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What is more important, equal rights or equal outcome?

What’s possible, equality of law, or equality of circumstance? Is it even possible to so micro manage the society you live in, to create a perfect, “equally distributed” level of wealth? Is the expectation of wealth even objective, or is this idea of “wealthy”, wholly subjective? What’s a “living wage” mean to you? What about the billions of human beings making less than $2 a day? What of those that are even less fortunate than that? Where does your jealousy start, and stop?

My point here is that one option is totally, and demonstrably ridiculous. It absolutely denies reality, nature, and a wealth of historical evidence. People are not equal. Some are smarter, taller, prettier, better speaking, more athletic, harder working, and lucky. Most are not. Most of us have a mixture of qualities that we have to recognize and exploit to the best of our ability to succeed. For all humans the one variable that matters most and is available to all, is working like you want it more than anyone else.

Gumption and grit are still enough to take you places in this country. I refuse to accept any belly aching that says otherwise.

Equality under the law is the only equality that is attainable, reasonable, or even moral. The expectation of a legal, and regulatory system, in which all are accountable, and all are protected equally. This is the goal and it was attained. Then they jumped the shark.

Today the system is anything but equal. Lady Liberty has had her blindfold ripped off her face, and her scale gets tipped by the fingers of race every day in America. We were just given several years of empirical data to prove this system is bias, and the bias goes towards black criminals. It’s actively working against the interests of all white people. From the courtroom, to the classroom, whitey is being taken down a peg.

From “hate crime”/thought crimes, to CRT, whites are given “special” treatment. Not even our children are innocent and able to be “educated” without being guilted about things, so far beyond their control or ability to process, it’s borderline criminal abuse. Affirmative action has been a running joke I’ve heard my whole life. The only ones it seems to effect, negatively, is white men. The interracial violence in this country is exactly as it seems to most thinking people. It’s almost exclusively black on white. You wouldn’t know this by watching any “news”, TV, or movies. Don’t even get me started on commercials. According to this fabricated world, black men live in fear of whitey. Whitey is a wimp, and a total cuck in almost every appearance whitey makes on TV. Except when they’re being mean to blacks. Then whitey is fat, rich, or the boss. This whitey has his foot on black necks, every step he takes. His whole world is a runway of black necks, he’s walked on, on his stroll to the top of the income ladder. When whitey is taking a break from his stroll to the top, he pulls his concealed carry on black folks for jogging. He hates joggers and blacks, and boom.

Jogging while black is scary around whitey. Whitey is so scary that even old women need to be sucker punched in a “game of survival” called, the knockout game. Walking while white is just the chance ya take. Jogging while black is just too dangerous. Around white people mind you, not south side Chicago. No matter anyway. If blacks are dying it’s whitey’s fault. The black children shot by black gangbangers are a result of systemic racism that whitey made. Whitey made me do it, should be an actual legal defense at this point.

So here we are. We’ve been trying to socially engineer our way to “equality” by taking whitey and just holding him down, extorting his resources, and abusing his children. At the same time they’ve relaxed the standards for education, behavior, and even crime for blacks. It’s at a degree of blatant disrespect, abusive, and threatening the very fabric of our society.

12 Percent of this mighty nation have been shown far too much leeway, sensitivity, and love. They have offered nothing back in the way of reciprocity. In fact, they are hostile, spoiled, and entitled to a comical level. The disconnect between these millionaire race hustlers and reality is dangerous and explosive. Every single black person that is demanding reparations is a racist and a thief. They hate whites enough to steal money they know damn well they don’t deserve, isn’t there’s, and never would have been in their family to begin with. They better know the resentment this will cause. If not, let me make it plain.

I’m a white, 40 year old, native Californian. I’m supposed to start paying black Californians reparations come 2024. This is a free state, always has been. Blacks didn’t even live here, in any numbers, until the 1950’s. The damage they have done since gracing us with their presence? The Watts riots were infamous, and made international headlines in the 1960’s. My fist memory of black “voices” was the Rodney King riots that were all over the TV when I was about 12 years old. I remember thinking of my truck driver grandfather, as Reginald Denny was being beaten like I’d never seen, nor could understand, before. I will not pay black people for being black, and being a resident of this state. I’m moving, and this is a big, big part of it. The gall it takes to tax my daughter for something that didn’t even happen here anyway, is insane. It’s insane even for southern states, but in Cali?!? No fu**ing way.

We know equality of outcomes is either impossible, or requires the total, and outright discrimination against whites. Is this seriously what you’re proposing to me? I want a just legal system. I want a merit based economy. I want equality. You folks are selling white discrimination, white guilt, and essentially white genocide. I’m declining your offer, and I’ll counter. You stop this nonsense right now, and roll it up immediately. Put a full stop on everything and completely come around on a full 180, regarding white people. Begin showing respect instead of scorn, peace instead of violence, and truth instead of lies, and we can do the same.

I can let the past be what it is. The future however, that my daughter owns, and I’m here to protect it. Either get on board or get out of the way. She will not be, “less than” in her own country. And yes, this is her country.

Get the fu** over it.

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