Constitutions, There Importance, Or Not

To Americans, the Constitution, is law. It can be defined differently than that though. According to wiki,

“A constitution is an aggregate of fundamental principles or established precedents that constitute the legal basis of a polity, organization or other type of entity is to be governed.”

So, it’s within a constitution that we find the spirit of the law that is to be made, by whatever process is described in said constitution. We often hear the terms, letter of the law, Vs, spirit of the law. The actual language of a law may not be in line with the spirit of the law. When such conflict appears, it’s the constitutional precedents and spirit that can help guide the decision.

For example, there has been a long standing debate over the use of federal and military assets in domestic law enforcement. The spirit of the law is simple. The military and peace officers have nothing in common and serve 2 completely separate functions. Military has no business in law enforcement, and cops are nothing like a soldier. We have laws that were passed after the reconstruction of the south that bans military from law enforcement, called posse comitatus.

This is in line with the spirit and letter of the law. Where we get blurring, or just full blown illegal use of the military against the American people, is Ruby Ridge, Waco, and then it’s just got worse and worse. Now the actual military seems to be at the disposal of the governors.

One would be hard pressed to look at this germ insanity and say it’s inline with the spirit or letter of the law we call the Constitution. Ours is not just a vague set of principles. It’s a full government on one page. We capped it off with 10 hard prohibitions for the sate to mess with at all. It’s a dead document. In spirit and tyrannical and illegal codes.

Documents can’t protect themselves. They require a people that continue to honor and respect the principles and spirit of the document itself. Once your most revered and celebrated legal document is an impediment to all the wonderful new things some jack wagons want to add to it, it’s in big trouble.

We blew past that a long time ago. These years of absolute unamerican tyranny by default have shown us all, who care to see. The US Constitution is totally dead and of no effect. There’s still a heathy respect for her by some, but they have either kept quiet or failed to defend the supreme law of this land.

Now we are unmoored and drifting. No connection to our ancestors, traditions, or even the constitution that is plainly written and a single large page.

Have our principles changed so much? I don’t think so, we just haven’t realized what we had to lose. We’re learning fast though.

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