When Have One’s Rights Been Violated 

I’m gonna base this on my philosophy, not my experience. It’s really easy to get worked up over things that aren’t necessarily violations of any rights. Living in the era of cancel culture, we need to bring this back to a philosophical approach.

Human rights are not a tangible thing. They are in fact, a social construct. 

The development of human rights was a hard fought battle that began with Magna Carta, then around 800 years of constant war, and civil wars, gave way to the enlightenment. 

The enlightenment gave us an era like never before, or after. The New World provided a laboratory of anarchy. Any high minded nonsense about welfare, or living off the labor of your neighbors, was crushed in Jamestown and Plymouth by starvation.

After half the pilgrims died during the first winter they wrote up a new charter. This was a charter of private property. All were free to work the land and save for the winter. Slackers that loafed around all summer, just to bum it, during the hard winter, were given some tough love. Once private property was established, the pilgrims began to thrive. 

Jamestown was a bit of a different story. To the best of my knowledge, Jamestown was a brutal place to be. The heat and humidity, the diseases, and the lack of women made Jamestown more an indentured servitude and work camp. In fact we know they were all on contract because the Africans that showed up in 1619 on a Dutch ship, were given the same contract. A colored person wouldn’t get a better deal than an Irish or Englishmen.

As these 2 totally separate, but European settlements got going, the boats kept steadily and regularly bringing more to replenish the dead, and missing. Eventually Jamestown figured out men work better when they can spend some coin on a little loving. 

Eventually families were built and the ladies helped civilize the colony that barely made it. The pilgrims were getting their homes built and learning to live and thrive, thanks to the proclamation, no work no food. Jamestown was a disaster for years before they finally settled in and made it a colony, instead of an isolated work camp.

The foundations for the enlightenment and liberty come from Locke and other philosophers trying to reason their relationship with the state, each other, and, of course, God. The beautiful thing of the philosophy of freedom is its an a priori truth that just needs discovery, not invention. It’s a clear and obvious reality, yet the simple notion of equality before God, led to incredible implications for a common man of this particular time. You can enjoy knowing you’re the same or better than the king, you just can’t say it out loud.

In the New World it was obvious and spoken of without fear. Human rights are a product of the English Constitution. A collection of documents that provide for the legal rights of free Englishmen. It’s known for being largely unwritten and a consequence of court precedents that have shaped the law into English Common Law. A legal doctrine that hasn’t really changed in hundreds of years.

If the courts have ruled on a similar situation, there needs to be significant differences, or clear reasons to justify changing an already established precedent. Otherwise the law is the written legal codes and the historical experience that almost certainly has covered most situations possible by then.

Our rights are like breathing. We enjoy them, and depend upon them so much, that we give it little thought. It’s an unconscious aspect of our humanity that is more spiritual than physical. It helps to believe in intelligent design, but that’s no problem. Most scientists know we were designed. They know the same fingerprint on us, covers the world and all life on it. The only atheists are luciferian, not “godless”.

So, God made the heavens, the Earth, and us. He gave us free will and responsibility. He made us to be diverse and to be at constant conflict due to man’s arrogance and his effort to confront God personally. 

The Tower of Babel was destroyed and the advanced civilization that built it was scattered to the wind. Today they are challenging him again with CERN and our punishment for this one might be biblical, so to speak.

Until Christ we were not all God’s children. We were a jumbled and violent people that were in constant conflict. He laid the path and brought the religion of truth to the world. His gospels spread like wildfire in a time of papyrus and hand writing scrolls. We have tens of thousands of ancient manuscripts of the New Testament. What they call the dark ages, is anyone’s guess because it’s dark in information. We aren’t sure if it was the dreaded loss of civilization, we’re told it was. Maybe it was a revolution and mass adoption of Christ as the Son of God, by most of Europe and much of the world. Considering the communication tech, who knows?

Regardless, by the Norman conquest Christianity was the only game in town. Occasionally a group of Jews would find their way into Christian nations, and like clockwork, they would be invited to leave or meet their maker, satan. 

The reason I’m harping on religion when you asked about rights, is the connection between the two. Martin Luther decided to call the Vatican out for being a makeover of the ancient pagan rites. Making the obvious statement that the pope is as Christian as a rabbi. He liberated the word of God and got us the KJV Bible. Best selling and most stolen book in history.

Americans were the best read people on Earth in colonial America. They read their family bible and they chose the passage or part to focus on. This gave us over a thousand denominations and I’m pretty sure that’s all Protestant variants. Catholics weren’t very popular in the colonies. Neither were Jews.

Because Americans could read at such an impressive level, and those who couldn’t, had plenty of people to listen too, they knew their bibles, better than any European, even the ones that spoke Latin.

As I’ve said before, Christ was the first anarchist. He followed his moral code and recognized no power above the God of the universe. He said that rich, poor, young, and old are all children in the eyes of God. That he loves us and only wants the same in return. He discredited Judaism as a warped bastardized use of the Torah mixed with the Babylonian Mystery Schools.

He followed no arbitrary rules, or even considered the law if it conflicted with his right to travel and spread his message. Eventually the wicked Jewish elites conspired to have him murdered. They fulfilled prophecy and proved to the man in him, that this was happening. The Father was going to do what he only tested Abraham with. The following month or so is described in a way that seems terrifying. The saints walking around dead, Jesus walking around, and then rising to take his place at his Father’s side.

You were born with every right humanity has. My feeling is your right to life begins at conception. The conflict of the property right of mom, Vs the right to life of the baby, is no conflict. It’s morally black and white. Killing is the first commandment after the first half that deals with God. The last 5 are rules for how we treat each other. Using this brutal and lucrative “medical” procedure, is murder, of the most innocent, and is wholly selfish. Women who dare say it’s better to be dead than be born to her at whatever time. Are lying.

In platoon the best line is an internal monologue of Sheen when having a philosophical moment. “All the dead know, is it’s better to be alive”. Every butcher that is capable of murdering their own child is committing murder against your own blood. Justify it any way you like. The Hippocratic Oath expressly forbids this. Actually it’s a pessery  that’s forbidden. A procedure that worked as a contraceptive and would cause miscarriages. According to the ancient Greeks, this was uncivilized and barbaric. 

60 Million since Roe Vs Wade.

You have a right to life, given to you by God. Story goes is, in the womb we can communicate with the angels. The indentation on our upper lip is the mark of the angel telling us to hush, and keep what you saw a secret. 

Nothing represents innocence like an ultrasound of an unborn baby sucking their thumb. The cruelty it would take to murder that is beyond me. It escapes me completely and infuriates me that this is what we call civilization.

Back to the point. Your “rights” are with you and a part of your soul. You are able to reason the difference from you and the beasts. You are clearly a unique part of a unique species. You were charged with keeping account of the Earth and custodianship of the paradise that God just spoke into existence, in less than a week.

Whether you believe in the ridiculous Darwin crap, that you were the result of a rock, that sat around producing fantastic and incredibly lucky corrupted DNA, that improved us from the rock to everything that has lived and died on the Earth, I can’t take you seriously, but I don’t have to listen to you either.

Or you’re a Bible absolutist that believes the Earth is 6,000 years old and flat as a pancake. Or if you’re a new age type Christian that has just made Darwin part of the great creators plan, without any Christian doctrine that doesn’t completely contradict everything Darwin said.

The animals were created in their mature form. This one sentence is curtains for Darwin. You pick, evolution so the cool kids don’t make fun of you. Or intelligent design, which has evidence and the Bible going for it. Man’s arrogance is boundless.

You have a right to the life you were given. You have a right to be unmolested by anyone in any way. I mean bothered, put out, or put upon. You are to treat your fellows as you wish to be treated. You have a right to protect yourself, your loved one’s, and any innocent that you happen to witness being attacked. You have the right to pursue your life and to mix your intellect, labor, and the world for the benefit of you and yours. You have an absolute right to protect your life. Your body is a temple, protecting it, is a moral obligation.

You can’t have a right to anything tangible. If something required the labor of another person, they have a right to sell it, burn it, or whatever, it’s theirs. Stealing has been corrupted like so much of our language has. Taking anything by force or the threat of force is theft. Forcing someone to labor for free, is slavery, regardless of anything else. The draft is kidnapping. War is murder. Compulsory schooling is kidnapping and forced indoctrination. 

The only way healthcare could be a right of yours, is if you owned the doctor, nurse, and so on. You can’t have a God given right over the actions of another person. Then you’re the criminal.  That’s the problem. You people are so confused about justice, which is intuitive and natural to recognize. You think you can have a right to another human’s services. Right to a “living wage”. Right to this and that, and it’s all ridiculous on its face. 

My rights have been violated by the state on several occasions. I’ve been a hostage for months at a time. I’ve been enslaved and forced to work for a victimless crime. They own my paycheck and take there’s before my boss can even get it to me. The state enslaved all business owners with paid permission for everything and unelected power trippers that get to tell you how to run your business. 

Your rights are never violated by your fellow citizen. The state violates your rights, their law, and human decency on a daily basis. 

They own you. They have made every behavior that used to be the business of you and only those involved,  into a crime or violation of some double speak garbage.

The only entity that violates mine, as well as every other citizen in America, is the state. 

All levels of it. The feds, the states, the county, the city, and the HOA. These are the criminals violating my rights, not anyone else. Citizens don’t generally pose a risk to your freedom. That’s the state. The biggest organized crime syndicate ever invented. 

That is, until the UN, the EU and the conquest of Palestine so the masters of gold can mount the throne of the world.

The state is the enemy of freedom, peace, prosperity, and all human creativity and greatness.

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