Finally The Sheeple Are Waking Up, Kinda

For someone who doesn’t vote, I do spend a lot of attention on politics. Over the last 5 or 6 years I have considered the left, a total lost cause. Not a single redeeming quality in the democratic platform. They can’t hold two consistent thoughts in their mind at once. Every victim class they can invent they constantly make things worse for. The Trump presidency and the germ have shown these people for the lunatics they are.

Now that we have a one party system in full swing, these losers are finally noticing it’s them who have ruined the country. They haven’t told the truth about anything. They watch the news and consider themselves informed. Obviously conflicted interests are the sole place they get informed of anything. The “news” mouthpiece can deliver a total crock of crap about getting the jab, and then immediately follow a commercial for some pharmaceutical company. 

Even after Joe Rogan destroys the narrative with his actual experience and the advice of a couple famous doctors, they scream cancel him. Then he had the gall to bring doctors on his incredibly popular show, so them and he could discuss the whole ordeal. Apparently Neil Young knows more about covid than brilliant and well known doctors.

Dr Mercola is a hero in the natural health world. Here’s some of the awards his profession has bestowed upon him.

  • Pinnacle Award Lifetime Achievement Award 2019
    Mindshare Summit
  • Future of Medicine Award 2017
    American Comprehensive Integrative Medicine
  • Activist Award 2011
    Weston Price Foundation
  • Philanthropist for Justice 2011
    Consumers for Dental Choice
  • Vision and Charity Award 2009
    National Vaccine Information Center
  • Wellness Revolution Hall of Fame
    Parker Chiropractic 2007

What a hack, right. I mean he clearly has less credibility than Fauci. Fauci has culpability, Mercola has credibility. The interesting thing about Dr Mercola is what you get when you search him. They go out of their way to make him appear less credentialed than a real doctor. He’s an OD instead of an MD. Both take essentially the exact same classes and learn the same biology and everything. The difference is in the philosophy of medicine and health. 

MD’s believe in “practicing” with chemicals, and basically that health is a matter of finding the right cocktail of chemicals for whatever ailment the patient’s lifestyle has created. Instead of treating their patients like adults that have some responsibility for their health. They just call baskets of symptoms some new “disease”. Never is it a matter of too much sugar, bad diets, and no exercise. You’re disgustingly obese? We can fix it with a very invasive and dangerous surgery. Since you got fat because of something you have going on with your emotions, they haven’t helped you at all. Having known a few people who have done this, I can tell you it didn’t help them at all.

OD’s believe that your health is your responsibility. Also they happen to think there’s room for vitamin supplements, and other natural cures that work better and have less side effects. They take a holistic approach that takes into account the whole patient. They can do everything an MD can, but they approach the practice of health without thinking only of medicine. Due to our diets and our lack of physical activities we are living different than any humans that came before us. It’s brand new to the human experience to have so much sitting around doing nothing. Maybe stuffing face with some lab made fake food.

The number one comorbidity for covid is being overweight. That’s according to my mom and every other source I can find. Is your MD telling you, you need to get outside and exercise, while getting the vitamin D, that you are so starved of. MD telling you how dangerous it is to mask children? That the CO build up is brain damaging for everyone, but especially youngsters. Does your MD tell you kids are in danger and need to be jabbed? Who really cares about their patients? The one’s cashing checks to follow deadly CDC guidelines, or the brave heroes that are fighting the entire establishment, just to protect as many people as they can?

This is wiki’s bio for Dr Mercola.

Joseph Michael Mercola (/mərˈkoʊlə/;[1] born July 8, 1954) is an American alternative medicine proponent, osteopathic physician, and Internet business personality. He markets dietary supplements and medical devices.[2] On his website, Mercola and colleagues advocate unproven and pseudoscientifc alternative health notions including homeopathy and opposition to vaccination. These positions have received persistent criticism.[3] Mercola is a member of several alternative medicine organizations as well as the political advocacy group Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, which promotes scientifically discredited views about medicine and disease.[4] Until 2013,[5] Mercola operated the Dr. Mercola Natural Health Center (formerly the Optimal Wellness Center) in Schaumburg, Illinois.[6] He is the author of the books The No-Grain Diet[7] (with Alison Rose Levy) and The Great Bird Flu Hoax.

Does that seem like a non bias opinion of a great man who has helped millions? Pseudoscientific is quarantining healthy people. Forcing people to stay inside. Forcing everyone to cover their faces with absolutely worthless masks. Two weeks to flatten the curve. Churches must be closed but liquor stores are essential. Continuing to push a discredited technology upon the entire population, regardless the failure to meet any single promise that was made about it.

The jab is the only way back to normal. All you need is one, or two shots, and we will beat the virus. Oh, actually you can still get covid but it won’t be as bad. Now we know the danger of the jab is far higher for just about everyone, than covid ever was. Yet we still have schools demanding kids be damaged by out of control teachers that want to ride this forever. That’s the issue at this point. Some people are benefitting and never want to go back to normal. There is no logical reason to do anything we have done during this whole nonevent.

All we have done is destroy the minds and bodies of millions of Americans. We’ve ruined unknown businesses that were owned and operated by generations before. We’ve made people scared to be near one another. We have scarred an entire generation of people by treating the common cold like ebola. We have destroyed the credibility of the political, health, and regulatory systems beyond repair. We have politicized everything and set the stage for a civil war.

Finally, the truckers are doing what they should have done years ago. They are striking, and they are being supported to a degree that can’t be stopped by the state. They got GoFundMe to cave and destroy itself. I wouldn’t use them for anything ever again. Then they tried to go after the christian ran equivalent to the weakling cucks at GFM. Happily they were told that they have zero jurisdiction over them, and they intended upon doing exactly as they promised to do. Take in, and make delivery, of donations for these heroes at the border. This is too big to be partisan. Some portion of the sheeple are waking up. The hardcore morons are still all over the place, but they are getting tired.

Joe Rogan has no competition in the information space. He owns all of the demographics that matter. If you’re less than 60 and a man, you have heard a Joe Rogan show. Or you know him from UFC, Fear Factor, or his stand up comedy. The networks would lose their minds to get a fraction of the audience Rogan has. CNN and the rest are basically free and still can’t crack a half million for their main shows. Spotify is a pay to play platform, and it didn’t affect Rogan’s numbers at all. If anything, he’s bigger now than ever before.

Recently someone put together a ridiculous mashup of Rogan saying nigger. No context to anything. It’s literally just the word nigger over and over. He doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. He has never said anything that would suggest he is a bigot, yet someone has tried desperately, and the networks are showing it. This should just show the people how desperate and foul they are. At least anyone with any ability to think for themselves, can see this is garbage and childish to a ridiculous point.

The one thing I wish Rogan would stop doing, is apologizing. What are you sorry for? Being honest, authentic, and genuine? That’s what got you your audience. People love to listen to you, and feel like they know you, because they’ve been invited to eavesdrop on thousands of great conversations he’s had, with every type of person out there. Apologizing to them, is an attack on us. Pick Rogan. You can’t, and shouldn’t try to please everyone. 

You should be blowing them off like the flies they are. That video mashup should have got you to belly laugh into the camera and do a mic drop at the end. Own it, and be who you are. Or you will lose your audience, and they will win. With so many podcasts and options out there what makes Rogan think he can totally cuck out to the liars, and the pukes that drove the people to Rogan in the first place? Toning it down further is going to cost you, not help you. 

I was done with Rogan after the moon cuckout. Still, he is a million times better than anything in the mainstream. He’s actually pretty mainstream by now anyway. Oh well I really don’t care what happens to Rogan. I care about his audience. I can’t see anyone, that got into Rogan, ever going back to the networks. They are, in effect, red pilled to a point that they can see the lies through the big boobs and white teeth. Lost to the professional liars forever.

The censorship over covid has been unreal. They have controlled the conversation so effectively that we had 2 doctors talking about the therapeutics and the low mortality rate on YouTube for a minute. Only to be the example of how to be banned from polite society, tell the truth. Show a video of a girl having post jab seizures, get banned. Show a doctor explaining their own experience with Ivermectin, get banned. Question the wisdom of the tyrannical lockdowns and draconian passport crap, get banned. We have had no voice in this fight at all and still, they are losing the narrative.

If you still think covid is a scary thing that you can protect yourself from with a tee shirt around your face, drop dead. If you think I am selfish for declining to be a lab rat for big Pharma, drop dead. If you refuse to be reasonable and accept you’ve been played and I was not, go fuck yourself.

As with everything, in the end, I am right. All you stupid “educated” and self righteous assholes are never right about anything. How can I be so much smarter than you people? Why aren’t you so embarrassed with your behavior, that you’re scared to show your stupid face in public ever again. How can you possibly justify your reaction to a bug with a 99% survival rate for healthy people? How dare you suggest the young and healthy join you in this science experiment they are calling medicine.

Even your soft headed comrades are waking up. The country is so over this lawless, dystopian, and fake emergency, that we are about to see the effects by the voters, and from all the evidence I see, the dems are in for a blood bath. They know it too, that’s why they are all of a sudden coming around to lifting the restrictions. Democrats are the party of the germ. The party of lockdown and endless fear. They are the party of sheeple that have done everything they’ve been told to do. For what? What exactly has it done for you. I don’t wear a mask unless I have to. I won’t ever take another vaccine as long as I live. I never followed any of their rules at all. 

What do you get that I don’t? What’s the prize for being a total loser and refusing to even entertain a conversation about the reality on the ground around them. Nothing. Your consequence for not thinking for yourself is probably a shorter life than you should have. More health issues than you would have had, otherwise. Maybe you get to be the reason and cause of an injured for life child. Compliance to evil will result in more evil. If you don’t understand this, you’re an idiot.

After years of BS it’s finally coming to an end. Enough people are over it that the government doesn’t matter anymore. Truckers have far more clout than all the political pukes put together. It’s the blue collar boys that are going to save the country. We run this country and if we work together we can rob you of everything. Water, power, anything trucked to its destination, and so much more. We stop working and you stop living. The vast majority of the country is with the truckers and hate you. I hate the idiots that obeyed, more than the tyrants that ordered it. If you would have listened to reason, science, and the experience of history, we never would have had a pandemic. It would have been a bad flu season and nothing else. 

When the plague was ripping Europe apart nobody needed the media to constantly tell them about anything. They were surrounded by dead people. Half the people in Europe died. That’s what a pandemic looks like. Even back then they knew to quarantine the sick and left the healthy alone. Had they done what we did, all Europeans might have died. That’s the “science”. Science isn’t scientists and their opinions. It’s a method for finding the truth of things. A method that anyone can use to try and find the truth. Taking the words of paid for mouthpieces, is not science, not smart, and barely human. More akin to dog behavior than a human with a functioning brain. Dog, lab rat, whatever you are, you lost your human card when you became a drone.

Now just shut your face for the rest of your pathetic lives. Those of us that remained individual thinkers, and took all of your censorship, ridicule, and self righteous shit talking, we deserve our due. We were right and you were so wrong, and the stakes so high, you likely stole health and life from yourselves and your own children. You should be so embarrassed and ashamed, that you stay in your home and never give your input to anything again.

Just a tiny bit of self reflection should show you more than I can say. All you sheeple that were taken in by this, and continued to live this lie, deserve to be banished from America. Americans are tough and independent. You are soft, helpless, and childish to a point of being dangerous to yourself, and everyone around you. I wish this was the last hoax that I am going to be right on, again, but it’s not.

Thanks to the fantastic success of this shock test, they are going to continue to test our resolve, until they drop the hammer and we get the final lockdown. Can’t wait for that. They will be able to call a pandemic once these jabs are fully activated. We might see millions of dead Americans within the next few years. I guess the silver lining could be, the IQ test we are taking. I’m sad for the ones that failed, but they had every chance I had, to find the truth. They refused to listen to anyone they actually knew, and put their lives in the hands of monsters. 

When the Pfizer CEO is banned from entering Israel for refusing his own jab, how can you possibly take it? Knowing that this is totally new technology, that has a bad track record, and you still were willing and eager to get it slammed into your kids. You deserve what you get. I am sorry for your kids, but you, I have no love for at all. You have one responsibility above all else. Protecting your children. That means reading the ingredients of the things being injected into them. If you can’t know the ingredients then you decline. If you think formaldehyde is what makes babies strong, you’re an idiot. Formaldehyde is in every vaccine on the market. Every dose you give adds to the total chemical soup, that you started with the first vaccine. Same with aluminum, it’s in almost all vaccines. It too adds up with every dose and it likes to stick around long enough to get to the brain. 

Well, this was a total train wreck of thoughts, but its all the way I feel. I am tired of this, and so tired of the dummy’s that surround me. Just one county north and it’s a different world. Mendo County and up is normal life. Sonoma County and down is just SJW, woke, and totally in control of the state. California is a good place for the war to start. The split is so stark between Nor-Cal and So-Cal that we hate each other enough for an altercation. Enough for violence and it’s growing more and more, daily.

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