Free Love=Destruction Of Civilization

Moms think they are the end all be all to parenting, all occupations, and the world in general. It doesn’t seem to occur to them at all, that men might share a place, on this rock too. The increasingly obvious importance of men in the lives of both young boys and girls is undeniable at this point. We are living through the single mom apocalypse and it’s not looking good. Sorry lady’s, it takes a man to raise a man. If that is sexist then so be it. I wanted nothing to do and had nothing to offer my daughter on coming into puberty. Not my bag and it would have been a disaster. Thank God for mom on that one. Likewise there are things men need to impart to their boys to have healthy and confident men in the future.

The family court gave me 4 days a month to see my daughter and tied me to her financially. Truth is, I didn’t even feel like a dad, at all. Just a liability. I desperately wanted to be a dad, and be better than mine was. Around daughter turning 13, was the opportunity for me. My daughter had run roughshod all over my ex and was on her way to being a delinquent.

This made my decade long struggle seem silly and if I would have known more about women I could have done so much better pregaming the inevitable. First task was take control. My house, my rules. After many unexpected pop ins for lunch and the ensuing screaming for losers to leave or be arrested, the losers went away. All the skanks that had surrounded and warped my perfect child were immediately removed from her life by making her choose them or a place to live (This isn’t capable for moms, apparently). In short time my daughter was back and she even made up with mommy too.

Now she rents a studio apartment a few min from me and works and goes to the JC. Very proud indeed. Mommy lives 4 hours away and has a new baby with some cuck douchebag, that likes sloppy seconds. Near 40 year old, uneducated, unemployed, and comes with the baggage of an adult daughter and looney ex. What a catch. I guess it’s a testament to just how hot my ex is, after 3 kids and pushing 40. He isn’t wrong, she’s still beautiful and classy. When she wants to be. She is capable of the lowest, most disgusting lies and deceit, on Earth, if it’s a question in court. 

Since we aren’t allowed to confront our accusers, call out clear lies, which are perjury, or defend yourself from her baseless claims at all, the family of both parents should be subpoenaed to answer questions based solely upon the character and experience they observed from either parent. You might be shocked that a lot of parents will choose the best for the child, at the expense of their own kid’s situation. If the female has one friend she still has from grade school, and not much else, her parents should be their for testimony of the person’s character. While Grandpappy is on the stand and under oath, I suggest asking questions about his parenting. It’s not genetics that predispose you for addiction. It’s bad childhood.

Knowing the stakes of these first 5 to 10 years, are so long lasting and impressionable, that it can be the difference between a doctor who runs marathons, and the junkie homeless bum. In fact I think any divorce that is initiated before their child hits the tender age of 5, at least, should be suspected of having such poor character, and bad judgement. It’s never mentioned for some reason, these women choose their husbands and pledge their lives to one another, through good and bad, rich and poor. If they are the sucker and just got played for years before he showed himself for what he is. She’s lying and it’s obviously so. 

Yet, this doesn’t seem to ever call into question their character, honor, or honesty. They are completely given a pass for telling the father of her child that he is a monster and no evidence of such is needed. Divorce is terrible for children. Women have their super power of pity and guilt. They can have a 20 year marriage that started right after high school and get a family court dictator to white knight all day, everyday. Not a drop of the common sense that would be used in solving a crime, or even a lawsuit over a contract. What changed after 20 years that caused you such “dissatisfaction” that you had to destroy the family, financially, logistically, and emotionally?

Furthermore, if you decide you are unhappy and choose to take leave of said marriage that begat both family of children, the lap of luxury as a stay at home mom, and a husband with life insurance and a 60 hour work week to provide to the max, even after he can’t keep up the schedule and can retire. Even preparing for his family after he’s dead with a monthly payment towards their life’s responsibilities. They may have been the medical insurance, dental, and grocery provider, and you can be legally raped in court by a sob faced female without a single redeeming quality. The fact that they get so much for doing so little, that belittles marriage, and has made it a liability.

How can I trust any female today? The incentives are all in the divorce category, while marriage gets culturally made into a joke. It’s a sacred union that joins two families and signify a new fork in the family tree. It’s a contract that is made before God, the state, and the witnesses that are all there to either give blessing or object. The ring is endless and signifies the wholeness that came from the vows. Till death do we part means what it says, according to God and society on the whole. If your friends are encouraging you to end a decade or more long relationship, they don’t care about you at all. A good friend, or any good counsel, would encourage you to think on the issue and try to come to the heart of the issue. The vast majority of divorces end with a regretful person within 5 years.

When they pole people who experienced a divorce 5 years past, the numbers are consistently super high. Regret is the vast majority of their feeling. Overcoming diversity brings people closer. If you run at the first sign that you might not have the life of a Disney movie, you are never going to be happy because you’re out of your mind. You ain’t no princess and your options aren’t going to include the king. Even if the king chose you, what a crappy life of constant attention from everyone except the one you call husband. He is likely busy, doing king stuff, and probably has his gals for fun. Queens are genetically chosen and expected to be seen, not so much heard. Queens are rich, doted on, and pampered. They also get to be the bearer of as many children as she can. Childbirth at the time was incredibly dangerous for both mom and baby. Would a king choose his queens life, over his heir? Not sure. Women are plentiful, heirs are not.

We are a very ritualistic and traditional species. The family structure among the rest of Earth’s corporate family, is so natural and intuitive that it is almost universal. The Mormons took many wives to bolster their population. It works. Now it’s families of mormons who live in Mexico and are actually standing up to the cartels. They have weapons, obviously. Bullets are nothing compared to large families who love and depend on one another for everything. This is a fighting force that doesn’t allow you to avoid the names of those you killed. They understand they are taking on a dangerous and brutal, lawless black market, corporate pirate ship. They’re devotion to one another knows no end. They would die for anyone in the family. 

I actually wish I was a Quaker, or Amish at least for a few years. My guess is that I would fall in love with that lifestyle and never return. At 40 I’m a bit old for the 18 year olds starting families. I’d still take an Amish widow over any average divorced chick, all day, everyday. The widow lost naturally and had to heal from the heart break, but she doesn’t live a lie about always hating the father of her children. I’m already only focused on women who follow the book, go to church, and live the life they preach. I would prefer to have a woman with no children and about ten years my junior. Even at 30, some 80% of viable eggs are gone from a woman. That’s why I want them younger than myself. Hell I would be happy if my widow found another partner, in appropriate time, that is. If she’s 10 years younger and lives an average of around 10 years longer, there’s plenty of life she can share with another lucky man.

As an anarchist I can tell you we are the most misunderstood people on Earth. Not from lack of curiosity, but because they don’t understand, and are too lazy to learn about the philosophy of liberty. To the vast majority of people, the literal meaning, “no rulers”, is overtaken by their propagandists and they see chaos. Lawless, brutal, and constant violence. Why would state agents paint anarchy in such ridiculous terms, and without any actual truth of the word or it’s adherence. It totally undermines their authority as teachers. They still remain the adult and thus, they remain the proper authority of their class. Anarchy says that when I leave her realm I am free to be me. I have no rulers because we have no betters. 

There’s the biggest “misunderstanding”. Life is governed by laws of nature and the societal norms that create an unspoken code of healthy interaction among each other and the teachers. We don’t follow these rules for fear of pain, “trouble”, or any reason you might have ever considered. Right and wrong are a matter of methodology and fidelity to the truth. We are all born with an intuitive knowledge of what’s right and what’s clearly a violation to someone. Our rights are a consequence of our humanity, they predate governments , they’re as old as time. The innate conscience we are all born with is largely calibrated properly from birth.

The lunatic who has no respect for the rights of others, and wants to be given more authority over your fellow equals, are dangerous. Power over others is something only appealing to psychopaths and criminals. Normal people want to be known as fair, and honorable. The most important thing a man has is his name. Does your name invoke confidence and trust. Does your name draw sighs and considerations that you may not have their full confidence. In an anarchist world your name would be everything, and likely we would have a way to vet and validate people based upon their social credibility. An app that is about you, but others get to affect your score in a reasonable way.

Without the awful and arbitrary credit scoring cartels, we would need a system of vetting people. An app that’s developed by open source code and only concerns itself with the measurable aspects that we could use to judge character, may sound like ChiCom crap. The difference is, it would be without a government. This app would govern some of our interactions when dealing with strangers, self govern. A couple vetted reviews of you protecting your word. Maybe a vague story of letting a long time friend down without reason. Of course it would have a summary of your responsibility with money and debts. There would be competition and people would choose the app most acceptable to those using it.

Governments are outdated, wasteful, environmentally tragic, and now destructive of human progress. They are dangerous beyond all reason or common sense. One man is holding a box that could start the beginning of a nuclear holocaust. That man with the box now, is barely lucid enough to string a sentence together. The whole idea is absolute lunacy that we have no time to discuss the destruction of the world, before giving some guy who got maybe 30% of Americans to actually participate in voting at all, half of which voted for the polar opposite of everything this clown sold his soul to support, for his disgusting half century political career. The ability to ignite the world with the power of thousands of tons of TNT, that cluster into many weapons for increasing the chance of defeating any defense system. The “super” that’s never been used in anger could clear the population rather quickly. Thank God for the absolute obliteration of all infrastructure, with nukes.  If these weapons could be used to melt people but not wood or the city, and leave infrastructure intact, we would have used them from the time we invented them, to today.

A young man learns early that his father’s word wasn’t worth a thing. Even if it’s totally out of his hands and the wife just took off with an OnlyFans tipper, you are going to be “abandoned” by dad. You may never know how much money, time, and tears he spent to get just a fair 50/50 split. You’ll never know why the judge decided that 4 days a month in person was all fathers deserved, which I can say from experience, is cruel and unusual punishment for both the child and parent. They will come to know you as a depressed person. For years I was so destroyed as a man, that I wasn’t sure if I could or wanted to even continue trying. I have wanted to kill myself just to deprive my ex the money she was stealing from me every paycheck. Slavery to your ex lover is worse than slavery to a person that just treats you like cattle. 

The hatred for mom can even affect how you see your own daughter. Once she’s kidnapped from your influence you are stuck relying on the good decision making of mom. Add to that the new cuck in mom’s life that is constantly white knighting to get whatever they want. Sometimes the guys that like single moms, like the access to unsupervised minors. You’re 15 times more likely to be abused by a step parent than your blood. Then there’s the financial ruin. Why does dad live in this crappy apartment while you and stepdad live in the home dad bought? Why does he only get to be around us 2 weekends a month but he’s forced to pay for all of our needs? This question will develop at some time and in some way. When the youngster finds out the straight facts he is likely to think twice before asking for a woman’s hand in marriage.

Females have been thoroughly destroyed by parents that thought tablets were babysitters. The one thing worse than hardcore porn is the hidden sexuality, propaganda ridden, and designed to actually reduce one’s IQ, where just about every other action we make improves our thinking. The shows they have on YT for children are disgusting, sometimes very sexual, and not coming from the TV where everyone else can see what you’re watching. They have total freedom to explore a modern day library of Alexandria right in their hands. However, young boys are drawn to women and the more naked and naughty, the better. When I was a kid, the Sears catalog was about as racy as it got without going to a building with no windows in a seedy part of town.

It is totally healthy for your girl to demand you not stare at other naked women, certainly not while they’re being essentially sexually assaulted. Failing to follow this easy condition and stop degrading yourself, and her, by watching broken people humiliate themselves for drug money, will affect your relationship. Subtle things that seem less sick because of our society, not the level of perversion that really describes watching 2 strangers have some sick “genre” of so called sex on you. 

My daughters mom found a dirty magazine under my bed when we were like 18 or less. She flipped out and called me out for jerking off to paper when I could be with her anytime I want. I would be crushed if she spent her whole day looking at dicks that make mine look like a thumb. Pornography is a subversive weapon against our society. It was Hustler and Playboy when I was young. There was video rentals but you had to be a scumbag and go into the porn section to rent it. This alone kept plenty of shy fellas from ever renting a porno. 

The world wide web has given us the privacy, from start to finish, made it so abundant that it’s free unless you have a serious issue, and it’s ubiquitous. This smut that never should have been allowed to become an industry at all, is the great unknown. How many lives are destroyed making this filth? How many brains have been warped to think sex and violence are compatible? How many young men are totally embarrassed by their body because they use morons whose only contribution to Earth is a giant hog. The average sized penis in this country is like 5.5”. Watching black dudes with dicks the size of your noodle arms, pound white girls all day is the worst possible thing you could do for your own confidence. Just as with the rest of the video, its show, and they want hot women, and big dicked dudes. The scrawny jewish producers love the damage their filth does. They know damn well the damage of hardcore pornagraphy that depicts questionable legality half the time. They know it’s hurt our marriages, the age old passage of a man being made a man with a female as awkward and nervous as he is. The drop in teenage dating, marriage, and families. This is just cutting the number of each generation born into, endless, free porn watching, and sex dolls for special nights. 

The computer doesn’t nag, bitch, or ever talk back. It doesn’t tell you to kill yourself until they are successful. The computer you own and can trust. Women refused to be “owned” even if it’s mutual. They instinctively push back on everything, and they talk back. I don’t want a dummy baby maker. I want someone that can fill in my weak spots, help me be better at saving and investing my hard work, and someone that understands, the more we save, the quicker we get retired and travel the world. I think we can all have it all, given good health and a full life. Women are being told for decades that they are so much better than men they can multitask, men can’t. They can listen to you while talking on the phone. They can justify paying for a housecleaner but insist upon cleaning the house the day before she comes. Cooking learned from mom and other family, keep the house from becoming a dump with rodents and ants, and teach the kids how to read and write. That’s all I really ask.

For a woman that promised me that, and followed through, I would give the world to. Take my kids to church with you, and I will promise to join you, at least once a month. More if the family benefits from it. Loyalty to me, our kids, and our parents. I wouldn’t turn my mom to a death factory they call old folks homes, ever. Due to this I wouldn’t expect less from the inlaws. They would be as welcome as anyone. The only thing that could ruin me and a potential parent in law, is the official policy for treating covid like cancer. They are using a toxic cancer type medecine and hoping to kill you just enough to kill the bug. My stepdad’s an oncology nurse and he says that all cancer patients die from the treatment. That’s why I plan to live like I’m dying if ever diagnosed with anything like that. 6 months of feeling good and loving wife and kids, followed by a steep decline and death. 

Better than the way they robbed my grandfather of all his will to live, long before he actually died. If not for the discovery of the stupid, “growth”, he spent the last 3 years of his life in misery following the science. Constant treatment of toxic cocktails that are deadly on their own and waste you away to nothing before you take your final painkiller and dose of whatever. Then it’s lights out and you’ve bankrupted your estate, spent your final mortal time in agony, and can’t say it saved you a single day. 

Oncology is the worst “medicine” in my opinion. We have bred out the natural antioxidants of our foods because they are bitter. Almonds, peach pits, and good ole fashioned sunlight are all antioxidants. Our peaches have been bred to be sweeter and the naturally occuring arsenic is far less than it was. Same with almonds, natural arsenic that your body could isolate and use to poison specific cells. The body doesn’t “spray and pray”, it targets the problem and tries to reach equilibrium again.

Our social body is very sick and if equilibrium is ever to be even in sight again, we must follow the examples set by the untold generations that led to our very existence. Families are not some new invention to be played around with and improved upon. Thousands upon thousands of years have given us a model that works without a shred of doubt. In fact, traditional families have been so thoroughly exposed for the foundation of a functioning society, we ignore their disrepair at our own peril.

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