Have We Gone Too Far With Free Speech

Has Christianity Actually Hurt White People? Living California

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  1. Has Christianity Actually Hurt White People?
  2. What Rights Have We Lost?
  3. Ya Want Controversy, I Give Ya Controversy
  4. Fu** Human Resources
  5. Can Anarcho-Capitalism Be The Answer?

Where are you talking about, the US? I assume since the US is kinda known for one of 3 protected rights in the 1st amendment, you mean America. You couldn’t be American and ask a question like that, in an era of unprecedented lawlessness, and tyranny like never even dreamed of before. Not in the “land of the free, home of the brave”.

You probably think it’s illegal to shout fire in a theater? You’ve heard the mealy mouthed excuses for mistaking a God given right, with the mere misbehavior of a privilege, that we Americans enjoy from our state. A human right isn’t the prerogative of a theater, or the state to violate. 

You have every right to scream fire, and if there’s a scene, in which people or property are damaged due to the panic of your malicious lie, you’re free to be dealt with by the parties you just caused great stress and perhaps injury to. Then the owner of the theater is going to press charges for what the panic cost him in property damage. Freemen are free to do what they wish, the difference is, they take full responsibility for their behavior. 

Our rights are a part of the part of us, that doesn’t die. The energy that isn’t left in our bodies when we die, the spirit that takes leave of this realm upon the death of our meat suits. We know energy is neither created, nor destroyed. I’ve seen more life and energy in a woman on deaths door, so close to that day, that she has to be at peace or she’d be frantic. More life in her old and used up 100 year old eyes, then I see in a hundred of these drones we put in school. She had a lifetime of love, loss, victory, and defeat. She’d lived her life and you could see she was ready for whatever the good lord had next for her.

This woman grew up when men and women spoke carefully and they honored their words, regardless. Reputation was the difference from getting a loan to feed your kids, and being told to trade the father of your children for government cheese. Welfare wasn’t offered to women who had kids with fathers still in the home, who were supposed to be man of said home, that were able but not willing to work. With a capable man in the home, the country actually expected to see the  eventual success of the home, community, and so one.

After the state removed the father figures, developed a clandestine drug trade for the fatherless children, and whacked Escobar for refusing to be America’s bitch. We got the crack epidemic and record violence that was destroying black culture. This is when the mainstream culture chose a side. 

Dr Dre and NWA. Selling drugs, pimping your women to white dudes with enough money to buy what they want. Ask Ice T about the Jews in music.  

Black culture went from the Drifters, Sam Cooke, and Smokey Robinson talking sweet poetry to their women and worshiping their feet. Today black men and women sing/rap about each other out of hate and vile indecency, and that’s just totally cool.

I pointed that out to my daughter and even though it’s so obvious to me it blew her mind. Love songs that were about marriage, babies, and lifelong bonds. Today it’s the most vile crap they can think up in their sold out, satanic little minds. Old rappers were way better. Griff from Public Enemy, Tupac, and others. 

Here’s the thing though, it never had to be this way. There was a split of criminal thuggery and rap for the sake of culture, right around the middle of the 80’s. Gangster rap was big in LA, sure. Everything disgusting is celebrated in LA. The Sugar-hill Gang’s Rappers Delight was a much different attitude and inspired much more innocent behavior.

The Jews running the record labels chose for you guys. Real music that the whole country liked, like Aretha Franklin, the Spinners, and the list is endless, they were all fazed out. They went from young men in suits singing ballads to their woman. To drug dealer, killers who pollute their communities with dope and recruit the young men to take the heat, from criminal, or cop. Their women, they sell out for whatever. Cash, trade, just better give the poor gal something so she don’t get a beating.

Then they dare point their finger at me. This is the result of a clique of malcontents, that constantly create situations of inequity and blame the group they really want hurt.

I’ve never promoted a black boxer just to steal the clothes off his back. Tyson was being managed brilliantly by a couple of old Jews. The media told him they couldn’t be working for him, they were white. 

In came Don King, Tyson, probably the most gifted boxer as far as raw talent goes, ends his career a “convicted” rapist. I think he was catfished. Then a disgraced boxer that resorted to biting a man’s ear off in front of millions of people. 

Free speech has little to do with talking. When you chill, or control speech, you control thoughts. You can control the limits to what is acceptable. Sticks and stones still break bones and words can hurt you now too. That’s the message.

There is no “too far” when it comes to freedom to communicate unpopular ideas. If the so called hate speech can’t be bested by logical debate, maybe it’s not logic guiding you. Maybe it’s propaganda and misplaced anger?

For a rough and tumble people to be so sensitive over a stupid word, that was given to them after the Irish wore it out, how weak minded are they? There’s nothing you could call me, regarding my race that would get any response but laughter from me. If they pushed it, I’d answer in kind. 

We need to expand our freedom, not help destroy it. We need to be adults about words and understand the distinction between a name and violence. 

We need to get over ourselves. White liberals, it’s not your life’s purpose to protect blacks. Black folks, get over the victim card it’s pathetic and wimpy as hell. The best revenge is living well.

The Bill of Rights is not laws for us. They are hard prohibitions against a master list of God given rights, they have no right, authority, or protection of the law, for violating any one of them. As well as unlimited other rights not mentioned. The only privileges they are to enjoy are listed in the Constitution itself, and the amendments. A couple of which are frauds. 

In fact they are oath bound to protect this constitution, not a president, senator, or anything but the US Constitution. They have failed, or they are turn coat imposters hell bent on destruction.

We need more and louder free speech. We need a real press that has access to the people’s business. We have the right to associate with whom we wish and can not be forced to integrate with anyone. 

This government is beneath God and they have quite an eternity to consider banning churches but leaving liquor stores and methadone clinics open. We need to understand our rights and stand on them without giving another inch. 

Natural or God given rights are easy to define and easy to find the proper trespasser when you understand the 2 fundamental principles that guide the whole world view.

You are clearly a special animal that happens to share the place with other folks, similar in kind but different in detail. We know we are the masters of our domain because we control it and shape it to our liking. We cut hundreds of mile long canals. Build magnificent cities, and we blow it sometimes.

Seems sometimes the arrogance of man grinds on God’s ears so much, that he scatters us and hits reset. getting close I think.

The answer is never less freedom. What are you going to do to police speech? What’s the punishment, and what exactly is the crime? You folks that want to surrender the very last reasons we have any freedom left at all, are mental. 

Speech, assembly, the militia and, an American patriot with 400 million guns, just waiting to be put to good use.

If I haven’t been clear enough. Freedom fixes things, the state kills people for lack of a better idea. Freedom has an excellent track record in this country and we’d like to keep it that way. If you aren’t from here, don’t come talking that jive without understanding the people you get to live off of now.

American weapons are the line in the sand between world domination, and world wide freedom. You wanna limit our options? Thanks but we won our freedom by ourselves and a bit of French shipping. We don’t need anything but will this time. 

Cancelled Person

I’m a total neanderthal that’s completely confused by the society I live in. I’m offensive, honest, and a good man. I’m, here because I pay to be here, and I will say whatever I like. Come one, come all, to the freak show of commiefornia.

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