south of here and they have destroyed the North Bay Area. Probably the best place in the world, but not anymore.

The 9 person Coastal Council just destroyed a desalination plant, project that was 25 years in the making, and $100,000,000 invested, just in the planning and permitting. We’re out of water in Nor-Cal, partly because of So-Cal, and the state just let 9 unelected, nobody’s, shoot down a project that got through 25 years worth of hurdles, and spent $100 million doing it. Don’t worry though, blacks will be able to buy bottled water with their reparations. Whitey needs to suck it up and shower less.

I can’t say I think much of protesting, if I’m gonna be labeled a terrorist I might as well earn it. So I’ll refrain from protesting. I’m definitely moving, and definitely before a single reparations check goes out. The cost of living has become unhinged from reality. The people are unhinged from everything. This state is lawless, and totalitarian at the same time. The people are so insane this state has a single party, and they didn’t have to cheat. Democrat and Californian are just supposedly synonymous.

White people can protest with their feet, their money, and their voices, but really, nobody cares what whites say. They have to pay attention to what we do. When we do anything in a group we get demonized. They can’t stop our boycotts, buycotts, or crypto. They can market to the poorest demographic in America if they want, but if we reward them for doing it, we deserve to be replaced.

As it is now, you’re taken for granted by corporations, republicans, democrats, and the media. They think that they’ve got you already, and don’t need to consider you, at all, when pushing for extra market share. Don’t make that, cost free. If they wanna market to a group that only responds to seeing their superiority over whites, let them get by on sales from all those better folks.

Stop feeding the machine that wants you’re very life. Protest smart, and the only way that has a chance at making a difference. Every transaction, is a vote. Make sure your voice is heard, with every dollar spent. Hollywood should be bleeding out, in its US ventures at least. The cable networks should be bankrupt. The advertisers for these networks should be bankrupt. Seriously, take this to heart, and act on it. If you see it advertised on TV, don’t buy it. Odds are good it’s bad for you anyway.

You want change? Change the way you buy the things you need. Or accept the endgame that black America is willing to accept, and “they” will be happy to use us all against each other. The media is playing us all, this can’t be market driven. Either way, the market, and media are our best weapons. We must use ‘‘em while we still can.

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