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For obvious reasons, I am to be taken with a mountain of salt. These things are just too new, confusing, and unpredictable to offer anything, even close to advice on. Still, y’all know me better than that. If there’s something to say, I’m gonna say it. Well, there’s an ongoing discussion that needs to remain healthy, regarding crypto.

The more we are open, and honest about what we know, and maybe don’t know for that matter, the better off crypto will be, in the long run. The greatest aspect of this new, and exciting investment space, is its exclusivity and certain age restraints. This is for us, you guys that are all 50, or so, and younger. The boomers will never be interested, or involved with this treasure trove of investment and innovation.

In a way, this is payback for the rot they brought upon our culture, and financial destruction. They absolutely ruined this country financially, and the vast majority of them got wealthy to some degree or another, off of it. Their skepticism and old thinking will keep them from ever, even entertaining the idea of crypto investments. They will watch their dollars buy less, and less, and lose more, and more to fees and bad trades, until they are begging for more government. By then it will be too late. The government they sold out for free wealth, will have self destructed.

We are still supporting them in every way imaginable. Their social security checks come directly from us and our “withholdings”. The vast majority of them own rentals that we are paying monthly on for them to do nothing. Nothing except, be born and raised in America. 

America isn’t just a parcel of land, and the people who happen to populate said land. We are a nation, and like all nations, we have certain things that are taken for granted. Little things like, ethnic homogeneous people, a shared or common law, and a national border. We have none of these anymore. Yet we still call ourselves a country. One that half the populace hates and the other half hates for different reasons. Still, a country that is unsatisfactory to both parties. Only a boomer would support forcing us to remain a huge, abused, and filthy country. Any rational observer would suggest a split, and a live and let live existence. 

We lost the majority by legislative sabotage. Europeans of good character, that was the prerequisite of all early Americans. Even with this standard some 2/3rds of all immigrants went home when they missed the Euro-Nanny state. So we were taking in only the most motivated and industrious people available. Today we want the most backwards, third world, dirt farmers we can find. Or better put, those that find the red carpet laid out before them by our representatives. We’ve got significant populations from some 50 different countries now.  

There’s no such thing as a successful, multicultural, or diverse society. We had trouble when it was 3 races. The Anglo, native, and African soup was a disaster from the jump. It’s now become a comical farce, and absolutely designed to destroy itself. We aren’t helping anyone. All we are doing is wrecking the last remaining continuity between citizens that remained.

Inviting immigrants from every country on Earth to come be American, has so destroyed this country, even the immigrants are noticing. All the immigrants that have been nothing but good, business owners and the like, followed the rules and did everything on the up and up. What must this be like for the Indian family that runs the liquor store? The Venezuelan that owns a salon? The untold numbers that came here specifically because of Christianity. People like the Chinese and the like. All those who fled communism just to find it here wrapped in the colors of freedom? What a scam.

Now we have the noble savage, that is free to do as they please, law be damned. It’s not that we don’t have the laws or the folks to enforce them. It’s a matter of race and Mexican ain’t a race. They are some mixture of Indian and Spanish. So it’s not even race, it’s actual skin tone that decides if your kids can have a lemonade stand, or if they will be sited by the city, while a darker fella blows them into a dust storm with banned equipment. Who does this to themselves?

A broken and whooped people. A people who lack any confidence in the now, pride in the past, or hope for the future. A people that have decided to commit suicide because of constant bullying from the entire establishment, culture, and educators. Self loathing is apparently not all that helpful, and I’m gonna be brave here and call it insane. Suicidal insanity. The boomers have offered us their cult, and desperately want us to take their kool aid. I want to live my life on my terms. When it’s my time, I intend to embrace it with dignity, and hopefully satisfaction.

This is the boomer view of America and her people. The boomers are the worst white haters out there. They hated the perfect life delivered to them in the post war era of America. The very zenith of our civilization, and this generation has destroyed it simply because they could. Since they sobered up after the 60’s, they immediately sold out and have been total tools of the gangster, imposter, USA ever since. 

They were bought with fiat, it will be fiat that undoes them. They can make all the trillion dollar bills they want, boomer wealth is either property or imaginary. Thanks to their voting, if they die in California, the property tax is designed to frustrate inheritance. To a degree that’s criminal, in my opinion. They will reassess the “value” and nail the heir of your wealth with an outrageous tax bill. No payment, you forfeit the property. They want it for one of two options,  first is to demolish it and “rewind” the area. The second is to drop it on auction and take whatever for it. Probably gets them more than what you owed. They have so destroyed the ability for generational wealth, as to make it impossible to the vast majority of us mundanes to offer our posterity anything to show for the work of a man’s whole life. They hate humanity, but you’d think they’d consider family when passing laws that destroy them. After all, they depend on everyone but themselves for everything.

Everything except investing, of course. If you’re taking investment advice from a boomer, you’re a moron and should expect that they probably have no idea what they are, or are not invested in. Stocks. That’s where their money is. Stocks, bonds, and the smart ones property. One of three is an actual investment. The other two are gambling on dollars.

All dollar denominated assets will go to zero, given enough time. We’ve been totally off hard money for over a century now. In 1913 we surrendered the sovereign control over our currency and credit to a privately owned cartel. They operate completely autonomously, and are unrestrained by congress, the president, and obviously, we the people. They got to see Nixon, nix the Marshal Plan. Unceremoniously, told France gold, what gold? Did they consider the ramifications and act appropriately? No.

They had the coke snorting, bad music, worse hair, 1980’s. A bull market in everything fake for a decade. Capped off by a huge banking scandal. The “savings and loan” debacle. All the while just raking it in and pissing on the future. 

Well, the future has come, and it’s not some fun loving utopia they seemed to think it would be. It’s an absolute hell on Earth where the average man can’t discern fact from fiction on any level. They did a global practice run for this, one year before the pandemic. Bill Gates did a TED talk bemoaning the global population, and suggesting how vaccines and healthcare can lower it by 15%. Clause Schwab told us all about what’s happening in a book titled “the great reset”. They couldn’t be any clearer. They did this. They want to continue to do this. What’s the worst, they’ve lost their minds and might just destroy life on Earth. All on the watch of those in between us and the “greatest generation”. Boomers.

This is our revenge. The best revenge is living well, right. Well, I say that every new teenager millionaire, or billionaire out there, makes me proud as hell. The kid that developed Fantom was like 16. He now has earned himself a place among the greats because of his crypto ecosystem. Apparently the Ethereum fellas were talking lots of smack about this new ecosystem, that can actually function without paying kickbacks to the miners. He saw a problem in the crypto space, and built a solution. Free market money. This is the revolution.

I am thrilled to have been so wrong on Bitcoin. Not it’s dip and the advice to transfer out of the bloodbath. I think staying in Bitcoin through the dip was crazy, but just required converting bitcoin into USD that has a healthy interest rate. I was way off on the bottom. Me and a lot of others, because it’s not exactly clear just what stopped the selling other than fatigue. Regardless the reason, it’s back to its normal self, I think. It appears that we are out of the fairly short bear market, and blowing into a new bull market. 

This time the asset matters though. When the fed is printing $9 TRILLION in a year, any coin can get ya rich. Hopefully for the sake of stability at least, they don’t do anything like that again. What fools would believe that? If they did it once and got away with it, they are going to do it again. Simply refusing to see the evil in the room doesn’t protect you from it. You have to face your enemies or be destroyed. You’re at war!

The sooner you accept that war has been declared, and that it’s been in full swing for some time. The sooner we can make history and beat this paper dragon we all seem to fear. We surround them. All we have to do is stand in unison and they will tremble. A sign of solidarity among the world is what we need. This is global and we need to clean our house. The human family has to clean the house our baby brother destroyed. Then baby brother needs to be put in his place. Money is a tool that we master. Money is not the master of men. It’s that simple.

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