When Is Enough, Enough

Is It Safe For White Kids To Be Surrounded By Black Kids Living California

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  1. Is It Safe For White Kids To Be Surrounded By Black Kids
  2. Damn Does It Pour When It Rains
  3. The Tenth Amendment
  4. Legislated Jealousy
  5. You Owe Us Your Home, Life, and Obedience

For the last, going on 3 years. I have been an essential employee, going into several homes a day. I have been treated like a virus, made to be “less than, and generally unappreciated to the max. Both my parents are nurses and they are feeling it to. Something is out of whack.

We are the people who give you folks who work from home a job. We treat your kids snotty nose, we come out in the middle of the night to get your heater working, our contributions to your world are endless. Without us you are cavemen with nothing. It’s time to recognize this now.

When I was a kid there was respect for the men who made the world work. Sure they weren’t invited to cocktail parties, but they didn;’t want that anyway. The shear value the public had for its EMT’s, nurses, and skilled tradesmen was sufficient. Without exception all of these so called essential employees have been treated like second class citizens for way too long, and it’s coming to a head.

While grocery store clerks become NAZI’s with the authority to tell you to cover your mask, and you click your heels and do as told. I knock on a door that called my boss for service and immediately interrogated about my medical history. I’m then hit with a garage about how much they hate anti vaxxers and all these selfish nurses, and on and on. 

You people are playing with fire, and lighting the fire for a Galt’s Gulch of the blue collars, or a different analogy. You people are bringing on Fight Club. A generation that is so pissed off, they would rather see it torn down completely instead of suffer it for another single day, of our limited life. I’m talking 150 to 200 American’s here. We stop working, your world comes to a screeching halt. Then you starve like the pathetic , worthless, and self righteous pigs you are.

I speak for myself, obviously. However, I live the blue collar life, and don’t get my info from polls. You people are working on messing with civilization. Unless the pussy whipped, limp dick, losers I work for can dig a well, install solar, or a generator. Or hell, even split fire wood. Hahahahaha.

See ya in the next life, ya work from home “NON-ESSENTIAL” nothings.


I’m a total neanderthal that’s completely confused by the society I live in. I’m offensive, honest, and a good man. I’m, here because I pay to be here, and I will say whatever I like. Come one, come all, to the freak show of commiefornia.