American Dream, According To Who

For myself, movies have always been special. Every kid with a childhood like mine can relate to the enjoyment, and release from reality offered up by the silver screen. The first movie I remember seeing in the theater was “Land Before Time”. A seriously messed up cartoon about dinosaurs. Looking back, I am surprised we even went to see such a flick. We were very religious at the time, and this movie was as secular as it gets. Perhaps the Disney stamp held control over my mom’s brain, the same as it did mine. Familiarity for sure.

Anyone that’s seen enough Disney movies starts to get the recipe down. The lead character always suffers an extreme trauma, right at the beginning. Usually this trauma is specific. The loss of their parents in some traumatic and scary way, is the norm. Then whether it’s Bambi or the little from The Lion King, they are forced to raise themselves with the help of all sorts of “diverse” characters. The story builds until the little becomes the big, and overcomes the evil that scarred them from the beginning. This is the formula, and it works for any audience, and any time.

Gotta wonder how predictable we are. The people who have entertained us for generations seem to know exactly how to excite our emotions. They can cause a man to cry for a cartoon character. That’s power. They’ve been playing with our emotions from the jump. They study our behavior like scientists, and use all manner of trickery to insert sexual, violent, and satanic symbolism and imagery into everything we see. The cover of The Little Mermaid should offer any parent pause to consider just what the cover portrays. A giant and erect penis dominates the scene. Just behind the actual people. You have to simply give it more than a scan and it jumps off the page at you. The cover remains unchanged to this day, as far as I know.

Truth is, when we look back through the movies, we see they have been full of symbolism, and subliminal messaging. The movies for kids have just gone from covert, to overt, with their sexualization of the audience. What began as brief subconscious flashes of the word sex, to movies like The Little Mermaid, they have been constantly “pushing the boundaries” of so called wholesome entertainment. Why? Why attack our children with filth, disguised as wholesome? Why must the boundaries be tested on our children? Are the makers of these films taking their children to see them? 

We know the damage this crap has on the brain. The normalization of perversion, violence, and every anti social behavior they can dream up. They have had to do constant battle with the good Christian base of this country, since they began. Unfortunately, I got to see the end of the confident Christian, and his replacement with cowards that are told to shut up, and obey. When I was a kid, Christians had a voice, and it couldn’t be ignored. They have been beat. They couldn’t continue to take the ridicule they received from the larger world. The media made them seem crazy and unwilling to compromise. Christians were radicals that blow up Planned Parenthood death centers. They made Christianity the butt of every joke, and made Christ. “uncool”.

I have been with a group of Christians that protested a murder clinic, in the small town we lived in. The support from the community was mixed. Some honks in support, and some threats and insults from those who disagreed. Those in support of us, and life in general, were so much better than the furious lunatics that would approach us to “talk”. Screaming at people that are just there to stand up for unborn babies. This was an eye opening moment for me. Why would people be so passionate about having a “right” to kill a baby, that they created by engaging in their own behavior. This seemed an awful thing to me, for someone to throw so much of one’s self into. Supporting the murder of the unborn. What a cause.

Perhaps the sexual revolution, that was pre-scripted, and played out for us through the movies first, had unintended consequences. With all the free love, what was to be of the products made from said perversion? Unwanted children were about to become a thing. Problem was, adoption was the only legal way to rid one’s self of an unwanted child. The eugenic lunatics couldn’t have us reverting back to large families. Settled in whites were already slowing down on babies. It appears that population control is taken care of by natural desires. Instead of having 10 kids and losing half to disease or other premature death, they could have 5 and maybe lose one. This was still too many for the malthusians.

They just invented a scenario for the Supreme Court to decide. Well, the same court that said blacks couldn’t be citizens, and that slavery was perfectly legal, also said killing babies was a woman’s prerogative. The law and morality have no connection. Legal doesn’t ever mean moral. In this case we are talking about killing the most innocent, and voiceless, babies. Unborn or not, they are lives with souls and we have sanctioned the slaughter of some 50 to 60 million souls. For this, I think the US is getting it’s just desserts.

Another theme running throughout our entertainment is that of the orphan. Why are there so many movies meant for kids, that have no parents? I have never met an orphan, never seen an orphanage, and don’t know of any famous orphans. Yet the movies show us hero after the next, that come from the state ran orphanage. Is this preprogramming to get us used to the state controlling fertility? A soft sell of the idea that babies come from the all mighty state? Or perhaps it’s just there to reinforce an insecurity in the youngster. That his parents might be rid of him, or worse yet, die. Either way, this programming runs throughout the stories of almost every kids film.

The adult entertainment has followed the same basic path of constantly, “pushing the boundaries” to entertain us. Mind you, these boundaries of decency and morality were put there, or existed among the very people they were attempting to entertain. From what I understand, the movies became shockingly violent and sexual to a point of being totally abandoned by the WWII generation. The people who should have been the censorship for their family asked the state to do it for them. Thus the rating system was had, so the adults don’t have to worry about what their children are watching. Bad move on their part.

In fact, the rating system likely had an opposite effect, than what was intended. It offered them a rating that was for “adults”. Thus giving them a medium they could exploit with anything under the banner of free speech. As long as they rated it appropriately, who’s to say they can’t? Then when “R” wasn’t enough to really rate their most disgusting smut, we got “X”. The goal the whole time was to get to X. After all, X marks the spot, right. They have been telling us so for generations.

Now it’s time to discuss who “they” are. We need only to ask them or consult their own work to know. Jews began and own Hollywood to this day. They have owned our movies, TV, and newspapers for over a century. They no longer deny this and are recently being very open about it. It’s a joke for the Jewish late night hacks. They proudly admit to owning everything because they were the best at everything. Jewish supremacism is in your face, and the goy just laughs. Pretty gross.  

They are the apostate Jews Jesus warned of. The vast majority of which share nothing with the kin of Abraham. They are the Ashkenazi converts. The vast majority of those calling themselves Jews, are so, by a conversion, well after Christ’s time. They are Kazarian people who converted to Talmudic Judaism. Rabbinical Judaism died before Christ even came. That’s why he had such a beef with the Pharisees. It seems they were waiting for him, just to deny him. Perhaps they were already sold out to Satan, perhaps this was the beginning of Luciferianism. Either way, what was an evangelical type religion, became very tribalistic and isolated from the Christian world, that was rapidly growing up around them. I suppose this caused a resentment that has been brewing for 2 millennia now.

According to Jews, that get to say so, we are living in a fabricated American dream, that was given to us by a wicked and subversive ideology. They openly and proudly admit this. They began in New York, where they are kind of headquartered, then moved to LA and created Hollywood. Ask any Bollywood producer what Hollywood is like. India is a pretty large market, yet Indian producers are nonexistent in Hollywood. Why? 

According to some I have heard, Hollywood is ran by Jews and only let the tribe get to the producer spots. Today’s movies aren’t even made for us, they are made to be International. China is the great censor of our entertainment. The tribe must want to be on China’s ally list. Can you ally with both the US and China? Or can you stir up shit between us and China? We all know they have one loyalty, and naturally it’s to themselves. 

Unlike Europeans, they actually believe they have an interest as a people, and they intend upon using their solidarity to bully the rest of us. It’s worked so well that “anti-semitism” is illegal in most Western countries. Denying the Holocaust is a decade in a cage for Germans, even if they are in their 80’s. We are pummeled with like 10 new holocaust movies a year. Every year we get further from the event, brings the holocaust more credibility, instead of less. Watch older movies about WWII and you hardly hear a thing about Jews, if at all. You can see the change in narrative happen by watching older movies, and comparing them with the absolute filth made today.

The Great Escape is a great movie to watch for this. I believe it’s a 70’s era movie, so not terribly long ago, and not too long after the war. They portray the Germans in so much better light than anything you’ve ever seen, if you’re my age or younger at least. Somehow we went from a realistic portrayal of an honorable people who happen to be up against the world, and are feeling the stress. To absolute psychopaths that Schindler’s List Portrays. The Great Escape was based on real events and tried to remain true to that story. Schindler’s List is a fiction, shot in black and white, and hasn’t got a single fact in it. Guess which one of these films, all American school children are required to watch? The one with graphic violence, full frontal nudity, and is totally fiction that’s dressed up as history.

Right after the Steve McQueen era we got a switch in our entertainment. Movies like Clockwork Orange, Rosemary’s Baby, and Easy Rider paved the way for the new entertainment. These were shocking movies of their time. The violence, subject matter, and sexuality all made their way into the medium slowly at first, then a flood. Today they can’t find the boundary they set out to test. It’s also now, that we are getting to see just how sick the environment of Hollywood is. They have been shown for the pedophilia loving, human trafficking, and Luciferian lunatics they are. They drench their product in symbolism that’s so blatant and ancient that it boggles my mind that they get away with this.

They have so much invested in the story of the holocaust, that it has shaped and molded their whole world view. The Israeli school kids are taught that all Christians hate them. They are brainwashing their own with much harder propaganda than they could ever get away with in a foreign country. When they are taken to Poland they are escorted by Mossad agents and warned that Neo-NAZI’s are in every bush waiting to slit their throats. The unbelievable level of brainwashing, all hinges on the holocaust. They learn about the holocaust before anything else. This fabricated event, holds more importance for this people than their relationship with God. Plenty of atheist Jews that seem to think they need the holocaust to justify their own crimes, and the evil they are doing to the people of the world.

Recently a teacher in California, that must have been ready for retirement, gave their class an unusual assignment. They gave these 8 year olds the holocaust history, as it was taught to myself, and everyone else in the world. Then he gave them the revisionist arguments and asked them to decide if the holocaust story holds up to scrutiny. Well, as it should be, these innocent and truthful children were able to see the obvious facts, as they were, and not as they have been made to appear. A feat too high for so many adults to surmount. If we are at the point that 8 year olds can tell the whole story is a poorly produced fiction, how much longer is Israel safe? It was not even a question apparently. These kids just got red pilled.

Every generation removed from that time we get, the more and more scrutiny is being aimed at this special genocide. The one genocide in history that was evil beyond all human comprehension. Never mind the fact that the Israelites are a warring people in the Bible and did genocide a fair amount of folks, themselves. Simply questioning the holocaust is enough to be excused from polite society. At least that’s the way they’ve had it so far. I think their time is up. I also think that when the world accepts the facts, that the WW’s were instigated and fought for the purpose of creating Israel. They are going to be pissed. In fact, I think Israel may be swept from the map, if American’s in particular ever discover, that they have been taken for their good nature and desire for approval. If I was an American Jew, I would be very humble and start telling the truth now, before it gets crazy.

They have taken so much from this country, and given nothing back. They are the ADL, NAACP, and the looney leftists. They have shaped our country to their liking by shaping our minds with their stories. How many flag draped coffins have we put in the ground on behalf of Israel? They instigated our participation in crushing Germany in WWI. They did so with the promise of Palestine offered to Lord Rothschild, in return for their effort. An effort that led to a quarter million dead Americans within just a few months. It also so lopsided the victory as to make peace an utter fantasy. WWII was next, and it was to be the push for the diaspora to join the gang in Palestine, and get international blessing for their nation if Israel. 

These people have been on us with a microscope looking to exploit every flaw they can make hey from. Every emotion they have manipulated with their movies. They have made us laugh, cry, and even energized us to war. We never seem to ask the simple question, who benefits form this? If we take a qui bono approach to our history, one ethnic group seems to have taken the game. They have benefitted from every war, famine, and even peace if they must. No more. They had a great run, and even came close to pulling it off, but they’re losing control of the narrative that they so elaborately spun for us. If 8 year olds can see the truth, then it’s just a matter of time. How much time? Those 8 year olds will be voting in 10 years.

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