Do Housewives Contribute To Society

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Hell yes! Just look at all the empirical evidence of such. I don’t know what you mean by “housewife”, that’s a slur that was weaponized against women. A word to belittle, and patronizing to the most important thing a woman can be. A good mother, wife, educator, moral example, and general center of a functioning family. Perhaps housewife is akin to baby maker. These are propaganda, psychological warfare, and never the actual worldview of those who are attacking women with it.

The media that has destroyed the family more thoroughly than anything else, could come close to. Who is it that gives us our perception of the world, through their silver screen? It’s admitted freely, Jews. You think Jewish women look down on taking care of their families? Belittle one another with slurs like baby maker and housewife? Housewife and housenegro seem pretty close. Why the double standard? Why the obsession with Jewish doctors? They must not practice what they preach.

As I said, just look at the evidence of mothers and their role in the family as a glue, Vs the current paradigm, in which women are weak for following all their ancestors and being the house KEEPER they have always been. Men just bring home the bacon, momma sorts out the bills and the rest of the things men would rather buy toys than pay for. She decides the grocery budget, what needs to be taken care of now, and what can wait till next paycheck. 

At least that’s how it was when I was a kid. Men joked constantly about having an allowance and it wasn’t a sign of a punk. It meant you were taking care of business and wifey was happy. Happy wife, happy life. Guys are that simple, don’t try and complicate us. All you’re doing is setting us both up to fail, if you think men are broken, just need you to fix them, or that you know more about our part in the family, than we do, step back and consider you could be wrong.

Women began to abandon their families as soon as no fault divorce was made law. Before that it took good reason to, not only break the contract of marriage, but to do so, and get paid, to take a man’s children. To do so and for the cause of dissatisfaction, was the death knell of marriage. It’s survival at its paltry 50%, is actually a miracle. This needs to be repealed. The party that demands freedom from a legal contract, should be given nothing but a safe and quick opportunity to get their stuff and leave. No reason divorce should get the woman no rights to the children or the man’s property. Dissatisfaction is a childish reason to destroy a family, it shouldn’t be a career plan. 

Men are totally lame too. You “heads of the households” are P-whipped jellyfish. You act like overgrown children and, while you might provide a good standard of living, do you act like the man of the house, or a wimp that answers to wifey on all things? I work around enough people to know the wife is the boss, regardless of the topic. As the bread winner you should have way more say in matters beyond the running of the house. Forcing wifey to accept savings, frugality, and respect how hard you work for the lifestyle everyone lives. Even if you both work 9 out of 10 times the man pays the bills.

Women have become far too important and men have been totally neutered. Now we have years of kids watching their parents act like scared, clueless, and possibly dangerously frantic, lunatics. I think these kids are going to realize their parents are idiots soon enough. People like me have been telling our kids the exact opposite of all y’all the whole time. I’m comfortable with my credibility, how’s yours?

Perhaps if we had housewives and bread winners again, just maybe we’d be able to devote enough time to reality, and to avoid being conned like total tools every time they like. Just maybe. Just maybe, everything on TV is about attacking marriage. Soap operas are the longest running daytime TV thing around. What do they depict? A work place that’s full of scandal, cheating, and utter nonsense.

These shows started off early and I bet you can track divorce rates to the adoption of these never ending anxiety trips for the women addicted to them. Eventually you’d get the impression that your husband is surrounded by hot, dumb, and slutty women all day, everyday. This is hardcore psychological warfare. They promote divorce far more than happy families. According to Hollywood there’s no such thing as a good functioning, honest, and especially, Christian family. 

The man’s an idiot. The wife is an alcoholic or cheating, or both. The kids are drug addicts. If there’s a teenage daughter she hates everyone and sleeps around. This is so obvious at this point and apparently nobody cares. If there’s a Jewish family, they’re the doctor, lawyer, and their family is perfect. It’s not subtle. 

Another very hard to miss propaganda, is this obsession over mixed race relationships. Particularly white women with black men. Never a Jewish girl mind you, that would be unacceptable to such a racist people. Marriage to a black is worse than to a white goy by far, and they don’t exactly support interfaith relations. 

It seems that having destroyed the family to around half, they are ready to see us blotted out completely. They celebrate it and spend buckets of shekels making it more convenient. NGO’s that are completely Israeli owned, and operated, work very hard getting as many Africans, and muslims into Europe, America, and all Western countries, as they can. Violating the border laws of sovereign foreign nations, and with impunity. Our leaders do nothing. We’re being invaded by a foreign country’s idea of who we should call countryman. Meanwhile they require proof of race by DNA to gain Israel citizenship. Ethnostate, or apartheid, call it what you want. It’s a total contradiction to the way every single Jew living outside of Israel acts and supports.

Israel aside, it’s their tribe in my country that confuses me. Why they could be so few, yet so represented? Blacks make up some 6 or 7 times their number and they’re not in the same universe with  regards to wealth, power, or even control over their own neighbors. 2% Jewish population, Vs around 12 to 15%. It’s not even close.

I’ve never seen any white supremacy, but I see Jewish supremacists everywhere. Malcom X saw it too, and even today Farrakhan talks about the synagogue of satan. Christians, for some reason, are too busy sending money and defending actions no Christian could possibly condone, to actually consider the reality of much.

The idea that there’s some historical connection between Christianity and Talmudic Judaism, is insane. Whatever connection to the Jews, at all, ended with Christ. Until fairly recently, Christians would regularly ban Jews from their countries. Plenty of times groups of Jews would be killed in a mass reaction to something that broke the camels back. Truth is, Judaism died during the Babylonian exile.

Anyway, sorry bout the detour, my brain wonders. I just think it’s important to know that the world we’re living in wasn’t brought about naturally, with our  input, or benefit in mind. There’s a quiet war that has been deployed against us and it’s insidious and effective. Running a household and raising bright, free thinking, and confident children is the most important job, and a woman’s natural purpose in life. It’s rewarding in and of itself, and when done right, ends in a life well lived. 

We all live and die. The parts we pass down could continue for generations. We can also destroy a life simply by neglect. In fact, it’s worse to neglect a child than hit them. Both are bad but neglect is apparently worse. How neglected do kids feel right now? Are these monsters going to traumatize your child over the fear of a virus that doesn’t hurt kids, period. 

The damage done to children over the last couple years is going to stick with us for a long time. If moms were the housewives they used to be, would they have allowed for this? Would they have been totally blind to the CRT being pumped into their kids? I think we outta put more emphasis on having a stay at home parent. Leaving them to the state has led to this. Need I say more.

Parents are essential to society. Moms and dads. Both are equally important and both have different roles to play. The monsters that have “entertained” you for decades, wouldn’t even consider acting anything like even the best characters in their filth. Israel makes their internet providers block porn sites by default. If you want access to the smut you simply have to ask for it. Their default is to think of their children, and to protect them from themselves and the world, alike. 

The disgusting issue is the jews that live here. They started, and own the porn industry, still today. They have used our devotion to free speech to disregard any decency that could stand in their way. In America, it is almost impossible to keep hardcore porn from children. When I was a kid you might see a few dirty magazines, or possibly a bad movie or two, and it was only quick snapshots and generally totally inaccessible. Today a smartphone can deliver, actual endless scenes, and the most disgusting “genres” ever dreamt up to anyone with internet access.

Porn has changed the brains of our children. They are addicted to this disgusting filth. They have no idea what sex is actually like. When they find out, they are let down. They have been so desensitized to brutality, objectification, and don’t regard the feelings of the female at all. When I lost my virginity there was no going back to some screen. If anyone was disappointed, it was her. It was, I’m sure, a typical experience for those my age and older. I learned how sex works through experience and awkwardness. There was all sort of mystery and wonder surrounding women, and we had to learn by experience, not get warped with the most disgusting and unhealthy filth called porn today.

Mothers are a man’s first love. Sons are a mother’s last love. Protecting your kids from this crap could be protecting their very life. Porn changes the brain in the same way an addict’s brain changes. It requires more intensity to get the brain stimulation they are after. That means watching more and more content in general, but it also means raising the stakes on the intensity of the content itself. Why would a virgin think women like to be choked, hit, or talked mean to? How can we have kids that think porn is real or even acceptable in some cases. Never in my life has a romantic night with myself, and another gal, looked like a scene out of a porn. I personally believe porn is for cucks, and isn’t manly to watch. It’s actually destroying men and women alike.

Moms and dads have not been doing their jobs. When kids come of age and start to consider what a family looks like, and how a man and woman treat one another, they should see their parents as the ideal. As crazy as that might sound, you should be the people you hope your kids become. Boys should be taught how to treat, attract, and heal from heartbreak, by their father. This should be easy because daddy walks the talk. If dad treats mom like a princess, and mom treats dad like a king, the kids will not need help finding, and developing healthy relationships.

If dad is a drunk that yells at everyone and talks with his fists, Jr is likely to have a rough go of it. If mom leaves to find herself, and another man, at the expense of a family that treated her like a queen, daughter is going to follow suit. You can’t be a total hypocrite, and expect to be listened to. If this is your childhood it requires that child to become a man and discover that he was shafted by his parents in neglecting to give him a healthy childhood. If the man is not capable, or willing to see his childhood for what it was, he is likely to suffer, and bring suffering to others.

If mom has an antidepressant, alcohol, or fidelity issue this will manifest through daughter. Unlike men, women are very different with regards to pair bonding. We are meant to be single mate creatures. We aren’t the only animal that does this. In terms of the human being, he was meant to take a partner for life. It’s the only way for a family to function right. It’s naturally intuitive, and we have a natural aversion to people who treat sex like exercising. Men and women alike are disrespected for whoring around. Men don’t get a pass that it seems some people want to act as if they do. Sex has very different effects on the brains of men and women.

The most important man in a young ladies life should be her father. He has shown her what to expect from suiters, and how a good man treats his wife and family. He should also warn her of the men he might know about personally, who are just pigs. That generally speaking, men don’t want female friends, they want sex. Some will go very far to con you out of your underwear and there is a way to weed them out. Make them wait for sex for as long as you can, wedding night ideally. Players will put in the work, but not for long. Most loser, players will show themselves within a week or two. A couple months, and the guy still likes and wants to hang with you, he might be the one she saves herself for. 

Yes, save yourself. Treat your virginity as a special gift. One you intend to give the man who offers you all the right things. Attraction, integrity, and trustworthy to the max. There’s no such thing as, “the one”. Marriage shouldn’t be a chore, it should be an adventure. 

As per usual, I have made a total mess of this article and let my ADD fly. Housewife isn’t a title that was given to you by men, you, or anyone else that matters. It came from the press, or jews. We call you wife, mother, teacher, listener, advisor, and the center-point of the family. Women are the motivating factor in most men’s lives. If not for the female there wouldn’t be a family. Do we need women to fight wars, work mines, or be cops? NO. We NEED women to be mothers, wives, and the manager of the house. We need moms either teaching their kids everything, or delouse them daily with reality to strengthen their resolve to the truth and critical thinking. 

Housewife is a disgusting slur and it’s unacceptable. Jews don’t call good mothering and caring for their family, housewives. Women are wives, mothers, and the motivation for a man to work like a dog to give them the best life they can. Housewife and housemaid are too close to be an accident. This is just another aspect of destroying white people. Women have been the focus of most of the psychological warfare, because of their importance and emotional manipulation. The daytime TV offered the clique a captivated audience that every woman could justify watching one of. One hour “for her” a day. Now we see the results. Women are impossible to please. They are so dishonest and heartless I am shocked. Today’s women aren’t worth what they used to be. This ruining of women by belittling them with words like housewife and baby maker, has ruined men as well. 

Making the most honorable duty a woman has, out to be a joke or less than her value, is the goal. They desperately want our lives destroyed. Turning the partnering in parenting and building a life with the one man who fathered your children, into a slight, is evil. Belittling the parent that devotes their labor to the family is disgusting. Desperately trying to convince women they owe their loyalty to an employer, over their family, is the work of the devil. They took fathers from their kids lives decades ago. They “empowered” women to be independent, without regard for family. They flood girls with BS about having it all. You can have a great career, happy marriage, and well adjusted children, and even suggesting that they can’t have it all, is nothing but toxic masculinity. 

Boys are given the reality of their lot. They are treated like broken girls until they lose all ability to be a man, by constantly being humiliated by a female teacher. They are trained to be P-whiped from the jump. They have been neutered and are so soft compared to the boys I grew up with, it’s scary. Most men in their 20’s have never even been punched. Never been in a physical fight. I don’t care what some douche bag says, this is not acceptable or normal. Boys fight, and it’s just about, a universal part of becoming a man. You learn to protect yourself and you learn that you can take a punch and give back. Almost without exception, every fight I got into in grade school, led to a friendship. Later grades are different and fights are more violent and less productive. By high school young men should know they can, but choose to avoid fighting.

Today kids are arrested at school for fighting. This is an absolute war against testosterone. The natural drop in this hormone that makes men, men, isn’t enough. They are changing us through food, water, and medication that is destroying men. Putting soy in everything made, can’t be an accident. Yes, soy is bad for men. It produces estrogen. Thus the slur, “soy boy”. 

It’s not girls or boys, it’s all children that need to have a mom and dad, that love each other, and love them. Neglect is worse for children than physical abuse. If you’re dumped in daycare at 18 months old, and then that’s your routine until you stop your schooling, who raised you? How neglected do you feel? What did mom do that was more important than you? A job that nets almost nothing after taxes and childcare? Ask a kid if they would rather have a bigger house or a stay at home mom, and you’ll get the truth. Kids care not for the things you’re justifying to yourself, as a reason to work. Kids want their parents, more than anything else. 

If you’re a working parent, why are you working? Are you single? Why? Have you ever considered the child you brought into the world, when deciding who deserves your services most? Love and time are free. Going to the park is free and you can even play on your phone while the kid plays with other kids. If you sit on your phone while the kid sits on the playground, you suck. If there’s an empty park you should be young enough to play with them. Then you can walk home talking about whatever you like. I would give anything to make this walk again with my daughter. She loved the park and I loved taking her there.

If being a housewife is too old fashioned for you, don’t have kids. If you prefer work over raising your child, don’t have kids. If you can’t live for the benefit of your child, don’t have one. If you can’t be satisfied, are constantly changing who you are, and think sex is no different than exercise, don’t date any good men. You’re wasting their time. If being a wife, mother, and an example for the kids to follow, is something beneath you. You’re worthless to me, and the world at large. The one thing women can do, that men can not, has been so thoroughly made into a chore, that it can be put off until the important things are done. 

If you think anything is more important than giving your kids the most of you possible, your man exclusive access to you, and the family everything you have, then go ahead and pursue it. If you do want to be a part of the human story, you need to be human. That means following the thousands of generations that came before you. Accepting that the success of the last thousand generations have taught us certain things. Lessons in life and traditions that have developed because they provide the best outcomes. The roles that have been played by men and women in the raising of a family have been finely honed to a sharp edge by shear experience. What could you possibly have learned from some stranger that turns the traditional experience on its head? Teachers that don’t know you, and don’t care about you one bit, shouldn’t be able to affect your value system at all. The fact that they do, is reason to homeschool at any cost.

Who do you think taught girls that mommy was just a lowly housewife? Who challenges them to be “better”? What’s better, or more fulfilling than raising a family with the person you love, and living long enough to play with your grandchildren. There’s nothing more human than pair bonding, having children, and raising a family into your old age. It’s the purpose of the whole thing. Just compare the people who are old and chose the hedonistic life and had no kids and never got married. Then the 2 old folks in their easy chairs while 3 different families come visit, that all began with them. Surrounded by family and thanksgivings with litters of grand babies everywhere. This is a trick question.

Thanks to my work I have seen many bitter old women. Many widows and some who never “settled down”. It’s not even close. The widows that had, but lost, are full of life, fun to be around, and sweet to everyone. The hedonists that chose themselves over everything, are miserable. They are usually living pretty crappy standards too, they hate to pay, and they hate people. The idea that working women are more secure is a fantastic lie. The ones I see live in single wide trailers. The widows are usually living in a house way too big for a single person. They have money from the husband they loved and lost. They have help from their kids, and grandkids. They aren’t lonely, bitter, or poor. Empowering women means robbing them of a life worth living, and giving them just enough to get by when they can’t work anymore. 

Call it whatever ya like. We need traditional families again. That means dad working his ass off to provide the best he can. He does so happily because of the encouragement he gets from his wife and kids. The family will see its highs, and its lows, but stay a family they will. This is what’s best, according to thousands of generations that came before us. Let’s go back to being partners and stop being competitors. A miserable bunch of malcontents have confused our intentions and traditions, and have ruined the country by doing so.

Families have a father, mother, children, and a home. Men can’t have children or nurse them. We can build the house and keep food on the table. If they team up they can do great things. If we continue to devalue marriage and motherhood, and fatherhood, we’re headed for destruction. It’s really that simple. The country needs to be fixed and the family is the most important part of civilization. Let’s bring back civilization. They can call it whatever they want.

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