Why You Should Care About White Displacement

Why should I (a Native American) care if whites become a minority in America?

I think all Americans outta be weary of whites losing a controlling majority over the political system at the least. That is, if they’re into freedom of speech, self defense, and a country at all. In case you’ve been asleep for the last several decades, this country has been hollowed out by globalists. Our sovereignty eroded. Our rights? Well let’s just say they ain’t what they used to be.

Let’s examine some reasons for our current predicament. We know what the country looked like when it was about 90% European ancestry, and 9% or so the descendants of Africa, and a percent of Chinese and other miscellaneous. It was pretty darn good. The world was buying American products with American dollars. The streets were clean, crime was a fraction of today, and things were just looking up.

Today we live under a cold civil war just waiting to turn hot at the drop of a hat. The country is almost perfectly split in their world views, to a point of opposing worldviews completely. We have elections nobody believes, but half will only say so if it goes against their team. The dollar has lost 90% of its purchasing power since the 70’s. The petro dollar status hangs in the balance. We export war and energy. We import third world labor, energy from dictators, and every single thing we rely on for life. Travel by car is about to become a luxury for the rich. They want to tax your very existence for its “toll” on mother Gaia.

I could go on but if ya don’t get the point, what’s the point? So what’s changed? Well, demographics, and gerrymandering of districts to exploit this demographic sabotage to the maximum effect. It’s as simple as that. White America voted to maintain, and would still riot if necessary for freedom. They also abhorred corruption and are famous for hanging mayors, tarring and feathering tax collectors, and in extreme cases like the draft riots, they’d burn a major city down.

This attitude still exists in Americans and I believe it can be revived. But it’s not the historical legacy of today’s Americans, is it? These principles are those of a unique people who were given the opportunity and freedom to experiment with individual sovereignty, for a couple centuries. Hundreds of years unmoored so to speak, from the “authorities”. The evolution of English liberty took a fork in the new world and fostered generations of thinkers to pursue the natural place for man, God, and the state. An enlightened time for sure, regardless any talk of slavery. Especially since even this globally excepted and ancient institution was a contentious issue among the thinkers of the time. You can’t slander Thomas Payne and he’s the voice of American liberty.

In the 1960’s a lot of awful things happened to this country. One of those things was the changing of the quota system for legal immigrants. It also seems to be when the border stopped being protected. The doors were thrown open to the world. Whoever could get here could be American. Our navy was commissioned by Jefferson to destroy the Barbary pirates. Muslim slavers that would rob and pillage every ship they got a hold of. Muslim slavers have been stealing European women for centuries. It’s the US Navy that put those monsters out of business. For obvious reasons, Muslims were not welcome in America. This was just common sense back then. People that either live in the house of Allah or war, are not gonna fit in to Protestant America.

Now let’s talk chattel slavery from Africa. It was awful and it went on from the time of Muhammad on. The Muslims bought, stole, or traded more black souls than any other people on Earth. They also castrated the men and killed all babies from rape. That’s why there’s no humongous population of the ancestors of slaves in the Middle East. They took maybe 100 million more than came to all of the Americas. We have tons of the ancestors and they took many times more than the west, and have no living ancestors of the 100 million people.

It’s the English Navy that swept the slave trade from the sea. They spent their citizens blood and treasure to go after slavers and impound their property and release their cargo back where they came from. The bill for this was finally paid off in the 2000’s. So tax payers in Britain were paying for the freedom of the slaves of Englishmen in 2003. What other people can claim such a noble deed? What a selfless use of power in the interest of humanity in general. Who does this? Englishmen.

So why is it in everyone’s favor that whites keep control of the country they built? Because they’re the only ones that can work it. If history has shown us anything regards the removal of whites from society, it’s hunger. Rhodesia, South Africa, and so on. Hunger, corruption to a cartoonish level, and horrifying crime. Violence and poverty everywhere. Nobody safe, black or white. Elon Musk came from there and has made more than their GDP in America. If South Africa was still governed by whites, perhaps he’d be paying all of those taxes in South Africa. Too bad ya can’t be a billionaire in communist countries. Too bad hateful and jealous, low IQ, and indoctrinated people are completely helpless to commie propaganda. Where whites are displaced, freedom is displaced.

That’s the big lie. That whites are oppression and holding others down. American blacks are the richest blacks on earth. If we were just riding on the fruits of racism, why would we have more black billionaires than all of Africa? We stand as a bullwork against communism, and for that we must be destroyed. White Christendom is the biggest obstacle to global domination and a one world order. You support its destruction at your own peril. As we go so too will you go.

Whites live free and that makes everyone better off. They’re unique in their charity. Americans give more than any other people by far. Our good nature and hospitality has cost us dearly. We’ve allowed our house to be filled with backstabbers and sneak thieves. They’ve convinced us that we are bad and racist. They constantly tell whites that they suck, they have no culture, and they’re the reason for all of the pain in the universe.

Sorry for the length I hope it gets my point across. Don’t be a tool and follow liars. Look at the history and ask if this would be any different. You’ll find that white people are not the problem. In many places they’re the only ones fighting for the truth at all. Hell, the only ones that care to know the truth. You’ll know what you had when it’s gone. You’ll all be paid back in spades. Good luck.

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