Why is America Such Trash

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Man, that’s a real tough way to put it, but I really can’t say it’s inaccurate. The unfortunate truth is, we are trash, because we have been made to be so. We also lacked the moral fortitude to stop it. We also aren’t all trash, nor responsible for the state of things, in this dumpster fire of a country.

Many reasons for our current status of “trash” as you so eloquently put it. The single biggest reason, or cause would be the media. The childish nonsense that this country considers honorable journalism, is frightening. Our media whether it be print, movies, networks, or even porn, we are “entertained” by some 6 massive conglomerates. Garbage in, garbage out. The American people are swamped in a fantasy of diverse opinion and hard journalism. Reality, is a single minded agenda being molded to best shape their perception of reality. Turn off the entire entertainment complex. Do your own research and get news that is independent.

Then we have the great unspoken of, genocide, or displacement of Europeans from everywhere they live. Whether they be a centuries old nation well established and built by Europeans abroad, or even if it’s Germans in Germany. Immigration have been weaponized against the founding stock of America. Our children are taught distorted histories from one perspective and with only the details that fit the narrative. This is an attack that’s insidious and sneaky, not upfront and honest. Not a battle of ideas, but a controlled world and censored opposition.

Some 50 different nationalities have sizable populations in America. They live in pockets where they can affect the school board, among other things. They are helped by people paid by us. 5,000 Afghans into California this year. Same in Texas. Somali nationals everywhere. WTF is going on? We can’t continue this way it’s absolutely insane to even think we could, or should. 50 Unassimilated pockets of disconnected people that live in communities of the same folks. They are never going to assimilate, they are going to multiply.

Our politics suck. We vote on like 500 federal representatives while we are governed by the rules of so many three letter agencies, that I have no idea how many exist. Like 10 million federal employees that do what they do regardless of the one in office. Every one of them is completely off the reservation, beginning with the CIA. This has been a cancer upon the Earth since Kennedy tried to reign them in. Now rules from some executive agency govern every aspect of our lives. Voting, don’t make me puke.

We use funny money and don’t care to know how it works at all. The people are beyond ignorant of the most valuable soft science, that of economics. The very study of human action, broken down into individual choices, recorded as trades. This simple discipline has been tortured into something you can use math to justify any amount of theft and plunder with. Simple economics tell us right away, that giving the sovereign control over currency and credit to private banks, is not a wise incentive structure. Incentives matter.

The US is trash, you’re damn right. Questions are, why? Are there enough that want, and are willing to take out the trash? If not we are just getting more of the same. Until we finally aren’t the same, that is. That’s really the point. Seeing the goyim be destroyed by displacement or plain old genocide. 

Lastly, Americans have absolutely no control over anything in this country. We have nothing to do with the foreign policy of this country. This isn’t even a constitutional republic anymore. Its a bankrupt corporation being looted by its own banking system. The masters of our money are the masters of America. Whoever pays the piper, calls the tune. It’s an immigrant group that have made their way into the halls of power and finance, just to bring this about. An immigrant group that found their voice, so to speak, in the free environment of the US. An immigrant group that happens to be the cousins of the Bolsheviks in Russia.

Since this Russian-Jewish influx, we have had to contend with a people that make war through sabotage, blackmail, and plain old bribery. Bolshevism and Judaism are interchangeable. Bolshevism is the political system of the jewish people. Central banking is the unquestionable evil, in every country they have conquered. They made themselves supranational entities that control the world’s central banks. All of the suffering and hunger is the reward for selling out a country to uninterested and hostile foreigners. We are all being controlled by money, that’s made by people who are so openly supremacist, that they have dropped the veil recently, and began to speak openly of it.

70% Of Israeli citizens say they believe they are the chosen people. That they are going to build their temple, and make Jerusalem the capital of the world. They are openly hateful of Christianity, and they have such open contempt for Christians themselves. I’ve seen so many of them online talking about the greatness of the immigrant crises in Europe. They believe that their role in this cycle of life, is to bring about a massive war that destroys the West and the Muslims. Essentially a Great War to destroy Judah’s enemies. This is to be so horrific as to make the first two WW’s look like practice runs. A war that will leave the Jews as the only remaining racial group that has retained their genealogy. The jump from here to world domination, is quite a leap of faith. These cats are down to play the long game.

Compare a Norman Rockwell picture with a pic from today’s “Chi-Raq”, or Chicago. Tell me what you see, and then tell me where you’d rather live. We are still close enough in time to that place Rockwell painted, that it can be had again. Problem is the demographic sabotage that has replaced those people with the world’s garbage. We never asked to be made “diverse”. We were never even asked if we wanted this immigration policy. American voters consistently vote for border security and a stop to the immigration. As I mentioned, we have as much control over this country as anyone else on Earth does. Well, anyone except God’s chosen people, that is.

We are in a silent war, fought with quiet weapons. We have been in this war for at least a century and a half. Due to the insidious nature of our enemy, only now are people waking up to it, in mass. While folks may have been on to the JQ long ago, they were totally cancelled by the controlled media. They have lost the keys to the gate, and now the truth is spilling out onto the world at once. They can’t stop the message that’s showing up everywhere. They can put their apologists on Rogan or wherever. We are realizing the basic facts and reading their own words. They are open about it. They believe the purpose of my existence and my only duty to God, is to serve them. They have tarred all white people as racists when the only supremacists I have seen are Jewish supremacists. 

So ya America has become a trash pile. Not because of the American people, but because we have been governed by puppets since Kennedy. Kennedy made the ultimate sin. He denied the Israeli state nukes. He was a Roman Catholic, he knew about the tribe. His daddy did business with Hitler’s Germany. Perhaps he even questioned the wisdom of allying with evil Bolsheviks, against Christian Europe. Either way, the last real leader we had was taken out in a way that made all those to follow him, toe the line.

I say spark a match and let the dumpster fire begin. Take out the trash and clean our house. Just not sure how to fight a monster without becoming one ourselves. If we have to use violence it should be justified. Remember though, the Israeli Mossad has a motto. Something like, “By way of deception, thou shall make war”. Cute right. We haven’t gotten here by way of open debate and honest intentions. We have been at war, that was never declared. 

With the amount of actual written, vocal, and video evidence that this is the case, we shouldn’t have to debate anything. They have communicated it to each other, all the time keeping their neighbor in the dark about who they really are. Instead of honesty we get guilted with propaganda aimed at our children. They own the school system and the curriculum. Well, the school boards are ground zero for the anger in the average American. Just watch the anger in the parents, the cheers they get from the audience, and the indifference they get from the board members. A people who have lost their children have lost the future. We lost this battle decades ago. 

Every possible irritation is being aggravated by the media and the politicians. Why? Why now, all with the germ and the fake Floyd ordeal? We are being wedged apart from every possible angle. Once an oligarchy have the people so confused they can politicize a germ, they have a country that’s ripe for the slaughter. Medical choices are destroying relationships. Killing babies is totally cool, if not courageous. Declining to cover my face or take untested gene therapy, and I’m an evil hater. A people with such backwards morals are incapable of even telling the difference from right and wrong. We can make excuse after the next as to why some behavior is acceptable. Even if we’re talking about murder and burning down cities. The darker the tone of skin, the less criminal the behavior was. The lighter the skin tone, the more criminal and evil they are. Unless they happen to consider themselves a white minority, called Jews.

So your indictment of the current US is correct. My only beef, is that we imported all of this trash. Everything from communism, to the people that invented it. It’s a philosophy of hate, jealousy, revenge, and brutal control over one’s enemies, the people who work the land. Just ask the Ukrainians what it’s like living under Bolsheviks. Mass starvation as a means of genocide. They were surrounded by the farms for the Kremlin, but starving to death by the millions. Bolsheviks are trash and it’s time to take out the garbage.

You are what you eat, they say. Well, the same holds for your ideas. Consuming subliminal and overt products of deception is poison for your mind. You should be entertained by uplifting, motivating, and wholesome entertainment. If such entertainment still exists it is very small in comparison to the flood of smut it’s mixed up with. Christianity is so disrespected in everything to come from Hollywood. One movie showing them as they were and are, The Passion of The Christ, and it’s enough to cancel a major celebrity that Americans loved for decades. Just happens to be caught saying naughty things about the tribe. Coincidence? Not a chance.

Just take this all into consideration before you put all of us under the title, trash. Trashy, yes. Trash, no. Confused and lacking the confidence of the Spartans, but we can be turned around quickly, if given a common enemy. The banking system is that enemy. The fact that it’s owned by an ethnic minority, means squat. Evil is evil and nobody gets a pass. Certainly not for guilt, over some fake history about WWII. All things that have been hidden will come to light. Seek the truth and it will set you free. All we need is the truth, and the moral fortitude to accept the things we can’t change, the strength to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference. I hate the 12 step crap, but this little prayer is money. It really uses an economy of words to ask for a lot. We all should begin to consider it regularly. 

If we retained some of the wisdom of our ancestors, we wouldn’t be here. Maybe we want to take some notes, so this doesn’t happen ever again. Perhaps this ethnic group will never be satisfied with us living and letting live. We must realize it’s them that are the problem and they stir us up to do their bidding. Killing, robbing, and overthrowing countries for Israel is evil. Can you reckon our desire to fight Syria, without the Israeli factor? Any of our foreign policy, for that matter. It’s all for the good of Israel, and to our detriment. 

Let’s stop being trash, and start to be the men and women we were made to be. Then we can make our country be the nation we deserve, instead of the corporate tool for Israel it has become. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I still treasure way too much of this country, to ever let her go without a fight to the death. This is the great achievement of a free and pious people. I refuse to go out on my knees and disgrace myself, as well as them, for any reason. I’m gonna live on my feet and die on my feet. I kneel to pray, and to no other.

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