Relativism Is The Same Regardless The Brand

What do cultural and moral relativism share with regards to social impact? Are they the same?

Everything. The operative word is relativism. Whether you’re talking physics, moral, or cultural relativism, you’re dealing in subjectivity. All of these theories seem to postulate, that everything is relative and subjective to one’s experience.

It’s pseudoscientific crap. It says that we have no objective reality. No objectively moral behavior. No objectively better culture. Life is about finding ways to reckon your insane view with a world full of objective truth. Objective truth cares not for fanciful theories, that cater to any interpretation of reality, one can dream up. 

Objective reality, is reality. Any philosophy that plays with the word relative, is poison. It’s like learning rules that govern toon town from the movies, instead of actual philosophies that have an application in reality. They don’t.

Relativism plays fast and loose with morality most. That’s the point of the whole nonsensical worldview. To completely confuse you as to what is real and what is “relative”.

This makes the whole branch of relativism so effective. It’s not the science of relativism. No, no. It’s the science of theoretical physics, moral relativism, and cultural relativism, just for starters. Truth is, you can see this garbage philosophy run through every discipline in higher ed.

Cultural Marxism and cultural relativism are the exact same thing. It’s the insidious subversion of our society by attacking a whole people’s understanding of truth, from fiction. It blurs the lines in just the right pseudo intellectual garble. If nothing can be called, objectively good. Nothing can be called objectively bad. Thus all decisions are all, as valid as the other, relative to your view, and what’s good for you.

The problem is relativism and our society are totally incompatible. Our system says there are objective truths, and realities that exist. My God given rights are not some relative theory, they are a consequence of simple deduction in an objectively sound world. They rely on the objectivity for the world and our agreement on certain realities. If it’s all relative, relative to what. Your opinions, my opinions, and then the mob’s opinions. In all this how is the truth to be found?

Objectivity. The most objectively, and non bias the better. Do we want our airline pilots, train operators, and crane operators all living in a relative existence that is never really sound or objectively predictable? How could we live in such a world.

This is an indictment upon the OG of relativism, Einstein. He was the patent clerk that convinced the world that it is nothing like what it appears to be. Thanks to relativity you can’t trust your own instincts. Him and Darwin are the dream team of Jewish haters of Christianity, and so dedicated to its destruction they were willing to destroy science, completely, to get it fully adopted. This is goy science meant to destroy our minds and spirit alike.

Darwin really needs to be mentioned. He didn’t coin the name relativism, but he gave us a much more destructive word, evolution. To evolve, it’s taken on a part of our vocabulary whether you believe the theory or not. Now we see young athletes “evolve” into pros. It’s become a verb as well as a thoroughly debunked theory that lacks a shred of physical proof.

These two terms have evolved with our culture and academic vocabulary to a degree that’s ridiculous. Everything is relative and constantly evolving. This is basically true for those of us who like history. Napoleon said, history is a set of lies agreed upon. That’s absolutely the truth as far as I can tell.

Any self taught historian, that follows his own path, down the secretive rabbit hole of revisionist history, comes up against issues. One finds a place where fiction and reality begin to feel inseparable. I mean, a place in time that makes you question the whole paradigm, timeline, or you are dumbstruck by the constant repeat of certain events. The one thing our butting intellectual knows for sure, the truth is out there but it’s not offered to those who refuse to take on the task of finding it. Also, that the coverups are a feature, and not a bug to the system. Secrecy is a default.

Darwin killed God. Einstein took away your ability to understand how objectively true intelligent design is, over Darwin’s Godless world. Thanks to Einstein, a theory that was to be vindicated only, after the fossil record proved it to be so, has become gospel for schools everywhere. These 2 titans of our world, I mean, they gave us everything from the heliocentric models’s full acceptance, to the all encompassing theory of how life began, from Big Bang, to you. These 2 Jews have shaped your entire existence and one was a communist hater of Christ. The other was offered the position, of president of Israel, and hates the nation state so much he declined.

Darwin and Einstein need to go and we need to rethink and rediscover our world, and our place in it.

I’m an objectively free man, made in the image of my creator, and master of my own destiny. Or you can take the Jewish point of view. You are nothing, life is nothing, and Christ was a grifter, boiling in shit for eternity, for daring to tell us all to love each other. Ima keep on being me, haters gonna hate.

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